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David Wilcock Comments (5x) on Benjamin Fulford's update January 27th 2015: The Greeks end debt slavery, a bad king dies, the Russians attack, central banks panic and the Davos elite fiddle while the world burns

This is one of the most popular updates from David via Fulford to date. Click here for the update corresponding to these comments Benjamin Fulford - January 27th 2015: The Greeks end debt slavery, a bad king dies, the Russians attack, central banks panic and the Davos elite fiddle while the world burns.
- Justin

SourceAscension with Earth

Got in early this time. Now I have to read it.

There are TONS of things going on right now suggesting massive and positive changes this year. I will be interested to see how many of them Ben has here.

- David

Comment by dwilcock on January 27, 2015 @ 1:38 am

This is a good summary of what is going on in the physical sense. In the greater sense of the community and environment around us, there have been decisive and astonishing moves made. No one in the Cabal expected this. Even with their tech that lets them see into potential futures, this one wasn’t there.

Some of the events that are now happening were foreseen, but not for another year. Everything has sped up dramatically. The Cabal does believe, and has been taught, that they must experience a full disclosure and apparent defeat. Only then will their Gods appear to rescue them and fulfill their prophecies.

Yet, what we are now seeing is that the entire solar system has been put on lockdown. Everyone is quarantined. No one can get in, no one can get out, and no communications can get in or out either. This may not be a big deal for a hyper-advanced civilization, but it has been a game changer.
Furthermore, in just the last 3 weeks, virtually ALL offensive weapon capabilities, including the most secret ones, have been taken offline and / or destroyed. This includes secret SDI stuff, nukes, you name it.

This is coming from several new insider sources that have appeared and proven to be highly reliable. The Cabal obviously sees this as a tremendous mess and a terrible threat. My take on it, as well as everyone else’s, is that this is a precursor to major events happening on earth.

It would have been impossible to expose and defeat the Cabal without these things happening, as they would have tried to take everyone out with them. The stakes are very high and I will piss people off just by mentioning this as vaguely as I am now. Let’s just say it is a vastly complex and amazing story, and people within this world have had their minds completely blown.

So things are looking very, very interesting.

- David

Comment by dwilcock on January 27, 2015 @ 1:50 am

The other thing I should say about the “lockdown” is that any Cabal members trying to get out of here, such as by ship, are actually being shot down. There have been a variety of reports of strange meteors and atmospheric phenomena and the clean-up crews have been very busy.

I know it sounds like sci-fi. I wish you could read my mind but I have strong reservations about saying too much right now. There are several things I find extremely exciting. Let’s just say the Snowden “documents” are vastly, vastly deeper than anything we have seen so far. He got EVERYTHING.

Why the rest hasn’t been revealed yet, no one knows, other than that it appears the alliance has a sequential process in mind.

- David

Comment by dwilcock on January 27, 2015 @ 2:03 am 

The Cabal symbolism of the phoenix is a calling card for them, in part because their religion stipulates that they have to be defeated. They die in physical form but their agenda lives on. So they believe.

I can say that everyone in middle and upper levels of the “Illuminati” who know about what is going right now are extremely concerned. Actually terrified, like never before.

I do not want to see harm come to these people and therefore I’m not gloating about this. I will say that if high level people are executed, they will very likely remain extremely defiant and macho right up to the moment they hang, just like we saw with Saddam.

We do know that the Nazis won in the space program sense, and early along, as in early 20th century, they cut a deal with the Dracos — i.e. the Reptilians and the various civilizations like them that they conquered — for protection. The people “in the know” have now said that the defeat of the reptilians is a CERTAINTY. There are many still trapped in our solar system, but they can’t get out, their allies can’t get in, and they have no communications. Thus they are extremely fearful.

I have been absorbing new insider info at a faster speed and greater volume than ever in my life lately. There is so much it is beyond my ability to even begin to summarize all of it right now. I have just shared some of the most interesting and most significant bits for our immediate present.

- David

Comment by dwilcock on January 27, 2015 @ 2:09 am

“Interesting” barely covers it.

In order for the ETs who are doing this to have accomplished this, it was required for them to have constructed a completely alternate parallel reality that people were living and working in, and that appeared to be our real future.

I told people at the highest levels that this was what was going on. I was told it was “impossible” and no one believed me. Yet now, events they expected in 2016-2017, as in “Grand Culmination” type stuff, are happening RIGHT NOW.

Life has gotten VERY interesting lately. I had literally twelve hours of insider conversation in a row as of Friday alone.

- David

Comment by dwilcock on January 27, 2015 @ 2:15 am





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