Monday, January 5, 2015

Gaia Portal January 5th 2015: Precipices reached and transcended - with possible meanings by Justin

I'll admit I do not fully understand these updates mean, so here is my interpretation of the meanings herein described as I see them. Please comment below, I'd love to hear other's thoughts on this material.

Possible Meanings: "Precipices reached and transcended. Life forms of all Higher Dimensionals now activate for the finals." - Precipices are tall cliffs or rock faces, which I take to mean allegorically as hurdles or challenges towards the goals proffered by Gaia Portal; ostensibly to uplift humanity in consciousness evolution. Which seems to be confirmed by the next statement, as Higher Dimensionals are now active for the final push. 

"Centricities have collected and assumed necessary formations." - Eccentricities are uncommon behaviors or habits. The Centricities word has no formal meaning, however given the aforementioned similarity and contextual usage in the sentence, I posit this could mean common behaviors and habits have collected and assumed necessary formations; the masses are being prepared for upliftment. 

"Flights of passion and flights of joy are the sole travel options." - A literal interpretation seems obvious, we move our bodies, and travel because we feel a passion or desire to do something; whether motivated by love or fear of losing a joy. But I think allegorically, the statement reflects our Soul travels by flights of passion (acting in our imagination) and being actualized by the experience of joy. As I have mentioned in previous updates, Dan Winter's research into the power of bliss and holistic thinking literally empowers our Hue-man Technology, imparting Psi ability, health, astral travel, and immortality. That being said, the mercy we have been allotted to stave off soul destruction has been coming to an end, now our Karma (ignorance of Natural Law and choice for soul stagnation) can not be allowed to continue, only "Flights of passion and flights of joy" are capable of allowing our Soul to travel into the great beyond. 

"Comprehensive upgrades near completion. Comprehensive global comprehensions are at home. Expressions of Light come with ease. Beings of Peace continue." - Comprehensive is another way of saying holistic, total, complete acknowledgement and incorporation of things. Herein, the use of the word implies an aspect to the work is reaching universal effectiveness, and completion. Further, global holistic acknowledgements are felt at home. Expressions of Light I take to mean, actions within true knowledge and wisdom. Light is often symbolically representative of true knowledge, which when discovered, realized and accepted within, empower us to become forces for change, creating peace by our thoughts, emotions and actions, instead of chaos due to ignorance. 
- Justin

Source - Gaia Portal

Precipices reached and transcended.

Life forms of all Higher Dimensionals now activate for the finals.

Centricities have collected and assumed necessary formations.

Flights of passion and flights of joy are the sole travel options.

Comprehensive upgrades near completion.

Comprehensive global comprehensions are at home.

Expressions of Light come with ease.

Beings of Peace continue.



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