Tuesday, January 27, 2015

ABC News – Boston Bombing a Conspiracy? George W. Bush Has A Slip-of-the-Tongue

Updated April 20th 2015: We recently posted another article where former president George W. Bush makes a slips up about 9/11 Bush Slips Up On 9/11 "Explosives Went Off .. To Prevent People Trapped Above From Escaping".

The Boston Bombing false flag (or "no flag" depending on what actually happened) is quickly becoming one of the biggest blunders of the Cabal's dialectic technique; Problem - Reaction - Solution. Just like 9/11 helped open the eyes of millions, this too is one more "rabbit hole" data point we can offer to our sleeping brothers and sisters. Those who know can take action and share this data with others. Each mind counts in this information war. Its time to issue an action of non-consent.

- Justin

Source - Your News Wire





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