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Gaia Portal January 13th 2015: Flashes of brilliance signal the Higher Age - with possible meanings by Justin

I do not have an insider or direct source for the meanings below. This is my interpretation of the update, as I see it based on extrapolation and the contextual usage of the terms used. Please comment below if interested, I'd love to hear other's thoughts on this material.

Possible Meanings: "Storm clouds gather to announce the next phase of Gaia Illumination" - Storm clouds could be used in the metaphorical sense of coming intensity, as a result of increased consciousness. Gaia Portal often uses light and illumination metaphors, in my view, within the alchemical, or occult interpretation of true knowledge and intelligence; i.e. many symbolic depictions of true knowledge and illumination being presented as a lamplight or light bearer. The next phase of Gaia Illumination suggests a new unfoldment of the plan for progressive awakening of humanity into Hue-manity, what exactly this means for our everyday experience I can only guess. 

"Essence of Hue-Manity comes forth quickly" - Hue-manity, suggests Christ consciousness, Unity consciousness or an enlightened state of being, as this term has been used in the past by Gaia Portal. This goes in line with the previous statement of "storm clouds gathering." Generally speaking, I think if we look at our experiences, often great shifts in consciousness are heralded by changes in our lives, which can appear as chaotic or even negative, dependent on how much we fear the unknown. Essence here to me suggests we are only beginning to see the actualization of personality attainment which is reflective of unity consciousness, and therefore, massive shifts in worldly events may be far off; especially if this gained awareness by humanity is acted upon right away. 

Recent photo shared by Dani from RTS and COBRA

"Lights are manifested for all to see, as Gaia transits. Flashes of brilliance signal the Higher Age." - Within a literal interpretation, this could be referring to the increased in optical effects created by the solar interactions with Earth's Atmosphere, as reported by Dani from RTS and COBRA in their recent posts. I can't personally confirm if there is infact an increase or just more people looking up and noticing, in either case it marks a change in the consciousness of humanity, reflective of more people discussing and sharing the images in general. Allegorically, the Light again could refer to awareness and development of true knowledge, which would of course make it visible for all to see. Higher Age indicates higher vibrational states of consciousness within a Natural Law sense, and although any term which implies hierarchical meanings has been vilified of late, within a context of Brain Wave states, clearly the higher the vibration, the more aware we are of things and objects in any given moment. Higher Vibration literally affects our ability to co-create with the inner and outer world in this sense, therefore, Higher Age could suggest greater consciousness awareness, and as a result greater potential for co-creative action; personal, moral or otherwise. 
- Justin

Source - Gaia Portal 

Storm clouds gather to announce the next phase of Gaia Illumination.

Essence of Hue-Manity comes forth quickly.

Lights are manifested for all to see, as Gaia transits.

Flashes of brilliance signal the Higher Age.



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