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Chefchaouen Photo Diary Update - New Photos!

Incase you haven't seen it yet here is the latest blog post from my personal blog Transcendent Explorer, with an update on photos from Chefchaouen. As part of our adventure here in Morocco we want to be able to share what we see with you. Enjoy!

- Julian 

Source - Transcendent Explorer 

Earlier this year I had the privilege of visiting one of the most beautiful places in Morocco; Chefchaouen. Its referred to as the Blue City, for good reason, as they use a certain type of dye for the paint used on the majority of their buildings.

From Wikipedia:
Chefchaouen or Chaouen, as it is often called by Moroccans, is a popular tourist destination because of its proximity to Tangier and the Spanish enclave of Ceuta. The name refers to the shape of the mountain tops above the town, that look like the two horns (chaoua) of a goat. "Chef Chaouen" derives from the Berber word for horns, Ichawen. There are approximately two hundred hotels catering to the summer influx of European tourists. One distinction possessed by Chefchaouen is its blue-rinsed houses and buildings.

While in Chefchaouen I had the RARE opportunity to visit a Riad near the top of the mountain. It had a remarkable view to say the least. Waking up to a sea of clouds with mountain peaks poking out is something I will never forget. A beautiful view.

Another thing Chefchaouen is famous for is their Hash production, although they would have you believe it's all hush hush. I had the pleasure of walking 3km across the mountain side to be able to see the production and fields for myself.

From Wikipedia:
The countryside around it has a reputation for being a prolific source of kief. The Chefchaouen region is one of the main producers of cannabis in Morocco. Hashish is subsequently sold all over town, but is mostly the domain of native Chaouenis. A nearby attraction is the Kef Toghobeit Cave which is one of the deepest caves in Africa.[4]

Here are some of the Marijuana fields themselves:

At that time I uploaded many photos to my Facebook Like page album, and more recently updated the album with more photos, so be sure to take a look!

Until next time!

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