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Practical Knowledge for the Awakening | Discussing Truth Part 3 : Foundations of Truth: Natural Law - (with images) December 28th 2014 at 6:00 PM EST with Justin Deschamps, Julian Robles and Sierra Neblina

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Update - 1.01.2015: 3:53pm - the video of this show has been added below. It is complete with images of the presentation, but if you desire you can review the images in more detail below; which have been corrected of errors.

Update - 12.29.2014: 1:58am - Due to internet issues, Julian and I could not do the show live. We just recorded a video presentation, complete with sides. We will update this post with the video once it is complete. 

This week continue our discussion on Truth, covering the foundations of Truth: Natural Law - these are the fundamental truths which shape all of the things we experience in life. This data will help lay the foundation for all other discussions. This is Part 3 of the series; Part 1 and Part 2.

There are images which accompany this radio show, and I will be referring to them during the presentation.

(Images are below)

Julian and I have researched a great many things over the years, and while we are not claiming to be Authorities on truth, we have gained knowledge we feel is important to share. This is part of the Great Work, a Moral realization, that once truth is found within, it is our duty to share it.

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This Week - Foundations of Truth: Natural Law - In previous shows we discussed what THE Truth is, what a falsehood is, and how we as individuals come to know a truth. Now that these mechanics have been discussed we can begin to review the accumulation of knowledge passed down throughout the ages. Natural Law has been known by many names: Universal Law, Spiritual Law, Cosmic Law, God's Law, Law of Attraction, Physical Law, Karma, the Golden Rule, etc. All of which reflect a single and unified idea; a complete holistic truth. We will cover the 7 Principles of Natural Law with an emphasis on how they manifest in our personal lives. This will build the foundation for future discussions with more specific topics.

Our hosts Justin Deschamps, Julian Robles and Sierra Neblina bring you a discussion for the Awakening Minds. The hope is to reveal data in a way which empowers the individual with practical knowledge. This is best accomplished by presenting an idea and discussing it openly, allowing the full breadth of the data to be contemplated.

General guidelines for show: We share ideas as a premise, an offer, cypher or coded "zip file" to contemplate. We share ideas that we have tested, and have a high degree of certainty and probability of being true. But, we always encourage discussion and discourse surrounding these ideas, all viewpoints are valid.

This will be a series of shows, laying a foundation to the tapestry of information we will be unfolding into the future. This will help set the context, which is helpful for developing a complete and holistic understanding. Each one of us has a unique perspective to share, discussion with others refines the truth we have come to know, and helps discern misinformation, if we have accepted it.

Truth discovery is a group effort, and best done when we are able to share all our ideas together freely, assisting in decoding and grounding process. NO idea is worthless, all things are aides in our process.

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Stay tuned for Part 4!



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