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Join Dr. Erin Nell and Sierra Neblina on an Egyptian Adventure! Sacred Journey Tours: Egypt October 2015

Sierra Neblina, of Galactic U, co-host Practical Knowledge for the Awakening, is planning an Egyptian Tour in October 2015. Julian and I are setting the intention to participate in the tour, and it sounds very exciting! We have always wanted to visit this part of the world. 

Here is a brief sample of the tour dates and itinerary. For the complete tour itinerary please click here.
- Justin

SourceGalactic U

Sacred Journey Tours

Egypt 2015

Itinerary Sacred Journey Tours Egypt 2015:
Cairo, Bahariya, White Desert, Siwa, Marsa Matrouh, Aswan, Luxor.

With your guides,
Dr. Erin Nell and Sierra Neblina


EXTRAS: Hathor scyring mirror, e-program and trip handbook for temples.
BD = Breakfast and Dinner; BLD = Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.

Day 1 Oct 12 Monday: Arrive Cairo. Airport transfers to the Barcelo hotel. Relax, take a swim or have spa treatments. Dinner is on your own. (Giza- 2 nights) Barcelo Hotel

Day 2 Oct 13 Tuesday: BD. 10am orientation at our Giza hotel, and then we go south to the Saqqara necropolis and visit Djoser’s and Teti’s pyramids. We spend private time in the underground labyrinth of Djoser's step pyramid, where we use our complimentary trip Hathor scrying mirrors, to connect with the deities in the ancient Egyptian Duat. Afterwards, we take happy, healthy horses or camels thru the desert to the Abu Ghurab Sun Temple. Our bus picks us up here and returns us to our hotel. For those interested in purchasing Egyptian jewelry with your name engraved in hieroglyphs, we can stop at the gold shop for those who want cartouches or ancient Egyptian jewelry or statuary. For those that don't, you will be returned directly to our hotel. Dinner at our Giza hotel.

Day 3 Oct 14 Weds: BLD. Breakfast at 8am. Check out at 9am and visit the Giza Plateau with the Great Pyramid and the Sphinx. For those that haven’t yet picked out a god/goddess statue for our White Desert ritual, there will be an opportunity here. After the pyramids we visit the Siwa perfume shop that has special flower oils for all 7 chakras. Then we are on our way to the Bahariya Oasis; lunch boxes will be provided on this 4 hour trip. We will have an early dinner at our Oasis hotel, the Bedouin Castle. Visits to natural hot springs are an option after 9pm. Galabiyas for our White Desert safari will be available for purchase tonight at the hotel. BedouinCastle

Day 4 Oct 15 Thur: BLD. After breakfast at 8am, pack up what you need to spend a night camping in the White Desert. Bags outside your rooms by 9am, and whatever you wish to leave will be kept safe at the Bedouin Castle. At 9am we leave on a local tour of the Oasis, driving thru the lush palm groves, the Great Lake, Pyramid Mountain, and the old Bedouin town. At 11am we leave the Oasis for our desert safari, seeing: the Black Desert, Crystal Mountain, where we meditation under stalactite 'teeth' and gaze thru the Philosopher's Portal leading into different dimensions, while lunch is being prepared. After lunch, the Safari continues off-road thru scenic Aqabat (white desert). Bedouin Camping and live music around the campfire. New moon tonight, so plenty of stars.

Day 5 Oct 16 Fri: 9am breakfast, then leave at 10am for our White Desert safari and see: the Flower Desert (35 million yr old seashells and coral), Ain Abu Hawass or Bir Sirrw (small oases), Tent Valley, Old and New White Deserts. Here make our ritual with our ancient Egyptian deity statues amidst a ring of White Desert natural chalk tables, spinning our energy in circles to create our own powerful vortex for personal, regional, and planetary renewal. Return to the Bedouin Castle for dinner and overnight. Live Bedouin music in the tent for a dancing party.

