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Science of Intentional Healing | Scientists Observe Brain Cells While Healing Intention Is Directed Towards Them – Here’s What Happened

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Brian Kelly sent me this article the other day, and synchronistically provided more scientific data for the research I have been doing into Consciousness Technology, or what has been popularly called Hue-man Technology

Side NoteI have not revealed this much data about our human-technology until now as I was still completing my research. In my opinion, this is incredibly empowering information to understand, as it lays the foundations for nearly all the Psi abilities we have come to know in our awakening times.

Although the below article does a wonderful job of laying out the peer reviewed data points, it does not describe the overriding General Principle at work, which is Fractality. Dan Winter, Dewey B Larson and Thomas Campbell have extensively covered this mechanic of intentional healing, which I will briefly describe to you now.

Mechanics of Intentional Healing

In order to understand why intentional healing works, we must first understand how our Mind and Body relate to the Spiritual aspect of ourselves. We will look at 3 phases of reality manifestation as described by Dewey B Larson's Reciprocal Systems Theory: the Material Sector - Body (space-time below the speed of light), the Cosmic Sector - Mind (time-space above the speed of light) and the Metaphysical Sector - Spirit (beyond the space-time time-space regions, what Dewey calls Sector 3 or the Control Sector).

Our living organism is comprised of 3 aspects operative in each region. As life evolves, and becomes more coherent (organized), it expands into each sector, with Sector 3 gaining more overcontrol on sectors 1 and 2. Our bodies are the material aspects of ourselves, and act as a boundary condition for the Minds activities. 

The Material Sector operates within 3 dimensions of Space and 1 dimension of Time, which we experience as a constant flow of time. The Cosmic Sector operates within 3 dimensions of Time and 1 dimension of Space, experienced within the mind as remembrance, revery, insight, intuition and imagination; which can be navigated from a fixed physical location. We can imagine anytime in our past, present and potential future - without having to physically move our bodies, this is motion in time which appears as a static physical location in space

The Control Sector (Spirit) operates beyond the space-time time-space regions, and functions as an organizing mechanism and channel for Consciousness which acts on the Time and Space regions; what can be popularly known as the Quantum Hologram, Higher Self or Matrix Reality. Herein exists the blueprint of our BEingness in totality (our full potential in Eternity), and is the organizing force behind the creation of our bodies and minds. As the Body and Mind become more organized, our consciousness gains access to ascending regions, first via the Material Sector (instinctual intelligence), secondly via the Cosmic Sector (mindal intelligence) and lastly via the Control Sector (Human intelligence or Morality; the awareness of Unity of all life and Consciousness - ONEness).

Stimulus Response Chain of Events

Now that we have discussed the 3 fold aspect of our living organism, we will review the chain of events which cascade data and motions from material, through the cosmic, up to the control sector and back again. 

When we experience stimulus via the body, it is received and processed in the mind via reflectivity of the body's organ systems. For instance, if we burn our hand from holding it too closely to heat, this data is fed into our nervous system as electrical signals and funneled up to the brain via the spinal cord. The raw data is organized into a holographic digital representation within the brain via neural activity, and electrically funneled through the Pineal Gland via neurochemical induction. This process happens within the Material Sector, space-time; it takes time for the signals to move through space up to the Pineal Gland. This data is accelerated via electrochemical processes beyond the speed of light (what we experience as consciousness of physical sensations) into the Mindal region, the Cosmic Sector. 

The Cosmic Sector contains our time-space body, where the physical sensations we experience are represented or recreated via Freewill processes creating a temporal body. The sensations of burning are processed as mental images and organized around how we choose to associate these sensations in our minds; our subjective experience. The resulting quality of the image or thought-form of the burned hand experience determines the level of Control Sector influence experienced as healing. The better we are able to reflect the totality of the experience in relation to our complete BEingness determines the modality of healing effected. Herein is where the magic of Intentional Healing works. 

Intentional Healing vs Unconscious Healing

Let us now consider 2 possibilities: the normal unconscious mode of healing, and an intentional mode of healing. 

Unconscious Healing: The material-body naturally produces a reflected image of semi completeness into the mind-body; we can not help but be aware of the physical sensations of the burning, and all data is received into the unconscious mind. The physical data is reflected mentally, creating a fractal cascade (the body image matches the mental image), opening a gateway to the Control Sector, where our bodies Holographic Blueprint transmits organizing signals as healing energy, received unconsciously by the material-body. In laymans terms, the Control Sector uses the unconscious image created within the mind-body as an antenna, funneling organizing signals to the body's cells and organs, initiating an unconscious healing process. 

