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Gaia Portal January 20th 2015: Grestian convolutions resolve - with possible meanings by Justin

I do not have an insider or direct source for the meanings below. This is my interpretation of the update, based on extrapolation and the contextual usage of the terms used. Please comment below if interested, I'd love to hear other's thoughts on this material.

Possible Meanings: "Grestian convolutions resolve." - Grestian is a term I have never heard of before. I found a US Census from 1930 on Ancestry.com showing a "Giovanna Grestiun [Giovanna Grestian]." Who she was, or if it even relates to this post I cannot confirm with any degree of certainty. "Grestian convolutions resolve" - assuming Grestian here refers to some event, scandal, or thought-form (like the belief in the federal reserve system pushed by the Morgans and Rockefellers for example), then convolutions resolve could mean the scandal or problem has resolved. Omitting the unknown term "Grestian," convolutions is a term meaning 'a twist or coil, usually one of many' and has resolved - closed or reorganized itself - back to where it came. Generally speaking then, this is referring to some divergent aspect of consciousness has been resolved back to whence it came. 

"Traditional movements are seen for what they are, and are released." - Traditional here could refer to old or outdated thought forms, which have maintained inertia in consciousness due to cultural systems, but is now being 'seen for what' it is. For example, blind obedience to Authority, is traditionally upheld within society as morally just and socially correct; even if the authority is inherently tyrannical. Therefore, releasing traditional movements, because they are seen for what they are, I take to mean as humanity using personal discernment to choose a better way. Given that our world has been darkened by External modes of thought (order following) humanities ability to self govern and determine right and wrong moral action on their own, without the need for "traditional movements" (blind obedience to ways of being) is encouraging. 

"Stellarisations come to the forefront, as Illuminaries subside." - Stellarisations is another Gaiaportal term, but suggests something or being which has been 'Stellarized." Stellar is of course referring to Stars, and "ization" refers to a process or synthesis, in this case star synthesis. All of this sounds very similar to Dan Winter's research into the purpose of DNA, the "fire in the blood," which is a fairly in depth concept to grasp. Generally speaking, as humanity evolves in consciousness (becoming more coherent and organized) we gain the ability to inhabit stars and help stabilize the Gravity of the solar system and galaxy. Assuming this is the meaning inferred here, either beings of a high order (non-human) or Hue-manity is coming to the forefront; becoming more active. Illuminary means 'a person who inspires or influences others, especially one prominent in a particular sphere', and given how humanity operates right now - dependent on experts, guru's and political leaders - I take this full statement to mean: false profits and authorities are subsiding, while truly awakened beings (stellarized beings) are coming forth. Hue-manity is coming to the forefront.

"Fraternal orders stand down. Maternal paradigms stand up." - Fraternal orders are brotherhoods or social groups of any kind, centered around a unifying idea or association; for example a group of football fans, or more infamously the Freemasons. Therefore, "Fraternal orders stand down" could mean various orders (Jesuit, Freemason, Governmental, The Cabal) are stepping down, and moving aside for "Maternal paradigms [to] stand up." Maternal refers to a mother, usually just after childbirth, and is used in this statement to refer to paradigms; a paradigm of mothering after a birth? All of this suggests to me that Hue-manity, or truly awakened beings, are continuing to emerge and this is shifting the paradigm of earth, from a largely authoritarian model (to hold back the chaos of the unawakened and incompetent masses), to a maternal or nurturing paradigm, which encourages GROWTH in humanity. Our present Paternal paradigm, the strong fatherly figure of government and authority, only manifests because of humanities unconscious state. The Trust relationship authority has in relation to the people and the creator is that of managing the incompetency of humanity at large. There is a great deal of validity to this concept. Our Hue-man technology greatly affects the universe at large, and if used improperly, can destabilize the surrounding area of the galaxy, hence the spiritual quarantine we have heard of so much. Therefore, if Fraternal Orders are standing down and Maternal Paradigms are standing up, then I take this to mean, humanity at large is finally ready to grow out of infancy and into a self responsible and harmonious species. 
- Justin

Source - Gaia Portal

Grestian convolutions resolve.

Traditional movements are seen for what they are, and are released.

Stellarisations come to the forefront, as Illuminaries subside.

Fraternal orders stand down.

Maternal paradigms stand up.



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  1. Good one, Justin -- I salute you for even attempting this one. Very helpful. Thank you, alia


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