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Decoding Fiction - Science of Meaning | As Above So Below (Fractal) Symbolism in Once Upon A Time TV Series

False knowledge leads to error and chaos, True knowledge leads to creation and harmony
Julian and I have been watching the Once Upon A Time TV series, decoding it for meanings. As we have discussed many times there is a staggering amount of hidden truth in popular fiction.

A prerequisite to any decoding process is knowledge. The more omnivorous our appetite for information, the easier it is to compare one thing to another to decode meanings. Better still is contemplation, as to reconcile these meanings into a holistic understanding; which we will explain later is crucial to decoding symbolism of all types. Hollywood and many popular works of fiction are rife with retellings; stories which are retold again and again. Every story has a moral locked inside just as any symbol or object can have a great number of potential meanings.

As far as symbolism goes, Once Upon A Time is bursting with potential meanings. The possible number of interpretations one can gleam from any work is limitless but what is the method or technique? We are going to analyze the Final Episode of Season 3 as an example of the process, describing various methods, determining how meaning generation can help us in all ways.

Warning: Spoilers below!

Psychology of Meaning

First we must understand the mechanics - the science - of meaning. We discussed this extensively in the post Science of Word Magic and Spells.

From a biological standpoint, our bodies receive massive quantities of raw data, deciphered and stored within our brains as neural connections. Taking into account new discoveries in consciousness and biology by Dan Winter's work and Heartmath Institute, the Pineal Gland is the epicenter of our consciousness (seat of the soul) whereby our bodies sensory organs funnel raw data through the brainstem, along the limbic brain to our neocortex. Here is where the data is processed for meanings, creating neural connections as a result of how we choose to interpret the data - which is observed by the third eye (the lens or oculus) and received into the higher consciousness.

Meaning is Subjective and created within the mind; it is personal. There are two concepts which must be understood fully in order to grasp how meanings are generated. The relationship between the Objective reality and the Subjective experience.

The Objective reality is all that IS, the Physical, Mental and Spiritual planes. The device you are using to read these words is an object, it exists and has form. Your body has form, just like the cells in your body have form, as well as the air we are breathing has form; and so on. Everything we experience: sensations, feelings or ideas are Objects in the Objective reality. There is nothing - no thing - that is NOT part of the Objective reality.

Image here, can be taken to mean: Summation of the Objects.
Much like a Camera captures the objects
 in a scene to create a single image.
The Subjective experience is our point of view of the Objective reality in the aggregate or totality. Subjective experience is created by summation of the objects within our perception as we have chosen to understand them. A Camera makes a picture in the same way we create meanings - film is imprinted using a lens to capture the objects within the shot into a single image; a point of view.

In order to have a Subjective experience a subject is required to make sense of the objects. A subject gives meaning to their experience via free will choice; what point of view they have positioned themselves in. But more accurately stated, our choice is either to ignore the Objective or accept it. This is a process of reflectivity or representation of the Objective reality within. Let me say that again to emphasize the point: Understanding (meaning) is a relationship between objects we sense, reflected in our minds as an image. The image reflected is an object in the objective reality, which we can compare against the objective reality determining whether it is valid; if it is right. Meanings are fractal structures or self referential, and objects accumulate greater more interconnected meanings as a result of reconciliation, and contemplation.

For example, a cup of water in and of itself has no meaning without a subject. Introduce a thirsty subject and this cup of water represents many meanings to the subject; they can acknowledge (act-knowledge) the correct meaning of the water, as refreshing their thirsty body and take a drink.

Meaning is therefore a result of juxtaposition, comparison of two or more objects which are already coded for meaning from previous experience. By nature of who we are and how our consciousness operates, any object we encounter is given meaning. We are meaning generating factories as our consciousness furiously attempts to make sense of everything we experience. The process is either conscious or unconscious. Determining the quality and character of our Subjective experience is dependent on how well we fully understand the Objective reality.

Reconciliation of meaning is a process of discernment by analyzing an potentially true idea to one we thing is already true. Reality itself is knowable, we can understand it. This is accomplished by progressive expansion of meanings by testing it via action and reviewing the results. Meanings which are valid or true will always connect with other valid meanings. This is reflected in many spiritual works the world over as the 'there is only one God' concept also reflected in contemporary scientific theories such as Unified Field Theory. The Truth, what is real and Objective is singular and absolute; there is only one truth, but many perspectives.