Intentional Healing: Due to the innate processes of reflectivity within the material-body and mind-body - described in the Unconscious Healing method - we can consciously grab-on to this mental image and enhance its reflected quality. By holding the Intention of Healing via the mindal process of Imagination, we graft a mental-body image of being healed onto the mental-body image of the burnt hand. Because the Cosmic Sector operates in 3 dimensions of time, we can access the future time-space location where our bodies are literally healed. This creates a motion in time-space (the cosmic sector) drawing the 2 mental images closer together in time-space, which creates a fractal cascade, drawing the Holographic Body image from the Control Sector into the Material Sector by way of the Cosmic Sector. In laymans terms, by imagining our bodies as already being healed, we enhance the natural process of healing, by allowing more control signals from the Holographic Body to be funneled through the mind-body into the material-body. 

FAQ on Intentional Healing

Why does intentional healing get better the more we do it?
The mechanics of creating a mental-body image helps us understand this. Our minds are like a muscle which gets better with exercise. Due to lack of mental activity in this area, most of us have an automatic mental image creation process; and the inertia of bad habits created by eating improperly and judging our experience poorly, limits the natural processes of healing described above. This is why cancer can be caused by psychosomatic processes, because how we see ourselves literally affects how well we can heal ourselves. By continually practicing Intentional Healing methods, we are exercising our minds via the process of Imagination; mental image creation. Further, by eating properly, doing meditation, and most importantly, by developing a holistic understanding of ourselves and life, we literally enhance the innate technology of our total organism; the body, mind and spirit aspects working in harmony.

How does sending a healing intention work, if our bodies are not the focus of the healing?
The Intention of Healing, is a mental image in and of itself, which all life uses as a natural process for organization and growth. In the experiments below, the practitioners chanted in the room for 75 minutes to 'clear it for healing.' Chanting is one modality for entraining coherence patterns into material substances. As we described above, coherence and reflectivity are the mechanisms which allow the Holographic Data from the Control Sector to organize the Material Sector by way of the Cosmic Sector. The Practitioners were essentially 'installing healing amplifiers' by organizing the material in space with their chanting. Chanting uses acoustic sound vibrations to organize the material into cymatic geometries, enhancing the fractal foundations for their Healing Intention. These cymatic geometries are the same frequencies that the Earth uses, as well as the human body, which are also used by the brain cells. When sending the Healing Intention, the practitioners were able to use all of the material surrounding them - the Earth, their bodies, and the Brain Cells - as a material Antenna which funneled their mental image of healing up to the Control Sector, creating the fractal cascade, allowing the Holographic signals from that region to imprint themselves on to the cells. 

How does distance healing work?
Because the mechanism of all healing is the fractal relationship between the material, mental and holographic sectors, healing can be affected easily at a distance. The source of organizing signals, the Control Sector, can be guided by mental image to a physical location by way of thought-form projection. The Cosmic Sector is the key to understanding this phenomenon because our ability to 'send healing' is a function of the mind, and operates in 3 dimensions of time. Additionally, the Control Sector signals are easily able to penetrate both Material and Cosmic sector structures and are not limited by distance or time, creating the healing at a distance effect. The Healing Intention directed at another, is imagined within the mind of the sender, which allows the healing mental image to be grafted on to the image of the receiver by way of the sender's mind and body 'transmission system.' 


Intentional Healing, is a Mental Discipline. And the better we are able to use our mind effectively, creating a complete and holistic understanding of ourselves and our experience, the greater our ability to heal ourselves, and activate our Hue-man Technology.
- Justin

