Friday, December 26, 2014

Gaia Portal December 26th 2014: Foundations for Gaia uplift phase have completed - with possible meanings by Justin

The latest Gaia Portal update. In our last post, we discussed some possible meanings of the update. Again, I'll admit I do not fully understand what they mean, so here is my interpretation of the meanings herein described as I see them. Please comment below, I'd love to hear other's thoughts on this material. 

Possible Meanings: "Foundations for Gaia uplift phase have been completed" - Phase is a word referring to waves, vibration or cycles, implying one cycle has come to a close in relation to foundations for uplifting; expanded consciousness. "Fabrications of Gaia's Higher Intent" - I take this to mean a completed thought form. Intention is a product of imagination as a result of awareness and grounding of knowledge, which is expanded with "Necessities for Gaia upliftment protocols have completed" meaning a plan of action, dare I say a project management plan. The Processes and Preparations are complete, and action is "awaiting." "Hue-manity collaboration" I take to mean, those who have gained enough self knowledge and coherence to be considered collaborators in the plan, what has been referred to in many works as "doing the Father's Will" or the Great Work. Gaia "awaits" Hue-manities participation. In other words, action (passivity won't work here) and hu-manities upliftment intent, meaning a genuine desire to open up to the truth, and let it 'uplift.' Our sleeping brothers and sisters are "uplifted" but those who are awakened to the truth, and are doing the work of living it in their lives, which is a collaboration with the ALL, the great work.

- Justin

Source - Gaia Portal

Foundations for Gaia uplift phase have completed.

Fabrications of Gaia Higher Intent have completed.

Necessities for Gaia upliftment protocols have completed.

Processes of completion are soon to commence.

Preparations are done.

Gaia awaits Hue-manity collaboration and hu-manity up-movement intent.


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