Methods for Decoding Meanings

Now that the mechanics of meaning have been outlined we can discuss some of the methods to decipher meanings. The key to decoding anything, be it symbol, story or raw data is juxtaposition and comparison. For stories and fiction hold an idea as a premise in our minds filters to the raw data generating meanings; compare one narative against another. Nearly everyone has done of this before as a child, by asking: "What is the moral of the story?"

An important note about morals and allegory in fiction is their nonliteral nature. Often times the morals of stories are not explicitly stated or expressed, but implied via contextual juxtapositions. For example, Captain Kirk, in the recent Star Trek film from 2009, questions authority and displays actions reflective of true sovereignty; acknowledging the need for principles and rules but not blind acceptance of authoritarian rulers. This is expressed allegorically in the film as Kirk refuses to follow orders which are in contrast to his principles, usually as a result of acknowledging Natural Law. Within Narratives, characters personify ideas and philosophies, affecting their behavior, which can be changed when a character transforms or an arc in the story is reached.

Consider this Narrative: A villain, once good of heart, is twisted by a trauma in their past and creates chaos as a result of ego compensation and ignorance. As they pour out suffering onto others, a hero enters comes to challenge the evil ways of the villain. Eventually the villain sees their error and chooses to do good. This is a narrative retold within popular fiction and is a theme of reconciliation, is an essential part of our spiritual evolution and the Alchemical Great Work.

The following Narrative is hotly debated,but is supported by a great deal of evidence::
Approximately 200,000 years ago, two brothers from an Extraterrestrial race known as the Anunnaki, came to Earth as part of a mission to mine gold. In their culture, gold powder, the Spice Melange as it is called in the Dune series, is essential to extending life, spiritual awakening and immortality. Mining the gold themselves is too difficult due to their alien physiology, so the brothers decided to create a slave race that is more accustomed to Earth's environment. 
Hominid DNA mixed with Annunaki to create the Human Race
Taking existing Hominid DNA from Earth and combining it with their own, a new race was born: humanity. But their creations were far too intelligent at first to be controlled and they began to rebel against their masters. The brothers decided to alter the DNA of the second chromosome, greatly limiting the intelligence of future generations, making them more easily controllable.
Humanity fell into deep violence and tragedy, killing each other and acting with brutality. Several times their Annunaki compatriots would mate with the humans creating advanced hybrids. These hybrids of humans and Annunaki were put in positions of power, attempting to gain control of the now rampant human race. The brothers decided to abandon Earth to leaving their hybrids in charge as the sons of gods given the Divine right to rule
The Hybrids believed they were abandoned by their godlike parents because humanity as a whole was uncontrollable. They decided to mold humanity into a civilized slave planet (New World Order), hoping to one day usher the return of the gods, being accepted as one of the them. As time went on, a faction within this elite realized authority and slavery belief systems would never create any lasting harmony, and instead decide to uplift humanity out of their animal like condition and realize our place in the stars as honorable sovereigns. Free to rule ourselves as fully aware conscious beings.
Analyzing the Annunaki Narrative

I posit a great many works of popular fiction have the same thematic elements as the above narrative. The Disney film Maleficent contains the same theme. The Evil Queen Maleficent curses the princes of another realm when she was born, because the king deceived her and stole her wings (symbolic of dividing consciousness and seperation). The curse will force the princes into a death like sleep on her 16th birthday. But as time goes on, Maleficent gets to know the cursed princes and has a change of heart. Only true loves kiss will undo the evil magic and lift the curse waking her up. In the film, Maleficent breaks the curse by letting go of her hatred and separation, realizing her own folly, kissing the princes.

This is an interesting twist from the original story, where a prince from another realm breaks the sleeping curse. Could this be suggesting something about the our slave masters trying to reconcile and change their ways? The probability that so many works of fiction are encoded with narrative by chance is statistically impossible; some organizing force must be responsible.

Another method is to compare Natural Law principles to the behaviors and beliefs of the characters, determining if they are honoring the Natural Law rights of others to act in Truth. Here are some questions I ask myself:
  • Does a character lie to get their way? 
  • If so what happens in the story when they do this? 
  • Are they successful or did they encounter folly which compelled them to change their ways? 
  • What transformations or arcs is the character going through? 
  • What beliefs, philosophies or world views do the characters personify and how does this affect their behavior in the story? 
  • When a character's bias or world view is challenged by something in the story, do they change their belief? If so, why and how does this change in the characters thinking affect their behavior? 
  • Are they able to defeat the bad guys now that they have transformed?

Once Upon a Time TV Series

The TV series Once Upon a Time is a great show to hown ours skills of decoding meaning. The characters reveal their beliefs and philosophies openly, giving us plenty of data to explore meanings. A background in Occult knowledge and Natural Law makes the morals more apparent.