Source - Collective Evolution

In 2004,  a 3-day experiment was conducted by a team of scientists (led by Dean Radin, Chief Scientist at The Institute of Noetic Sciences) to explore the suggestion that directing human healing intention (one variable of human consciousness) towards living and non living systems could actually have scientifically measurable results. The results were published in the peer reviewed Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine (all of the studies mentioned in this article are peer reviewed). (1)
To do this, they recruited four experienced Johrei practitioners to take part in the study. Johrei practitioners believe that healing intention can cause positive changes in a person’s body. It’s a practice that originated in Japan and is similar to other healing intention therapies such as Reiki and qigong, to name a few.
“Johrei maintains that there is a universal energy or spiritual force that can be cultivated and directed by intention. When focused on the human body, Johrei is said to raise its spiritual vibrations, or to achieve spiritual purification; this in turn is said to improve health and to allow one’s divine nature to unfold. Johrei practice assumes that for optimal healing to manifest, repeated treatments are required to help overcome the body’s inertia to remain in its existing state. It is further assumed that intentional effects are not limited exclusively to the body, but may affect and alter the physical surroundings.”  (1)
It’s always great to see the effects of healing intention examined by scientists in a laboratory setting, it gives more validity to a practice that’s often ridiculed and not considered as a potential practice in the mainstream medical/scientific world.
For this study, the effects of healing intention were studied on both living and non-living systems. The living system were human brain cells, more specifically, human astrocytes, the most abundant cell type in the human brain. Researchers were observing these cells to see if healing intention directed towards them would cause the brain cells to reproduce or multiply.
The non-living system used for the experiment were what’s called Random Number Generators (RNGs). For this portion of the study, the researchers wanted to examine whether the distribution of random numbers would deviate from change expectation as a result of exposure to healing intention.
Previous experiments suggest that outputs of RNGs, which by design tend toward a state of maximum entropy, become unexpectedly ordered when exposed to coherent mental states, including healing intention and focused attention.” (1)
Random number generators have been used before to examine the effect of human consciousness on our physical material world, most notability by Princeton University with regards to their Global Consciousness Project. You can read more about that here. This summary is however more detailed with regards to the brain cells as opposed to the RNGs. If you would like you can read more about the non-living system results in the study.

How The Study Was Conducted

Scientists put 16 human brain cells in sealed rectangular flasks in a biology laboratory at California Pacific Medical Center (CPMC) in cell culture incubators.  They were allowed to grow for 48 hours, and after that they were randomly selected and placed in different locations. 12 of them were placed inside thermally insulated plastic boxes and transported to a lab at the Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS) where they were electromagnetically and acoustically shielded, this is where the healing trials would take place.

Effects Of Healing Intention

The Johrei practitioners sat approximately 20 cm away from the treatment box directing healing intention towards it for approximately 25 minutes. Through the design, on each of the 3 days 6 of the flasks (with brain cells in them) were exposed to these healing intentions, and 6 others were controls in randomized counterbalanced order. During all of the sessions a video camera was used to record what the practitioners were doing. Between the healing treatments, all four practitioners entered the shielded room and chanted for about 75 minutes (space conditioning) in order to clear the room of anything that could hinder the process.
The results of this study indicated that individual healing intention effects are weak, but cumulative. Meaning that repeated applications of healing intention in a given location might actually have measurable consequences, but a “single shot” may not be detectable. The study ended by concluding just that. Results did show that repeated application of healing intention did have measurable consequences in both the brain cells, as well as the random number generators, and determined that as a result of these findings, future studies were definitely warranted.
This makes one wonder, what would the results be if a giant collective of five million people, for example, were to direct their healing intention towards a living system?
“The important point for the present study is that both the treated cell cultures and the RNGs showed significant deviations from chance expectation within hours of each other, and those deviations were in alignment with the hypothesis of space conditioning. The coincidence of such deviations arising in both a living and a non-living system supports the likelihood of a genuine physical phenomenon associated with intention.” (1)
No good study comes without its possible limitations. You can read what possible limitations might have created conflict when it came to the results within the actual study. You can also access a more detailed account of methods used as this article is a brief summary of the science.

Not The Only Study That Examined Measurable Consequences of Distant Healing

Multiple studies have been conducted in a scientific setting examining the consequences of distant healing. One of them I wrote about earlier in the year examined whether tea blessed with good intentions by Buddhist monks could have any measurable consequences. The tea treated with good intentions actually improved the mood of participants who drank it compared to just ordinary tea. You can read more about that here.
Another study I also wrote about earlier in the year found that a strong motivation to heal another, and for one to be healed themselves may enhance this phenomenon. It concluded that directing intention toward a distant person is associated with the activation of that person’s autonomic nervous system, in this case, using measurements of skin conductance. You can read more about that here.
For more studies that have been published in peer-reviewed scientific journals (like all of the ones mentioned in this study) that examine the potential of healing at a distance, please click HERE.


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