Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Essential Information for Awakening Consciousness | Mark Corske’s ENGINES OF DOMINATION and the ONE NETWORK interview with Mark Corske

I have seen a lot of videos discussing what's wrong with this world, the NWO, Illuminati, Cabal etc. but this documentary by Mark Corskie, not only reveals some key data points, but also describes the problem at it's core; lack of true knowledge and respect for Natural Law. We have been sharing this data for some time on the blog, and in my opinion, the heart of the matter is clearly described in this film. 

The material is presented in a G-Rated fashion and is simple enough for even a small child to understand. If your going to give someone a movie to help them wake up this is it. And even if you're a diehard truth seeker, and feel like you've seen it all, this is a great movie to watch. I find reviewing data time and again helpful for discernment as well as expansion into my knowledge base. All too often in our modern age we comprehend things on a surface level and set it aside, but with consistent review, comes greater understanding; at least in my experience. 
- Justin

Source - Empower 2 Inspire

Political power — armed central authority, with states and war — is it part of human nature? Is it necessary for human communities? Or is it a tool that ruling elites use to live at the expense of communities? A tool that does violence to human nature and the world?

Engines of Domination offers a theory of political power as a tool for making tools of human beings — an engine that converts human energy into authority and privilege for the rulers. Invented in the Bronze Age, brilliantly refined for six thousand years, today the engine has caused a human emergency that threatens to destroy our world.

This documentary makes a powerful argument that there is only one way to save the future. Armed central authority must be abolished, giving way to a world of peaceful voluntary communities — in other words, an argument for anarchism.

From the creators of Unveiled and Lifted comes a visual adaptation of Mark Corske’s book Engines of Domination.

Produced by Mark Corske, Justin Jezewski and Cari-Lee Miller
Edited by Justin Jezewski

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