Setting the Context

This series details characters from fairy tales such as: Snow White, Rumpelstiltskin, Peter Pan, Prince Charming, Little Red Riding Hood and the like. Episodes depict these characters overcoming various obstacles and moving through personal challenges. The general plot of the series consists of these characters crossing over into our world, playing out their magical drama's during contemporary times.

Emma Swan is the child of Prince Charming and Snow White, a product of true love, who was sent to our world just after being born to escape a terrible curse cast by the Evil Queen Regina and Rumplestiltskin Regina's mentor. The curse took all of the characters from the Enchanted Forest (one of many realms) and brought them to our world, obscuring the memories of the past and leaving them to lead normal lives in a small town named Storybrooke.

The series begins with Emma and her son discovering Storybrooke and learning their long lost family has forgotten their past. The characters play out their lives in a small town setting and their pre-amnesia character traits - be it good or evil is reflected in these new versions of themselves.

Rumpelstiltskin depicted symbolically as a fractured or
imbalanced being. Notice his light side is on his right (our left). 
Regina, the Evil Queen who cast the curse bringing them to Storybrooke, goes through many transcendent arcs throughout the series, as she learns to let go of the past and work with her former enemies to defeat her evil Mother Korra.

A consistent theme underscored in the series is honor and morality. The characters are tempted to compromise their principles to achieve an easy end, sometimes a purely selfish goal. But as the stories play out, their friends and family assist in a myriad of ways giving one who has fallen a stray the chance to heal. Most of the Characters invariably reconcile their past and do what is right even at great risk to themselves and their loved ones.

During the episode in question, Emma Swan and Captain Hook are pulled back in time over 20 years and teleported to the Enchanted Forest. Regina's Curse was not cast at this time and all the characters are playing out their roles prior to the arcs in previous seasons.

Emma and Hook realize if they disturb to many events in the past it will disrupt their future. They decide to contact Rumpelstiltskin, the Dark One, the powerful wizard who has allied with them in the present, but at this time is an Evil Sorcerer. Rumple has a grudge with Hook; demonstrating his old evil self by trying to kill Hook.

Rumpelstiltskin finds Emma and Hook in the past
Upon meeting Rumple in the past, Emma and Hook reveal they are from the future. Rumple is in disbelief at first, but after Emma shares things only Rumple would know, he is convinced they are telling the truth. She reveals his plan to curse all the land with Regina, will be successful; he will see his son again.

Rumple has been trying to get back to his long lost son, Bael, trapped in the real world, which is why he helps Regina cast the curse in previous seasons. Rumple is emphatic telling Emma and Hook they must return home, else the timeline may be damaged and he may not ever see his son again. Emma and Hook reluctantly tell Rumple that the timeline is already disturbed because they accidently prevented the meeting of Snow White and Prince Charming moments earlier; Emma's parents. Unless the timeline is restored all of the future will be changed.

Rumpelstiltskin tells Emma and Hook he cannot send them back
Rumple sends Emma and Hook to restore the timeline while he looks for a way to reopen the portal. After a grand adventure, they go to Rumple's Castle, with the timeline restored, ready to return home. Rumple says he cannot send them back because only the ones who came through the portal can reopen it with magic.

Emma, the savior who broke the memory curse cast by Rumple and Regina in the previous season, has powerful magical abilities, but is unskilled, due to her rearing in our world. Additionally, the Wicked Witch of the West recently cast a curse on Hook such that if he ever kissed Emma, her powers would be taken away; which he did several episodes prior. Powerless and at the mercy of Rumple they contemplate their options.

Finally, during Season 3 Xelina, the Wicked Witch of the West, is working to open a portal in time, going back to a distant point in her past in attempts to change her history and alter the present. Regina, Xelina's little sister, was selected by Rumple years earlier to cast the Curse which originally brought the population of the Enchanted Forest to our world. Rumple chooses Regina over her older sister Xelina. Xelina is envious (green with envy) of Regina for many reasons and intends to change the past so Regina is never born, in attempts to position herself as Rumple's protege and become the Evil Queen herself.

