Wednesday, December 31, 2014

How to Defeat the Cabal - Don't Loose Hope for 2015 | CIA Officer Explains New World Order’s Demise - "Each person is an invaluable asset in the process for global change"

Thank you Angel Lucci for sharing this, I really needed to see it today. This is an old video, but the message is important now more then ever. 

A former CIA agent discloses the key method of defeating the cabal; unity of thought and action. He reveals that sharing information from a boots on the ground level: bloggers, meetings, one on one discussions, IS the method for undoing the cabal's mindcontrol. Once we have a common understand, a common sense of what the real problem is (lack of knowledge) we can begin to work in harmony to effect great change in the world. 

The Cabal know this all too well, and have many, many ways of getting us to fight about things, and prevent unity of thought, emotion and action. But this is changing, more and more people are willing to look at the hard truth, instead of maintain a false fantasy. 

Mark Passio discusses this extensively, and we have also shared a great deal about this technique. Personally speaking, there are many experience I had in life where sharing knowledge and data have helped others and myself. 

The Cabal can only remain in power by compartmentalization of knowledge and action, turning people against each other so they do not work in harmony. The good news is, we can begin this work here and now to effect great change. Most of us have already started doing so, sharing our selves freely with others. 

Each of us has a unique and invaluable perspective on life, and have a wealth of experience to draw on. It can feel daunting at times to think of how many people are unaware. We can feel alienated sharing information people may not want to hear. I know this all too well in my personal life, and it has not been easy to see others turn away from you because of the ideas you are sharing. But in time, many of those same people come around. And slowly but surely truth will win over falsehood.

Bloggers, speakers, truth seekers, healers, artists - all walks of life have a part to play, we can do this if we unify ourselves and continue persistent effort, continuing to Care enough to effect change when we see the possibility within our sphere of influence. 

2015 can be the year of great change, if we are willing to continue the work. I know many have felt disillusioned with the awakening, especially after December 21st 2012 came and went with no seeming change effected. But I can see the change, I can feel the affects, and have had many experiences which revealed to me that our work is coming to fruition. In each instance it is because someone acted with their thoughts and emotions to BE the change in that moment. A small act of kindness, sharing a hard truth, standing in our knowing all have a huge impact. 

My wish for this year is continued focus and determination in a coordinated sense. The cabal consistently offers ignorance and suffering, day in and day out, so must we continue our work to counter this falseness, and act in the truth's we have come to know. Search for the truth, share it when we find it, and care enough to be a force for positive change. 

We are here to act as agents of change, either we sit back and let things go unsaid, or we gain courage and be the force for good on Earth. I know we can do it, don't loose hope!
- Justin


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