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Precognition Explained: Science Shows How Our Body Reacts To Events Up To 10 Seconds Before They Happen

The following Scientific data reveals the reality of Psi phenomena long denied by mainstream Science. The mechanics of Psi abilities have been little understood, but there are researches available which definitively explain how they work.

I have been researching these theories for some time and have enough understanding to share how the mechanics work with a fair degree of certainty. In the post Science of Intentional Healing | Scientists Observe Brain Cells While Healing Intention Is Directed Towards Them – Here’s What Happened, I explained the theoretical framework for how intentional healing works, which also outlines how all precognitive phenomenon operate as well. Here is an adapted version of that explanation for Psi Abilities:
"Dan WinterDewey B Larson and Thomas Campbell have extensively covered this mechanic of Psi Abilities, which I will briefly describe to you now. 
Mechanics of Psi Abilities
In order to understand how Psi works, we must first understand how our Mind and Body relate to the Spiritual aspect of ourselves. We will look at 3 phases of reality manifestation as described by Dewey B Larson's Reciprocal Systems Theory: the Material Sector - Body (space-time below the speed of light), the Cosmic Sector - Mind (time-space above the speed of light) and the Metaphysical Sector - Spirit (beyond the space-time time-space regions, what Dewey calls Sector 3 or the Control Sector). 
Our living organism is comprised of 3 aspects operative in each region. As life evolves, and becomes more coherent (organized), it expands into each sector, with Sector 3 gaining more overcontrol on sectors 1 and 2. Our bodies are the material aspects of ourselves, and act as a boundary condition for the Minds activities.  
The Material Sector operates within 3 dimensions of Space and 1 dimension of Time, which we experience as a constant flow of time. The Cosmic Sector operates within 3 dimensions of Time and 1 dimension of Space, experienced within the mind as remembrance, revery, insight, intuition and imagination; which can be navigated from a fixed physical location. We can imagine anytime in our past, present and potential future - without having to physically move our bodies, this is motion in time which appears as a static physical location in space. 
The Control Sector (Spirit) operates beyond the space-time time-space regions, and functions as an organizing mechanism and channel for Consciousness, which acts on the Time and Space region; what can be popularly known as the Quantum Hologram, Higher Self or Matrix Reality. Herein exists the blueprint of our BEingness in totality (our full potential in Eternity), and is the organizing force behind the creation of our bodies and minds. As the Body and Mind become more organized, our consciousness gains access to ascending regions, first via the Material Sector (instinctual intelligence), secondly via the Cosmic Sector (mindal intelligence) and lastly via the Control Sector (Human intelligence or Morality; the awareness of Unity of all life and Consciousness - ONEness). 
Stimulus Response Chain of Events 
Now that we have discussed the 3 fold aspect of our living organism, we will review the chain of events which cascade data and motions from material, through the cosmic, up to the control sector and back again. 
When we experience stimulus via the body, it is received and processed in the mind via reflectivity of the body's organ systems. For instance, if we burn our hand from holding it too closely to heat, this data is fed into our nervous system as electrical signals and funneled up to the brain via the spinal cord. The raw data is organized into a holographic digital representation within the brain via neural activity, and electrically funneled through the Pineal Gland via neurochemical induction. This process happens within the Material Sector, space-time; it takes time for the signals to move through space up to the Pineal Gland. This data is accelerated via electrochemical processes beyond the speed of light (what we experience as consciousness of physical sensations) into the Mindal region, the Cosmic Sector.  
The Cosmic Sector contains our time-space body, where the physical sensations we experience are represented or recreated via Freewill processes generating a temporal body. The sensations of burning are processed as mental images and organized around how we choose to associate these sensations in our minds; our subjective experience. The resulting quality of the image or thought-form of the burned hand experience determines the level of Control Sector influence experienced as healing. The better we are able to reflect the totality of the experience in relation to our complete BEingness determines the modality of healing effected. Herein is where the magic of Intentional Healing works. "
Control Sector Psi Abilities manifest as a result of the reflectivity associated with our mental images or thought-forms; the more similar the thought-forms, the greater the transmission ability. When two thought-forms are resonant enough, the data and information they contain - which is already present within Sector 3 or the Control sector - is infused between them. The 2 thought forms begin to reflect what is in the Hologram reality (Sector 3) and act as an antenna, receiving the data from the Control Sector. Because the Control Sector is beyond space and time, data and information can be received by the mind instantly and independent of a physical source we normally associate with data reception; ie 5 sense stimuli. 