Deciphering Meanings

Rumple has a keen interest in ensuring Emma and Hook's timeline comes to fruition, as he will be reunited with his son. Further he has accepted a truth, that his curse will be successful and that time travel is possible. To that end, he intends to lock Emma and Hook away in a secret vault so they cannot disturb the timeline, at which time he will to drink a 'forgetting potion' so he does not accidentally disrupt events himself. His quote:
Rumpelstiltskin - "I mean to put you some place safe. Some place even I dare not go. Where I store the magic that is too dark or unpredictable even for me!"
The significance of these words cannot be overemphasized. Unpredictable in this case can be taken to mean something that may disturb his plans. Rumple is evil because he is a dark magician, a Sorcerer and he is blinded by his ambition. Looking deeper into Rumple's history:
He was once a good, but cowardly man, running from the battle which ravaged his home town. His son, Bael, still loves his father Rumple despite his flaws. Rumple, torchered by his cowardly deeds and is outcast from the town by the heckling throngs. Rumple stumbles into great power, becoming the Dark One, and wreaks revenge on all those who cast judgement on him. His son soon realizes his father is lost to madness and runs away, accidentally falling into a Portal, sending him from the Enchanted Forest to our world. Rumple is devastated his son was pushed away by his evil deeds and vows to one day rejoin with his beloved Bael.
Rumple's character flaw is that even with great power and knowledge he is not a good man as he willfully chooses to be ignorant of the whole truth. This is expressed by his words "Some place even I dare not go. Where I store the magic that is too dark or unpredictable even for me!" He does not acknowledge a great truth in natural law: "Reap what you Sow." This flaw prevents him from knowing about time travel further underscoring the allegory of accurate and complete knowledge.

When Rumple tells Emma and Hook: "I mean to put you some place safe. Some place even I dare not go. Where I store the magic that is too dark or unpredictable even for me!" - it is suggesting his cowardly ways have not left him, there are things he refuses to reconcile. The As Above So Below symbol is hidden in this vault; which we will analyze below. A symbol of true knowledge and understanding, where the whole truth is sought after, recognized, and acted upon. This is the very thing Rumple is hiding from, which is why it is "too dark or unpredictable." Darkness in this instance can be taken to mean unconsciousness or ignorance, lack of knowledge. Darkness is symbolizes ignorance in many other works and philsophies as well.

In the previous season, Rumple's quest to rejoin his son ends in tragedy as his evil deeds catch up with him and Bael is killed. His son loves his father, believing in his good nature so much that he sacrifices himself to bring his father back from the dead. Rumple is brought back to life, but with his son's spirit fused with his own, compelling Rumple to do good even after losing everything he sought. This is suggestive of the Christian adage: "only through the son can you reach the father." This is further underscored by Bael's story and motivations, as he is man searching for home with is goodly father; the son is seeking the father.

Emma and Hook are transported to Rumple's secret vault, where we see the As Above So Below statue in the background:

Emma and Hook arrive in Rumple's vault. Notice the As Above So Below statue to the left.

This Statue is positioned in the classical As Above So Below form; right hand pointing up with the left hand pointing down. This symbol represents complete reconciliation and a holistic unified consciousness, the Law of Correspondence. Scientifically this statue represents the fractal nature of reality, the golden mean ratio (phi) and our interconnectedness with all things. There is large number of meanings which we will analyze in relation to this symbol.

Enlarged image of the bird like statue 

expressing As Above So Below
Emma and Hook are trapped in the vault with the wand Rumple gave, them assuming that Emma's powers were lost. Hook implores Emma to realize her powers for magic are still with her. The Wicked Witch of the West was killed in the previous episode and the curse which stole Emma's magic was removed. The only thing preventing Emma from using her Magic is her own self doubt and cowardice; the exact same theme of Rumple's story.

Emma was considering leaving Storybooke with her son, going back to New York to live a normal life despite her magical roots; attempting to deny the truth to realize her goal. Hook always felt that Emma was denying her true nature attempting to live a happy life in ignorance. After Emma broke the curse cast by Regina and Rumple, she and her son were teleported back to New York, had their memories clouded by amnesia, and lived a year totally unaware of their past history.

Upon regaining her memories, Emma is distraught feeling her life in ignorance was better than having to risk life and limb defeating evil. Hook initially went to New York after Regina's curse was broken to pull Emma out of her amnesia. Emma is experiencing the same character arc as Rumple: should we deny the whole truth as method to achieve our goals. Emma realizes in this vault - that Rumple is too scared to understand in the presence of the Statue, her home is in fact with her family in Storybrooke and she must embrace her Moral duty of defending the realms against evil with her family; joining in the Great Work. Her magical powers are come back during this transformation, opening the portal in time back to the present.

Here again we see the Statue, this time on the other side of the time portal. It appears as though the statue is holding a lamp of some sort. All of this is suggestive of great meaning.

