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Lets Take Down the Cabal Spiritual Warriors! | Ron Van Dyke 02-01-2015: LET'S TAKE OUT THE CABAL IN 2015 - A Call to Enforce Natural Law

We have been watching Ron's videos over the years as he is one of the many spokesman for global change. His message has changed from past videos, which reveals someone who is truly on the path of truth, discovering it within their lives. To me this is an indication of a true spiritual warrior, one who is willing to admit when they were wrong, share of themselves fully whenever possible, and speak the truth when they think they have found it. This is essentially the modality we offer on this blog.

In his first video of 2015, Ron delivers one of the most powerful explications to date. I can hear the righteous indignation in his voice, a term meaning high emotions as a result of seeing a wrong within your attention. This is a concept we became familiar with via Mark Passio; another impassioned spokesmen for change. The terms right and wrong have been villainized via the bogus aspect of the New Age Movement for years, but these words do have a meaning which accurately reflects reality, in this case when a Natural Law Right is being violated, it is wrong. But what is Natural Law?

Natural Law is a term which represents the inherent laws of the Universe, which were created by God, Source, Prime Creator, etc. One's reaction may be to assume this is just some other part of the control mechanism - another deception - but this is definitely not the case, and I implore you to research this and understand it personally. Matter of fact, we ALL must become experts on Natural Law, where no Guru's or leaders exist, and we govern ourselves with Nature as our guide. 

This is the theme of Ron's poignant speech, his call for us to realize our moral duty to stop those who have been fooled into thinking slavery and tyranny are acceptable; which includes nearly everyone in our lives. I know lately this aspect of ourselves has been deemed as "feeding energy into the negative" but being complacent in the face of tyranny is a far more damaging course of action.
Given that the human condition came about as a result of each and every one of us, then in my opinion, we must start first with ourselves. Each moment we have a choice to follow the truth, and honor our fellow beings, or act in ways which manipulate others. When I began this process I was shocked by how many world views or philosophies I had accepted which continue the enslavement of others. We covered this in detail here Black & White Magic: How do you Manifest your Desires? - Understanding the 2 Modes of Manifestation.

What we do matters, every moment of everyday, lets star to make it count! Our time and attention in our lives is the real Spiritual currency filling our being, one which we can use to empower ourselves with knowledge. 

I am thrilled by the outpouring of resonance within the awakening of Ron's Call to Action. It is my earnest hope more are inspired by such strong statements. Anger, as Ron so aptly points out, can be directed in a positive way. Getting "mad as hell!" when witnessing horrors of this world is not only normal but the right response. This is what a Spiritual Warrior is. 

The difference between a lynch mob, and a swelling of empowered people willing to stop tyranny is knowledge. Lynch mobs pour out their rage and cause chaos because they lack the knowledge of what to do to solve the real problem; Natural Law. 

Let's make 2015 the year of action - within our minds as education, within our relationships as acting in truth, and within our world by unifying against tyranny. 
- Justin

Source - Ron Van Dyke Youtube

Published on Jan 1, 2015I don't know about you, but I'm tired of the bullshit. I'm tired of men and women prohibited by our original Constitution from holding public office being paid by criminal, international bankers to hijack our Republic, turning it into a for-profit, privately owned Corporation that has become the scourge of the earth. I'm tired of the brainwashing and mind control, tired of the poisoning of our air, water, land and even our bodies and minds. I'm fed up with the passivity of the population lulled to sleep by false spirituality that has not allowed appropriate human emotion to be expressed in a healthy way. It's time to take out the parasites and psychopathic leaches that run our institutions, extorting resources and enslaving humanity. To you sick, greedy bastards I say, "Either repent and mean it, or know that we warriors are coming after you with a vengeance. Your gig is up!"

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