Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Gaia Portal December 23 2014: Productivities in New Gaia Paradigm have lost all meaning

Gaia Portal has been issuing 'updates' along the order of the cryptic updates Cobra puts out. To be honest with you, I do not completely understand what they mean. Many people follow the updates, and I have heard several propose they refer to the state of consciousness on Earth and in humanity. 

Generally speaking, I try and understand data on its merits alone. In that light, there a few interpretive definitions which stand out. 

"Productivities in New Gaia Paradigm have lost all meaning." - Productivities, as in some activity that is going to yield an expected result. They have "lost all meaning" which could infer that the agenda has shifted; the goal. If what was once "productive" has lost "all meaning" then the definitions of what is considered productive must have changed. For example, if you think reading the newspaper is productive, but then come to realize that it is propaganda, it would have lost its previous meaning. 

Possible Meanings: There was a shift in the agenda or plan, causing previous activities to be reassessed. Analysts are coming forth to study the new energies, and the process for changing agenda's have finished. Primary "something's" have become active.

We are going to share these posts regularly and keep an eye on what data comes out. If anyone has any input on the meanings of these post please share below with comments. I would enjoy an open discussion.
- Justin

Source - Gaia Portal

Productivities in New Gaia Paradigm have lost all meaning.

Relevance to schematics is high.

All recollections from past intentions are null.

Statisticians come to the fore as Nova Energetics come forth.

Primaries are enabled.

Alternatives have dissolved.

Processes are finished.


  1. Justin you are very warm. It has to do with FOCUSED THOUGHTS. When enough of us want something to happen, we persevere and is universal suported IT WILL HAPPEN.. Love & Light ~Apollo

    1. Yes i think that is the case, thoughts are in the causal plane after all. Just re enforces the great work of sharing the truth so as to harmonize our wills and actions.


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