Emma opening the time portal sending Hook back. Notice the statue on the other side of the portal,
suggesting a Gatekeeper or Cherubim. 

In many Occult traditions, Light represents true knowledge and wisdom and darkness represents false knowledge or ignorance. The statue is beyond the portal gate suggesting that one must: walk through the doorway of uncertainty to reach the light of wisdom and truth on the other side. This event was just after Emma comes to terms with the truth about herself again underscoring the allegory that truth and reconciliation is the way back home.

Exploring Meanings

The Cherubim is the guardian of the Seat of the Soul (activated third eye), which has a physical coorelation to our brains, described in great detail here. During bliss and heightened states of consciousness, this part of our brain is hyper stimulated, the third eye is illuminated creating the philosopher's stone opening the doorway to immortality.

Background Data on Immortality and Time Travel

Dan Winter describes our DNA as the gateway to time-space and immortality. DNA's geometry and packeting is altered by our emotional states as a result of electromatic field interactions. During bliss experiences, DNA's geometry changes and braids into a fractal recursively, creating electrical implosion and accelerating our consciousness to the speed of light into time-space. This literally illuminates the blood (fire in the blood); hence dragon symbolism the world over. Emotions can be measured electrically and are popularly known as a person's Aura. The key concept here is As Above So Below, another way of referring to the fractal concept. As above so below, the Law of Correspondence, is symbolized by the statue.

Cosmic Fractal (Icosa-dodeca stellation)
 and Mandelbrot both creative symmetries
 in the Bhaeravii stage,  both self-referent
by a ratio of Phi (golden mean)
to the power of 3
Brainwaves measured over the decades reveal that when someone is having a death experience - seeing the light - their brainwave patterns are extremely coherent and organized by the golden mean ratio. Monks who are able to create bliss experiences have the same brainwave patterns as dying people. The correlation is profound as the golden mean ratio is also expressed in the Mandelbrot set; the most widely recognized fractal.

If you can't create a bliss you will not be able to accelerate your consciousness past the speed of light. In other words, if you have not mastered yourself enough, and reconciled your experience into a holistic understanding you will not be coherent and your Aura is non-fractal. Anything we try to hide from ourselves with egoism damages the Auric field, preventing us from going into through a time portal and surviving death.

Additionally, DNA is essential to stabilizing gravitational fields on planets, in solar systems and the galaxy. After one does develop the ability to create extreme coherence in their Auric field, they become immortal and are now capable of steering star systems and stabilizing the gravitation of the galaxy. DNA is apparently a highly developed piece of "divine" technology, essential for projecting soul memory into the fractal field. A race who has lost the ability to project their soul groups collective memories into time-space presents major problems for all life in the universe, as the modus of universal harmonization is fractality; total reconciliation. In other words, because As Above So Below is a Universal Law, each civilization in the universe affects the other and failure to reconcile is catastrophic. Most ET cultures discover this phenomenon and work to advance techniques, technology and ways of life to ensure their DNA can implode. The gold powder mined by the Annunaki culture is an artificial method of causing DNA implosion, the cost of this method is soul and personality fractionation; separating the consciousness instead of unifying it fractally. Again, Fractal means holistic.

Reconciliation is a term meaning to bring back into harmony. Reconciliation of one's life is how we heal our Auric field making it fractal. This can only be done by honestly looking at our life and trying to understand all aspects of it; ensuring our meanings reflect reality. Our Subjective experience - what creates our emotions - is directly linked to how well have represented reality within ourselves; whether or not our deciphered meanings are accurate in totality. Avoiding this urge to understand and give meaning to life - turning away from the truth - will create negative emotional states and damage our Auric field. This is a major point for decoding our story.

During time travel experiments in the 20th century, the only people who were able to go through a time portal were those who could maintain electrical coherence enough to unpack successfully on the other side. You came out like hamburger if your Auric field was not coherent enough.

Time Travel and Fractality in the Episode

Within the context of our story, we have the following decoded meanings. Rumple, an evil man bent on reunion with his long lost son, keeps this statue here because "it is too unpredictable for him to control." Previously in the season, when everyone learns of the Wicked Witch's plan to open a time portal, Rumple says it is impossible. Allegorically this to means: he is so driven by his goals (egocentricity) that he cannot accept the truth in fullness; hiding it from himself. In relation to the immortality data above, his Auric field is not fractal enough to go through the time portal successfully. Not be able to acknowledge the validity of time travel or to even know if it's existence allegorically represents the cost of his ignorance in our story. It is only after he accepts the truth from Emma that he is able to discover a method for traveling in time and send them back.

