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Keepers of Mystical Knowledge (Abracadabra) | The High Priest (Magoi, Magus) - Name of Priest Class throughout history and the world

This is an interesting post revealing priest classes and roles throughout history. 
- Justin
Source - Gnostic Warrior

The word magic comes from the Greek: μάγοι, magoi, or magus, and mag in ancient Persian language which means “priest.” The High Priest is the chief Judge or Interpreter of sacred mysteries and or arcane knowledge of his people, religion and or order.

The title of the High Priest in Ancient Israel in Hebrew is כהן גדול Kohen Gadol. In Ancient Greece, they were known as the Archiereus, and in Rome was the Pontifex Maximus. The Celtic Druids had the Arch Druid (Welsh: Archdderwydd) taken from the Greek Archiereus.

The Chief High Priest is almost always considered the Father of his tribe or religion who speaks on behalf of his people. He holds the official sceptre in which he says, “A’bra-ca-dab’ra (Hebrew) – I create (A’bra) what (ca) I speak (dab’ra).” Through the power of words, speech and text, the priest or magi uses A’bra-ca-dab’ra to influence his people, and quite possibly the future the course of events for his religion and people.

In religions today such as Roman Catholicism, the Chief High Priest is the Pope, and in the Greek Orthodox Church it is the Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople. There is the Daishonin, the Dai-Gohonzon of the high sanctuary known as the Dalai Lama of Tibetan Buddhism, and the Muslim leader is often called a Caliphate.

Christians have priests and pastors. In Judaism the Rabbis are the interpreters of the Code of Jewish Law, and the Kohen or cohen (or kohain; Hebrew: כֹּהֵן, “priest”, pl. כֹּהֲנִיםkohanim). A Muslim priest is known as an Imam. A Buddhist priest would be a monk,

The Freemasons have a High Priest, Grand Master in each lodge, and Grand Master of the State. The American Order of the Ancient Mystical Order Rosae Crucis (Rosicrucians) have a Grand Master, and currently she is a woman.

In ancient Egypt, the Pharaoh was both King and High Priest. Some famous High Priests have been people such as Ramesses II and his son, Ramesses III. Jesus, the Messiah Himself was referred to in Hebrews 5:6 in this passage, “You are a priest forever According to the order of Melchizedek.”

There was the first High Priest of the Israelites, Aaron, the older brother of Moses who could be called the founder of the Levite Priesthood. Joseph was both a prince and the High Priest with the Coat of Many Colors.

Aristotle was the high priest of the Temple of Apollo at Delphi. Both Julius Caesar, and Augustus Caesar were High Priests of Jupiter Ammon (Sol Invictus, IHS, Avral Brothers, Flamen Dialis), that has remained the preserve of patricians.

All the people above could be considered the Chief High Priests or Priestesses (Magi), and fathers to their followers or brethren who are binded together by either their faith, religion, brotherhood and the words of their religious and or order’s texts. They speak for their people as the Judges or Interpreters of the sacred mysteries of their religion or order.

Manly P Hall talks about the goals of many of these High Priest in How to Understand Your Bible:
“One who sleeps, he who is dead, and he who is buried, all are brought back to life – life here representing a condition of spiritual awareness. We are not concerned with literal resurrection of the flesh, but with a mystery, the mystery of internal resurrection through initiation into the Mysteries. In these Mysteries, Jesus stands as the hierophant, and into his mouth are placed the words of the high priest. He is made a personification of the Truth which he represents.”


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