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Gaia Portal - January 22rd 2015: Conclaves of Inner Guidance form… - with possible meanings by Justin

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I do not have an insider or direct source for the meanings below. This is my interpretation of the update, based on extrapolation and the contextual usage of the terms used. Please comment below if interested, I'd love to hear other's thoughts on this material.

(Apologies for the "epic wall of text" - I like to include as much data as I can)

Possible Meanings: - "Conclaves of Inner Guidance form at both Hue-manity and hu-manity realms." A Conclave means 'a private meeting', and has been contemporarily associated to the conclave of Cardinals which assemble to decide the next Pope. Here however, it is used to refer to Hue-manity (awakened humans with developing sovereign consciousness) and hu-manity (unawakened humans). Inner Guidance here could mean any number of things: guidance from the Higher Self, guidance from spirit guides or angels, etc. Taking everything into account, it seems that there are 2 realms, Hue-manity and hu-manity, both receiving guidance, presumably a different overall form in each respect, and in a private manner from these Conclaves. I hazard to guess this guidance is not directly conscious, like a channeling or physical contact, but more intuitive and operating at a group consciousness level, much like the '100th monkey effect'. 

"Restitutions are considered for all, and revealed for some." - A Restitution means 'the restoration of something lost or stolen to its proper owner, or recompense for injury or loss' - which I find very interesting. In a financial sense, this could be referring to the coming economic collapse of the Federal Reserve System, which seems to be upticking with the recent announcement of Quantitative Easing confirmed for the EU at 1.4 Trillion. If the collapse is as impactful as predicted, this could be the "pearl harbor" event for humanity that finally snaps them out of their sleep. We recently saw the movie Boyhood which subtly reveals that present state of dissatisfaction the current generation of youth is experiencing with the world at large. I digress. In a grander cosmic sense of Karma, wherein the souls who have been committing piracy of money, time and energy on humanity for thousands of years are considering a recompense for losses as a result of a dishonorable contract. Given that from a Natural Law perspective, using the concept of a Contract as a discernment filter, there is a great deal of validity to support this idea. We have been discussing the Contractual Reality in our shows of late, and I find this update harmonious in this respect. Dishonor of a Contract, especially a spiritual one, does require Restitution in order to harmonize the dishonor. Therefore, our would-be masters, from a spiritual law perspective have dishonored their Contractual obligations to reveal truth, and uplift the consciousness of humanity; they are in breach of trust - with the Creator as Grantor, us as beneficiary, and them as Trustee's. Finally, these restitutions are revealed for some, which I take to mean some order of intelligence, whether Hue-man or other then human is making direct contact and negotiating with the Dark Occults or Cabal at some level to end their rain of terror. 
"Timeline scenarios are narrowed to knife’s edge." Timeline scenarios in this instance could mean a number of things. My first impression was a reference to timeline 1 and timeline 2 discussed by many researchers (Lisa Harrison recently did an interview with Alfred Webre that corresponds with this idea). Essentially, there are 2 possible timelines with a high degree or probable manifestation, Timeline 1 refers to the 'golden age' track, wherein humanity slowly (or suddenly) expands in consciousness, eventually freeing ourselves from self imposed Tyrannical Rule. Timeline 2 refers to the opposite end of the pole, wherein humanity is pushed deeper into slavery, and a corporate NWO transhuman future unfolds. However, I think the later half of this statement, "are narrowed to knife’s edge" suggests that there is a much smaller wave differential of probable outcomes. In other words, what ever time line we are on (presumably Timeline 1) has a large spectrum of possible paths of manifestation, and some of those possibilities have narrowed. All and all, it suggests we are reaching a nexus point, much like what COBRA discusses in his updates, in which our influence on worldly events will have a window of 'great opportunity.' Given our reality is Rhythmic in Nature, there are 'peak times' when our creative forces have the most influence. For example, imagine rowing a boat across a body of water, even if you were very strong, there will be a harmonic rhythm which maximizes your effort. Row at too short an interval, and you're wasting your energy, too long an interval and you're not going as fast as you good, but if you find the perfect place to apply your effort, the boat will glide across the surface at peak speed. The same idea works for all acts of creation "everything has it's season." As such, I'll be keeping my eye out for ways I can personally contribute to the wave of awakening consciousness building on earth at this time. 

"Remnants are cast off." - Remnant refers to a small quantity that is remaining, and here is being cast off. Given the general theme of concepts presented in Gaia Portal updates, I take this to mean, the vestiges of dogmatic "slave think" consciousness are being transmuted into awakened consciousness. This statement is very similar to the update on December 29th 2014 which said: "Traditionals are abandoned for all time." and generally suggests true consciousness evolution is taking place.

"Truth is unveiled… to all… from within." - This is a powerful statement in and of itself. As Socrates profoundly stated "I cannot teach anybody anything. I can only make them think", and is undoubtedly true given the inherently meaningless nature of the objective reality we are a part of on Earth. I won't go into all this here, but once we consider a few data points, the reality of how we create meanings, and therefore knowledge of truth, is revealed; a totally personal creation. So what does this mean coming from Gaia Portal? Generally, I think it simply means the unveiling of our modern age is continuing to unfold. Considering the sheer availability of data on the internet, ignorance is a choice not an excuse. Contextually, this statement and the first statement (Conclaves of Inner Guidance form at both Hue-manity and hu-manity realms) suggest an order of intelligence is working with us at some level to continue inner guidance in revealing the truth to all from within. I find the whole concept of consciousness, truth and inner guidance incredibly accurate for what is essential for remaking this world into the harmony it was meant to be. After all, we can't sit on the bench waiting and expect global transformation, its a personal job we all signed up for and its an exciting time to be on Earth!
- Justin

Source - Gaia Portal

Conclaves of Inner Guidance form at both Hue-manity and hu-manity realms.

Restitutions are considered for all, and revealed for some.

Timeline scenarios are narrowed to knife’s edge.

Remnants are cast off.

Truth is unveiled… to all… from within.



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