The statue looks like it is holding up a lamplight,
just like in the Columbia Pictures logo below
Emma also comes to her grand realization within the presence of this statue. She has been wrestling with an 'ignorance is bliss' egocentric philosophy for most of the season. Hook pulled her out of her amnesia after Emma broke Regina's Curse when she was teleported to New York. Therefore in this scene, we find two symbols of truth and reconciliation - Hook and the Statue - characters who have taken up the Great Work of showing Emma the importance of being fractal and acknowledging the fullness of the truth.

When Emma reconciles, transforming her negative emotions of distress and fear into blissful love and enlightenment, immediately thereupon her powers are restored and she reopens the time portal. The timing and contextual elements of this scene greatly underscores the implosive DNA acceleration into time-space narrative.

Notice the statue appears to have a ball of white light suspended above its right hand, the hand pointing upwards. This is merely one of the wall torches in the scene but its position during this scene is significant. It suggests the Right path is the path of light (knowledge of truth). The statue is the embodiment of fractality and the As Above So Below concept, which as we learned above, is a prerequisite for time travel and is allegorically represented in our scene in the statue's position of gatekeeper.

Columbia in Occult tradition represents the Sacred Feminine.
Here she is holding the lamp of truth, acting as way shower for her lost
companion the Sacred Masculine.
The statue in this scene resembles many Occult images showing the Feminine archetype in distress holding a lamplight. The Columbia Pictures logo expresses this same theme. We discussed this symbolism extensively in the post Divine Feminine in Distress - She is waiting for your Divine Masculine! | All human beings are divided into four general classes by Manly P. Hall. Briefly the Feminine aspect is our holistic and intuitive nature, in distress because our Masculine aspect has left the scene. She is holding up the Lamp of Truth, guiding him back to her. Our Masculine aspect is the Conscious Mind, an essential part of discernment and reconciliation. If our Masculine aspect is inactive - we are not consciously trying to reconcile our experiences into a holistic understanding - our Feminine aspect is left alone and our subjective experience is traumatic. Our Auric field and emotions are not fractal.

Annunaki Wings, Timeline 1 and Timeline 2

There is another narrative which expands on the above mentioned Annunaki creation of the human race, as well as the science of immortality and the purpose of DNA as described by Dan Winter.

Dan Burisch is a researcher and former black ops asset in Area 51 and Project Lotus during the late 20th century. He worked with Majestic 12, a high ranking elite group allied with ET races managing various aspects of life on Earth for their own purposes. Dan's work is extensive and I will not attempt to cover it all here. There are points to the narrative put forth by his work which correlate well with the retold story in the Once Upon A Time episode we have been analyzing.

Summarizing the points of Dan Bursch's Narrative

 An image showing the Looking Glass Technology.

This looks just like the Device from the Movie Contact,

which teleports an occupants consciousness to the stars.
A race of humans 45,000 years in the future is in crisis which originated from an offshoot of our timeline. In their version of history, a series of catastrophes wipes out most of the human race during the year 2012 caused by massive global Earthquakes as a result of using artificial stargate technology known as a "Looking Glass." The remaining population goes underground and survives by cloning their DNA. They develop psi abilities, like telepathy and clairvoyance, as well as advanced technology. Due to degradation of the Genome from thousands of years of cloning, they have lost the ability to reproduce and their cloning methods are failing. Additionally, they have lost the ability to create coherence patterns in their aura, preventing consciousness evolution into time-space and destabilizing the gravitational fields in this section of the Galaxy.

Sumerian Cylinder Seal.

(not an example of the encoded Looking Glass technology)
Their plan is to come back in time, altering their history to ensure their DNA does not degrade by sampling original strains from our human population. But to ensure their timeline comes to fruition, they also travel back in time 6,000 years into our past seeding the Sumerian Culture and giving them the cylinder seals which were encoded with plans for Looking Glass technology and artificial stargates. These seals are discovered in the 1800's by british archaeologists and secreted away later developed by the Majestic 12 Group.

Correlations between Dan Bursch's work and other Datas

Per Dan Winter's work: Stargates are natural phenomenon in the universe created by coherence patterns in a planet's Electromagnetic field with fractal relationships to the solar system and surrounding star systems; As Above So Below. Stargates are highly energetic portals, capable of accelerating material beyond the speed of light into time-space, which can be navigated safely if there is enough coherence within the person's Auric field. During astronomical alignments these natural stargates open releasing tremendous energy into the native environment (upstepping evolution and life). One of these alignments took place on December 21, 2012; the infamous shift of the ages.

