Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Chemtrail Pilot Speaks | Sierra Neblina and GalacticU Radio brings you Project Indigo Sky-Fold the Chemtrail project - December 16h 2014 800pm EST

By the description Sierra shared with me, it sounds like this is going to be a very interesting show. 

Chemtrails have been wreaking havoc for many years, adding to the destruction of Earth's native environment. I am curious to see what new data will come to bare as a result of this Chemtrail Pilot coming forward. 
- Justin

Source - Galactic U Radio

Listen to this show here

Today we will be discussing a very touchey and very very serious issue that is the chem trails. A Chem Trail Pilot has come forward to expose what is really happening and how he wants us to help stop it.

I will be reporting on a third party and I will be also adding what the Galactics have to say about this issue and what they want us to do.

I will not be saying much in this write up as it is very important that the information be kept in house until this evening.

I ask for extra support and protection from my human family and from my Galactic Family in bringing this information as the project is LIVE and currently happening.

Why should I put all at risk to bring you this? Because it is time to expose the truth so that you all know the truth and I pray, do something about it, even if it is just to pass this broadcast onto everyone you know to spread the info far and wide.

To call in and ask questions during the live broadcast please call 646-478-3035.

To learn more about this program and others please visit:


Allegedly Inside of Chemtrail Plane (Not related to this interview)


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