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Morocco to build - Tower of Light "Al-Noor Tower” in 2015: "precisely at latitude 33°33’33.33″N? The Tower of Light is 33° from the Sphinx (thanks Craig Compton) and the original White House in Giza"

I was pretty fascinated reading this post and being in Morocco. I showed it to my Moroccan friend and he was equally intrigued. 
- Justin

Source - Secrets in Plain Sight

Africa’s tallest tower is in the works, with groundbreaking to occur in summer 2015 and completion scheduled for June 2018. The project’s working title is the “Al-Noor Tower” (Tower of Light in Arabic), but is expected to eventually be named after Morocco’s King Mohammed VI (source).
©Valode & Pistre /
©Valode & Pistre /
King Mohammed VI of Morocco is building a new financial city for the world, the Casablanca Finance City (source).
In ancient Egypt the royal treasury was called the ‘White House’ (source), and this has a resonance with the King’s Casablanca (meaning ‘White House’) Finance City. Its centerpiece will be The Tower of Light and the project site is Casablanca’s historic Anfa airport, which was closed in 2007—its runways and buildings are in the process of being demolished.
I notice that the tallest building in Hong Kong, the International Commerce Center, is 12345678.9 yards or 444,444,444 inches from the end of Anfa’s single runway.
During World War II, Anfa Airport was taken over by the Vichy French government and used as an airport as well as an air base for the Vichy French Air Force with its limited aircraft allowed by the armistice with Nazi Germany. It was also used by Deutsche Lufthansa and German military transports and was depicted in the fictional 1942 film Casablanca. (source)
Of all the gin joints in all the towns in all the world, why do they have to build the Casablanca Tower of Light precisely at latitude 33°33’33.33″N? The Tower of Light is 33° from the Sphinx (thanks Craig Compton) and the original White House in Giza. It is also 3301 nautical miles from the White House in Washington DC (thanks Mark Gray), and 6,606,666 feet from Stonehenge (thanks Urban Asplund). The Tower of Light is also approx. 3000 miles from the Kaaba (99.8%).
I love how this becomes a team effort in uncovering secrets in plain sight.
The Tower of Light is to be sited at 33°33'33.33"N
The Tower of Light is to be sited at 33°33’33.33″N
Al Noor Tower is part of a bigger project financed by Middle East Development LLC called Al Noor City – The City of Lights. The owner behind it all is Saudi Sheikh Tarek Mohammed Bin Laden, who is actually Osama Bin Laden’s half brother (source). While one half-brother was attributed with bringing the towers down, the other puts them up. There is a certain symmetry and balance to it that reminds me of this African scene in the Book of the Dead, where Anubis presides over the weighing of human spirits in the afterlife.
Anubis weighing human spirits in the afterlife
Anubis weighing souls in the afterlife
“Multinational Architecture firm Valode and Pistre is handling the design of the building, which is likened by those involved to a fountain pen, and tapers upwards into two blades.” (source)
©Valode & Pistre /
©Valode & Pistre /
Isn’t it curious how the blades resemble the ears of Anubis? Thanks to Ian Le Cheminant for making this connection. Robert Temple has written a brilliant book called The Sphinx Mystery, presenting voluminous evidence that the Sphinx was originally carved as Anubis and much later re-carved as a pharaoh after the nose broke off in an earthquake.
Mark Gray pointed out that Morocco literally means “Land of the Gods” and was the first country to recognize the fledgling United States with its White House in 1777.
Of course, the twin blades also bear a lesser resemblance to the geometry of Barad-Dur, here humorously depicted in this infographic, not of my own making.
Tower of Sauron's distinctive blades
Tower of Sauron’s distinctive blades
On the project’s official site, the Tower of Light’s atrium space is shown overlaid with the following quote, “A Place of Human Convergence — No pessimist ever discovered the secret of the stars or sailed an uncharted land or opened a new doorway for the human spirit. -Helen Keller”
Ref image : Concept:  Amedee Santalo - Architecte:  Valode & Pistre - Communication:  Iceberg - Paris
Ref image : Concept: Amedee Santalo – Architecte: Valode & Pistre – Communication: Iceberg – Paris
The floor area is quoted at 335,000 square meters but I am optimistic that this will actually be built out at 333,333 sq. m.
…the 540 m height is said to reflect the total number of African countries (54 is approximately correct, though certainly up for debate), while its 114 stories are said to honor the same number of chapters (or surah) in the Quran. Finally, Al Noor Tower’s facade will sport a 1,000-pattern design which signifies Africa’s rich languages, which exceed 1,000.
The giant crystal on top might symbolize the Eye of Sauron or perhaps on the positive side it might be equated with the pineal gland, the human doorway to the spirit world. All in all, the Tower of Light has very provocative design and one wonders how deep the conspiracy goes in its encoding. I sit back in a state of awe at this future secret in plain sight, a cathedral for the post-modern world.


Source - Al Araybia

A Saudi investor is to build Africa’s tallest building in Morocco, with construction of the 114-storey tower to begin in June, the project’s manager said on Friday.

The skyscraper in Casablanca will be 540 meters (1,782 feet) high, taller than the 223-meter Carlton Centre in Johannesburg which currently holds the title for tallest building on the continent.

“It will be Africa’s highest tower,” project manager Amede Santalo said.

It will be built by the Dubai-based Middle East Development LLC, owned by Saudi businessman Sheikh Tarek Binladen, and will cost an estimated $1 billion (800 million euros), he added.

The project’s working title is the “Al-Noor Tower” (Tower of Light in Arabic), but it is expected eventually to be named after King Mohamed VI.

“We chose Morocco because it is the gateway to Africa and Europe, a modern country and politically stable,” Santalo told AFP.

The tower is due for completion in June 2018.

“The height of the tower is 540 meters to remind us that Africa has 54 countries. Everyone in Africa will feel part of that tower,” the project’s website says.

It will have 114 floors - the number of surahs or chapters in the Quran - and the facade will be covered by patterns representing Africa’s 1,000 languages.

It will be built on a 25-hectare (61.77-acre) plot and will include a seven-star hotel, a business center and a shopping mall.

Casablanca, Morocco’s commercial hub, already hosts the world’s tallest minaret at 210 meters, at the Hassan II mosque.

The world’s tallest tower is in Dubai, the 828-meter Burj Khalifa, which opened in January 2010.
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