During the P45's version of history, the artificial stargates were being used when the 2012 alignment was taking place, this forced a massive burst of energy into Earth causing the catastrophe which forced humanity underground. Their plan was to ensure this technology was used by us again during the 2012 event, eventuating the catastrophe and their timeline. During the 1940's, factions of this group made contact with Earth Governments and negotiated treaties allowing ET's to abduct people off planet and giving us advanced technology in return. Before the P45's plan could come to fruition, a future contingent from this same race, the P52's (humans from 52,000 years into the future), made contact with Earth Governments, warning them of the danger of using this technology during stellar alignments. As a result, the Looking Glass Project was shut down and the stargates dismantled at the end of the 20th century.

Remoting viewing Institutions like the Farsight Institute have gathered a large amount of data supporting Dan Bursch's disclosure. Here we have two timelines, Timeline 1 (positive timeline) where humanity is not destroyed in major catastrophes and Timeline 2 (negative timeline) where it is destroyed. Recent projections by Remote Viewers have disclosed that Timeline 1 is dominant and we are on track for those versions of events to unfold. Another researcher by the name Daniel covers this extensively in his papers.

Analyzing the Episode in connection with this Data

Statue's arm position and wings match the
Annunaki Figure representing activated
consciousness and fractal Aura. 
Symbolically, wings represent a coherence pattern strong enough to ignite the blood and activate the third eye. Hence our Serpentine figure holding a Pineal Gland or Pine Cone. The Pine Cone symbol is used to represent activated consciousness because it is a perfect golden mean spiral, literally an implosive-explosive fractal object.

Annunaki Figure holding a

Pineal gland representing 

fire in the blood, Auric Coherence and

The Statue from our story has the same stylized wings as our Annunaki figure. This suggests what we already analyzed above, that the statue represents activated consciousness or the third eye, harmonizing with the As Above So Below principle. Further, the Annunaki figure and the Statue are in the same position: right hand held up with the left hand down; underscoring the theme of fractality.

Another interesting correlation here are the events that are playing out in the scene when the statue is revealed. As Emma reconciles her past and regains her powers, the Statue is shown on the other side of the portal. In juxtaposition to the Dan Bursch history shared above, we have a figure connected to the P52 agenda - the race that came back to warn us about the dangers of artificial stargates; a stylized Annunaki figure. This narrative is expressed by the characters, in their Agenda to go back in time and change the past altering their present. Xelina, the Wicked Witch of the West, and the Annunaki plan are thematically a perfect match. Both have created enough coherence to travel in time, but not enough to become immortal.

Emma goes back in time and has to correct her own folly - ensuring her parents meet and she is born - just like the P52's go back in time warning the Majestic group that using the Looking Glass technology will be catastrophic. Both have to go back in time to correct distortions, both reconciled with their past and attempt to live honorably in truth symbolized by the Statue.

Other Connections

When I was doing research for this post, I remembered the statue is also in The Exorcist. The figurine in the film is suggestive of a dark maleficent power which may or may not be responsible for the possession of Linda Blair.

Screen capture from the film the Exorcist.
Notice this version of the Statue contains an erect penis.

Within Occultism there are two major divisions: Dark Occultism and Light Occultism. Mark Passio covers this extensively in his work. Occult is word which simply means hidden. Dark Occultism is the usage of hidden information to manipulate events. Dark Occultists acknowledge Natural Law Principles but only enough to realize their egocentric goals.

Hence there are many images depicting Baphomet, representing the As Above So Below in a twisted fashion, which Dark Occultists employ for their nefarious purposes. Their Dark version of As Above So Below is depicted by an erect penis, suggesting an imbalanced Masculine aspect. While this data can be disturbing, it does not mean all depictions of As Above So Below in this form is evil. What makes knowledge 'evil' is its use not the knowledge in and of itself. Knowledge is a tool like a hammer, which can be wielded for good or evil.

As Above So Below symbolic images: Madonna on the left, Baphomet to Madonna's right, Washington to the right of Baphomet and the Magician Card from the Tarot Deck. Baphomet is the only image with an erect penis.
The As Above So Below statue from the Once Upon A Time Episode has no erect penis. I take this to mean it is representative of Light Occult symbology. The erect penis in combination with a figure in the As Above So Below configuration represents Dark Occultism.

Phallic themes have been associated to the paternal power structure on Earth in various ways. This can be easily understood when we consider the Principle of Gender described above and has been discussed in great detail by Mark Passio.