Additionally Psi Abilities manifest as a result of Entrainment. Because the material of our mind's is uniform throughout ALL mindal activity or motion, 2 minds can transmit and receive data due to the resonant properties of Mind itself. Minds are made of the same stuff. In layman's terms, mental activity is transmittable because all minds can be 'tuned to each other' and as such can influence other minds. This can be easily understood as Entrainment.

Let's consider the ability of the human voice to shatter a wine glass, which reveals how entrainment works. The wine glass has a resonant frequency, which is dependent on the material it is made of and the geometry (shape) of the glass itself. When the singer emits a pitch which matches the same resonant frequency as the glass, it begins to vibrate because the waves being received are at the same frequency of the resonant signature of the glass. The singer increases the volume of their voice, which adds energy in the form of increased amplitude of the vocalized frequency, received by the glass. The glass shatters because the amount of energy received causes vibrations in the glass which overwhelm the stability of the crystalline structure it is made of, causing it to 'shake itself to pieces.'

Telepathy is the result of 2 'glasses' (minds) that resonate with each other coming into contact in the Cosmic Sector. For example, when 2 people are physically around each other, their electromagnetic fields begin to entrain. Further, through their interactions (conversation, physical proximity, etc), their minds begin to "move together." When we know what someone is going to say before they say it, it is because the mental thought-forms within the Cosmic Sector have a shape and form which is resonant and therefore the information each thought contains can be easily transmitted. Just like the energy the singer sent by way of their voice can be received by the glass with the same resonant frequency. 

Precognition is simply the physical body receiving data from the Cosmic Sector of mind due to the self similarity of the thought or idea being received. Because mind functions in 3 dimensions of time, the precognitive data is actually received in the unconscious at at time-space point prior to our physical experience of it. Heartmath Institute conducted an experiment where images were randomly shown on a screen at 10 second intervals, which created an emotional and physiological response that could be measured in the heart beat of the observing participants. The physiological response was observed to be triggered up to 6 seconds before the image was shown on the screen. 

Within the context of the model described herein, the mind-body which is in the Cosmic Sector already received the data and due to the resonance between the mental thought form of the experience within the mind, and the event in the physical body, a fractal cascade of data between the 2 self similar systems was effected. The mental representation of the physical experience already existed in the Cosmic Sector, and the body received it as precognitive physiological responses. 

The mechanics of how our minds function, the physics of the Cosmic Sector and time-space, easily explains nearly all the psi phenomena we experience living on Earth. 
- Justin

Source - Nexus Illuminati

Over the past few decades a significant and noteworthy amount of scientific research has emerged contributing to the notion that human precognition could very well be real, and that we all might possess this potential - amongst various other extended human capacities. Thanks to the research by various scientists presented in this article, extended human capacities are beginning to exit the realm of superstitious thinking, delusion and irrationality and find their way into the world of confirmed phenomena. Claims of precognition or “future telling” have occurred “throughout human history in virtually every culture and period.” (source)

It’s not hard to see why we are so fascinated with these concepts, they are embedded in popular culture today throughout various outlets such as movies -which can sometimes be counter productive given the fact that they are merged with fictional stories and events. Similar to the extraterrestrial phenomenon, the validity of these concepts seems to shrink due to the fact that they are “just movies.” Although the stories that accompany these types of phenomena in movies is probably largely factious, the concepts do hold some validity. Let’s examine the truth behind precognition and claims of “future telling.”

The Science

“There seems to be a deep concern that the whole field will be tarnished by studying a phenomenon that is tainted by its association with superstition, spiritualism and magic. Protecting against this possibility sometimes seems more important than encouraging scientific exploration or protecting academic freedom. But this may be changing.” - Cassandra Vieten, PhD and President/CEO at the Institute of Noetic Sciences (source)

So what exactly is precognition? It’s basically the ability to have a premonition of a future event that could not otherwise be anticipated through any known process. It’s the influence of a future event that has yet to take place on an individual’s responses. These responses can come in the form of their biology, they can be conscious responses the individual is aware of, or they can be non-conscious responses that the individual is not aware of (which is mostly the case when it comes to the scientific examination of pre cognition) and more.
“Pre cognition refers to the non inferential prediction of future events.” (source)
A recently published study (meta analysis) in the journal Frontiers in Human Neuroscience titled “Predicting the unpredictable: critical analysis and practical implications of predictive anticipatory activity” examined a number of experiments regarding this phenomenon that were conducted by several different laboratories.

