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Archetypal Symbols and Meanings used in Advertising | Mark Passio on Infowars Nightly News - January 20th 2015

The Use of Archetypes and Symbols from Mark Passio
Mark Passio during this short interview breaks down one of the best examples of Mind Control and suggestion in advertising. 

The basic mechanism is that we are conditioned subtly, through our unconsciously acquired beliefs, to do things that support our idea of self, the Ego. In the example Mark cites, there is an advertising company that is trying to get house wives to purchase Instant Cake Mix, which requires no effort other than adding water. The first release of the product does poorly because the house wifes feel it is too easy and not enough of their own loving energy went into the final result. The Advertising firm suggests keeping everything the same, except for changing the recipe to include 1 egg. The second release of the product was widely successful. 

Archetypes and Symbols from Mark Passio
The reason why is because the egg is an archetypal symbol. A symbol which is part of the fabric of reality itself, like a sphere or circle, and as such is deeply embedded in the unconscious. The symbol acts like a talisman, the wife at a subconscious level recognizes the symbolic value of the egg and by acknowledging it as such within their mind (a meaning association held as a thought form). The women making the cake now defines the experience for herself to see it as if she had imbued the final product with her creative energy. She experiences this as self satisfaction and a sense that she helped make her loved ones happy. 

This of course reveals the inherently symbolic nature of reality which we covered in the post Science of Word Magic and Spells and in great detail in the post Decoding Fiction - Science of Meaning.
- Justin

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  1. In the 60's & 70's there was a Hippy movement that bucked the Madison Avenue Effect. The idea behind the Madison Avenue Effect was the marketing gurus in Madison Ave could create interest in an otherwise unwanted product, by creating the appropriate marketing around it to make one believe they could not be happy without it, that ones life was not fulfilled without it, and that everyone else had it, so if you didn't, you could not possibly be happy. Cigarettes, pre-packaged (junk) foods, and beauty products were all part of this push to get the consumer to buy. Not much has changed! We are still bombarded by marketing to sell us products we don't need.


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