Phallic Architecture from a google image search

The 'Ring of Power.' The power centers of the Dark Occultists,
who manage the slaves of Earth
We can clearly see from a preliminary search on Google, there is a staggering number of phallic buildings all over the globe.

Considering the Annunaki creation narrative: the hybrid humans left to run the planet as well as the remaining population of enslaved masses were brutal abominations according the Sumerian Tablets. Our DNA gives us great powers to affect changes on Earth and beyond, but because we are incompetent, we must be controlled by any means possible. All legal systems the world over are based on this premise whereby the people are incompetent and the Government must act as Trustee and Administrator to manage our affairs for us. This schism within humanity at large can be understood as right brain and left brain imbalance.

The result of right and left brain imbalance. 
Either Slave or Slave Master personalities and societal structures.
In order for Authoritarian power structures to exist in a civilization there must be an imbalance of the Masculine and Feminine aspects within the consciousness of society as a whole. Left Brain imbalance creates the Slave Master archetype or personality which controls the Right Brain imbalanced Slave personality. The Left Brain is our center for logical and rational processes (active) where we Consciously decipher the meanings in our experience. The Right Brain is our intuitive and emotional center (passive) where data is stored in the unconscious and recalled dependent on the interaction between both sides of the brain. If ununified, an individual is either left brain or right brain imbalanced; either you are a slave or a slave master, depending on the context.

For example, the police with respect to the citizenry, are the Slave Masters in left brain imbalance, but in relation to the policy makers (the ones giving the orders to the police) these same police officers are in right brain imbalance; Slaves. Imbalance in either case is always the result of ignorance and egoism. The Police must be ignorant to the truth of their actions so they can rationalize following orders which are against Natural Law. Similarly, the dominated masses must believe that the government has their best interest at heart in order to rationalize authority despite volumes of evidence to the contrary.

Suraman the Sorcerer vs Gandalf the Wizard
Within the context of our episode: nearly all the characters at various points exhibit either imbalance as well as unified consciousness. Regina, Rumpelstiltskin and Xilena are all in left brain imbalances (master think) attempting to manipulate anyone and anything to achieve their goals. They use intimidation and threats of violence towards individuals or their family in order to force them into do their will. During Season 3, Xilena tells Hook that he must find a way to kiss Emma and steal her powers, else she will kill Emma's son. All of these techniques are what we call Sorcery opposed to Wizardy.

We covered this extensively in the post Black & White Magic: How do you Manifest your Desires? - Understanding the 2 Modes of Manifestation. Essentially there are two ways to manifest our desires, either by manipulation or by co-creation. Wizards share their desires openly and offer opportunities for others to help them, always ensuring Natural Law rights are honored; co-creation. Sorcerers generally hide their intentions from others, manipulate and use threats to force to compel agreement; dishonoring Natural Law when it suits them.

The cost of using Sorcery is seperation and fractionation of one's Auric field and personality. As was exemplified by Rumple being unable to open the time Portal in our Episode or even know it was possible.


The ability to decipher meanings by juxtaposition is essential to understanding our reality and developing a holistic understanding; becoming fractal. The deciphered meanings may not be accurate reflections of reality during the discernment process, but in the aggregate meanings will unify so long as truth is followed wherever it leads us.

I do not claim to have absolute certainty that the meanings described above are accurate. However, based on what I have researched up to this point, I contend these conclusions have a high degree of certainty.

When researching symbolism there is a preponderance of data available to review. Decoding symbols for meaning is best done with an open mind and acknowledging that absolute certainty is impossible. Symbols can have an infinite number of meanings depending on the associative meanings used to decode them. The rightness of a meaning is always dependent on what we compare it to. Therefore, our ability to have awareness of many meanings is essential to ultimately developing a holistic understanding; true and complete knowledge.

Critical thinking, discernment or reconciliation encourages us to entertain many ideas and discern validity of one or another dependent on the context. I liken this to a child hearing a bedtime story or fairy tale, the story can teach the child something even if it is not a true; but only by actively trying to make sense of it.

The TV series Once Upon A Time is a paragon of fairy tale stories, revealing deep truths hidden in allegory. The meanings we can decypher here are just as valuable as all the other meanings we create within ourselves throughout our lives. All data has something to teach us. The key is to reconcile these ideas by discernment, using both sides of our brains to form a unified consciousness. This is what Alchemy, Self Mastery and Light Occultism is. True freedom and Sovereignty gained by seeking, understanding and acting in truth.
- Justin


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