These experiments indicate that the human body can actually detect randomly delivered stimuli that occur 1-10 seconds in advance. In other words, the human body seems to know of an event, and reacts to an event that has yet to occur. What occurs in the human body before these events are physiological changes that are measured regarding the cardiopulmonary, the skin, and the nervous system. (1)

It’s important to note that these types of responses to future events that are measured in the body are unconscious responses, meaning that the subject (human) is not aware that they are actually taking place. So it is a form of pre cognition, but not full blown conscious premonitions.

The fact that changes in our physiological activity in the autonomic nervous system changes and prepares for future events is remarkable, and the fact that this is “unconscious precognition” should not take away from the fact that it helps us better understand the phenomenon of conscious precognition in a scientific sense. We are still waiting for science to catch up and provide an explanation for conscious precognition, regardless of whether the phenomenon has been observed or not.

More than 40 experiments investigating this phenomenon in humans have been published over the past 36 years (including: Hartwell, 1978; Radin et al., 1995, 2011; Bierman and Radin, 1997; Radin, 1997, 2004;Don et al., 1998; Bierman, 2000; Bierman and Scholte, 2002;McDonough et al., 2002;Spottiswoode and May, 2003; McCraty et al., 2004a,b; Sartori et al., 2004; May et al., 2005;Tressoldi et al., 2005, 2009, 2011; Radin and Borges, 2009; Bradley et al., 2011). This is what promoted the meta-analysis.

The analysis concluded that:

“The predictive physiological anticipation of a truly randomly selected and thus unpredictable future event, has been under investigation for more than three decades, and a recent conservative meta-analysis suggests that the phenomenon is real.” (1)

Another recently published paper via the Journal of Personality and Social Psychologyby Cornell university professor Dr. Daryl J. Bem suggests that precognition may be real. Dr Bern is a leading social psychologist and has been well-respected throughout his long and esteemed career. So his work suggesting that precognition may be real is quite a large leap for this type of phenomenon.(2)

Dr. Bem’s study outlines nine experiments that involved more than 1000 participants that “test for retroactive influence by time reversing well-established psychological effects so that the individual’s responses are obtained before the putatively causal stimulus events occur.” (2)

After going through and examining these experiments, Dr. Bem concluded that all but one of them yielded statistically significant results. The paper and experiments are provided within the sources listed.

Again, pre cognition has been well documented and observed in laboratories all over the world. Just because there is a lack of ability for psi research to provide an explanation for the observed phenomena does not discredit the phenomenon itself.

“Historically, the discovery and scientific exploration of most phenomena have preceded explanatory theories, often by decades or even centuries.”- Dr. Bern (source pg 3)

Another study from Dr. Dean Radin, one of the several authors noted in the first study used in this article conducted four double blind experiments that also show that some intuitive hunches, measured by fluctuations in the autonomic nervous system involve unconscious perception of future events that have yet to occur, and the experiments supported this idea.(3)

Another significant study (meta-analysis) that was published in the Journal of Parapsychology by Charles Honorton and Diane C. Ferrari in 1989, examine a number of studies that were published between 1935 and 1987. The studies involved attempts of individuals to predict “the identity of target stimuli selected randomly over intervals ranging from several hundred million seconds to one year following the individuals responses.” These authors investigated over 300 studies conducted by over 60 authors, using approximately 2 million individual trials by more than 50,000 people. (4)

It concluded that their analysis of precognition experiments “confirms the existence of a small but highly significant precognition effect. The effect appears to be repeatable; significant outcomes are reported by 40 investigators using a variety of methodological paradigms and subject populations. The precognition effect is not merely an unexplained departure from a theoretical chance baseline, but rather is an effect that covaries with factors known to influence more familiar aspects of human performance.” (4)

Why is this type of precognition unconscious? And does it have the potential to become conscious?

Again, as mentioned earlier in the article, the science behind precognition refers to unconscious precognition. This means that the response to future events prior to when they happen is measured through physiological changes, and that seems to be quite clear.

But why should this be the case? If our body (parts of our nervous system) can obtain information about events seconds in the future, why would we not have the inability to not make this information conscious? Maybe we do have that potential.

Researchers in the first study used in this article suggest that this might be the case because the information is not useful, similar to the majority of information that is usually processed unconsciously. They also suggest that the conscious mind may not be able to make such quick decisions. They state “it might be evolutionarily advantageous for unconscious processing to assess upcoming events, filter them, mobilize resources, and only then inform conscious awareness.”(1)

For more information about precognition see
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