Day 6 Oct 17 Sat: BLD. Early morning breakfast at 7am and we leave for the Siwa Oasis (8am). We travel with a military escort on the ancient caravan route between the two oases, passing thru several checkpoints. Lunch boxes will be provided for all. We arrive in Siwa about 2pm, and go to our hotel (Ghailet Spa) in Siwa. Free time for swimming or strolling thru the palm gardens, or partaking in Bedouin/Berber spa treatments (available at extra cost with reservations). After dinner, we go to the Shali Square and do some fun Berber shopping. Ghaliet Spa Hotel

Day 7 Oct 18 Sun: BD. We leave our hotel after breakfast at 10am and go to the Amun Oracle temple, where we ask the spirit of the Oracle personal questions. We move on to Cleopatra's Baths, where we can swim in cool, fresh bubbling water and have a fruit cocktail at the Isle bar. Afterwards we visit the 1000 year old Berber town called the Shali. We watch sunset at Fatnas Springs, next to Siwa’s great lake, and do some scrying meditations on the power of Siwa, which has a huge vortex that not only brought Cambyses’ Persian King to destroy it the oracle temple (the most powerful Oracle in the ancient World), but it was also Cleopatra's favorite get away and where Alexander the Great was pronounced the son of Ra by the Oracle. Dinner and overnight at our Siwa hotel.

Day 8 Oct 19 Mon: BLD. We check out and leave Siwa at 9am for our 4.5 hr drive to Marsa Matrouh. Along the way we can watch for Bedouin camps with their camel herds. We arrive at our beachfront hotel at ca. 1:30 and have lunch. Enjoy swimming at the hotel’s private beach on the Mediterranean. At sunset we will do another scrying meditation focusing on Helen of Troy (beautiful but male-manipulated), and Cleopatra (Captivating, confident and Powerful). Both these ladies spent time on these beaches. Your evening is free with dinner at 8pm. Sleep soundly listening to the waves of the Mediterranean.Beau Site Hotel

Day 9 Oct 20 Tues: BLD. After breakfast we leave for Cairo at 9am, driving along the Mediterranean Coast. There will be discussion on how Christianity borrowed much from ancient Egyptian religious beliefs. We make a stop at either the 4th c AD Monasteries of Bishoi or Surrian (really fascinating with powerful energy). We will take the 5:30pm flight from Cairo to Aswan, and be taken to our own private Island hotel for dinner and overnight. Isis Pyramisa Hotel, Aswan. PyramisaEgypt

Day 10 Oct 21 Wed: BD. Enjoy free time after breakfast and have lunch at noon. In the early afternoon, we do a meditation on our island for the Feast of Khnum and Anuket – two very important very ancient deities. Khnum was the potter for creation, and Anuket was a warrior goddess who controlled the Nile floods. We leave around 2pm by boat from our hotel, and visit Elephantine Island to see Khnum and Anuket’s temples. We return to our island hotel by boat for dinner. The evening is free. Free hotel boats are available to take you to Aswan's Nubian/Egyptian bazaar.

Day 11 Oct 22 Thur: BD. After breakfast we will leave our hotel at 10am to go via bus and boat to Philae Island where Isis's temple complex is. The we take our boat to the Nubuim Village, a very fun place to play and relax. If possible, we will go by the ancient islands of Isis and Osiris on our way back to the bus, which will take us to the Nubuim/egyptian museum. The rest of the day is free to swim, relax or take your own boats around the cataracts, absorb the serenity and check out the Ancient Egyptian graffiti on Seshal Island. Dinner at our hotel for our last night at our secluded private island hotel.

Day 12 Oct 23 Fri: BLD. Leave at 10am to check in at 11am on our 5 star Deluxe Nile cruise ship. After lunch on board, at 1pm we take a small boat to Kishner's Island, an extremely lush botanical garden with plants from all over the Far and Middle East as well as Africa and India. Here we will take time for meditation and scrying on the spiritual importance of this area, as it was Egypt's southern boarder, the birth of Canopus/Osiris, and the gateway to the exotic riches of deep Africa.
Dinner and overnight aboard our Nile cruise ship- 3 nights. 

Day 13 Oct 24 Sat: BLD. 9am We sail in the morning to Horus/Sobek temple of Kom Ombu, where mummified crocodiles for Sobek are interred. After re-boarding the cruise ship we will have lunch and enjoy cruising down the Nile, watching for mines of Horemheb at Silsila (New Kingdom). Attached to the temple is a museum filled with all the mummified crocodiles that were preserved in the temple. At about 2:30pm, we doc and visit the Edfu temple of Horus (best preserved temple in Egypt). We spend the evening docked at Edfu, enjoy dinner and a peaceful sleep.



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