Monday, December 29, 2014

Gaia Portal December 29th 2014: Movements of Light become the movements of Gaia collective - with possible meanings by Justin

I'm going to offer my usual interpretation of the update below, but do not claim to have secret or special knowledge of the terms used. I simply try to extrapolate the meanings based on their contextual usage and definitions. 

Possible Meanings: "Traditionals are abandoned for all time." - traditional in this context I take to mean any dogmatically upheld practice. In other words question everything, considering most of the defunct systems on the planet are maintained by blind belief or dogma (i.e. financial systems, religious systems, corporate systems ... ) there could be a lot more open mindedness presenting itself. 

"New moments continue the line under Higher Guidance." - This is a perplexing phrase. The grammar seems to be intentionally off, normally one would think to phrase it this way: "continue to align," yet here we have "continue the line under Higher Guidance," suggesting that some course has been plotted for 'new moments' and they are under higher guidance. Whether under means being controlled by, or under meaning falling below the mark of higher guidance, I can't say for sure. 

"Gaia initiatives begin as support energetics are in place." - Initiatives means a fresh approach to something new, a first move, from in this case Gaia herself. This actions by Gaia are made possible by support energetics, indicating some shift in the energy infused in the Earth system; humanity included I would think. This maybe due to human consciousness shifts as a result of "abandoning traditionals" which would indicate open mindedness facilitating Gaia in some way. 

"Movements of Light become the movements of Gaia collective." - Movements of light could mean many things here I think. Light often represents true knowledge or wisdom, which the "Gaia collective" is beginning to reflect. Definitely suggests Entrainment and the mental realm of time-space being imprinted with resonant frequencies. We covered this in the post Precognition Explained: Science Shows How Our Body Reacts To Events Up To 10 Seconds Before They Happen.
- Justin

Source - Gaia Portal

Traditionals are abandoned for all time.

New moments continue the line under Higher Guidance.

Gaia initiatives begin as support energetics are in place.

Movements of Light become the movements of Gaia collective.


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