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Divine Feminine in Distress -- She's Waiting for Your Divine Masculine | All Human Beings Are Divided Into Four General Classes by Manly P. Hall

Divine Feminine in Distress
Within the ancient Science of Consciousness, known contemporarily as the Occult or Hermeticism, the Divine Masculine has left the Divine Feminine within us, leaving us open to be dominated by another's will; their Masculine aspect. As Manly P. Hall discusses, there is a lack of Self Mastery on Earth. This analysis expressed as a taxonomy, or grouping into classes of human consciousness, underscores the key cause of much suffering on Earth, and highlights what we as individuals can do to turn the tide.

The Principle of Gender

In the Hermetic teachings of old the Law or Principle of Gender is revealed stating all Creation is the product of the Masculine Active and Feminine Passive principles. The Masculine directs and the Feminine responds producing creation; the son. This principle works everywhere at all scales and planes in creation; including within our minds.

The Masculine aspect of the mind (our will) works with the Feminine aspect (our creative potential) to realize our knowledge; both intuitive and rational. Thinking about another it way, directing our will with the conscious mind creates images, emotions and ideas (the son) which are born from the Feminine unconscious mind. Once these aspects harmonize with the ALL, or we recognize we are One with the ALL, they become the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine (Divine meaning in harmony with ALL things) merging into an awakened Consciousness. Eventually we walk through life as a Self Directed BEing.

An awakened consciousness will create a harmony of the two aspects - the Chemical Wedding - signifying the beginning of a Moral life where we are guided by compassion, goodness and service for allHere the Masculine aspect directs the Feminine aspect in harmony and they create a Moral Compass. We become a co-creator with the ALL (working with the WILL of the ALL) and assisting in the progressive spiritualization of Creation. This has been called the Great Work in Alchemy. 

The key concept here is the Masculine Aspect directs the Feminine, therefore if there is no Masculine aspect active within us we can be enslaved by another's will (Mind Control). The will of the Dark Occultists or Cabal in this case. Hence, the great emphasis on Intrinsic knowledge and personal research on our blog. The past 10,000 years of history has been a story of a dark Masculine aspect of the Elite dominating, the Feminine aspects of the sleeping masses. As a side note, Saturn represents Death and Time which has become symbolically revealed by the Cube and is a widely used symbol by the Cabal.

Divine Feminine in Distress

Scaling things up to the Earth: the majority of humanity is suffering from an absent Masculine aspect, meaning the Masculine aspect of the Cabal can easily step in and control them (a.k.a. Mind Control). On the other hand, we have an over-masculine Elite, our would-be masters, causing chaos and disorder instead of Progressive Spiritualization which is the WILL of the ALL. This is why the Divine Feminine is in distress, she is longing for her companion to rejoin her and bring order to chaos. Honor is the difference between a Divine Masculine aspect and an Overzealous Masculine aspect. Acting with honor, or respecting the will of others while offering the truth and breaking co-dependencies is the Divine Masculine aspect realized. 

An unmastered Masculine aspect will leave us susceptible to being controlled by another; this is the essence of mind control. Our would-be masters identify with the Pan archetype and reveal this plainly in many popular works of fiction the world over. Pan, or Peter Pan in the modern day form, is an Overzealous personification of Masculine Energy, who dominates the wills of others with his own, offering them immortality in a world where they can escape death; Never Never Land. During the first half of season 3 in the TV series, Once Upon A Time, there is featured many episodes about Pan, where this is told in allegory. 

The Dark Occultists, also known as the Cabal or Illuminati, are the source of this controling will on Earth imposed on the sleeping masses. The following Masonic Tracing Board describes this allegory symbolicly:

Master Mason Tracing Board. Depicting the Divine Feminine in distress waiting patiently for the return of her companion the Divine Masculine. Source WOEIH Podcast 58

Here we see the Master Mason tracing board containing many symbolic allegories to contemplate. Drawing our attention to the center, there is a woman standing in front of a broken pillar, with the Angel of Death behind her. She is holding an Olive Branch while reading a book atop her broken pillar, with an hourglass behind Death, who is close enough to grope her hair. Notice the eye of providence is directly above them, suggesting our focus be placed there, as the eye of 'god' is watching closely

Think of this image as a Consciousness Scan of a BEing who has not mastered themselves yet. With that premise in mind, the Eye of Providence represents our third eye, the point through which we observe our thoughts, and in turn, the world itself. This interpretation suggests that we are capable of seeing these aspects within our selves, and by acknowledging the lack of harmony, we can begin to discover how to regain our Will Power, and reunite our Masculine aspect with our Feminine Nature. This has been called Shadow Work, or Self-Reflection, which is a conscious choice to know thyself fully, with particular focus on discovering the disharmonies of our own making, so we can begin the work of inner healing.

Mark Passio gives a wonderful explanation of this image in podcast #58 which you can listen to on his website: I will attempt to briefly summarize the image in relation to the material by Manly P. Hall presented below. Here the Consciousness Scan is applied to the entire planet as a whole.

The planet as a whole can be described as dominated by Over-Masculine archetypes; the Cabal and their manifold underlings. They dominate our Feminine aspect because our Masculine aspect has 'left the scene.' The image above depicts a broken pillar, Boaz the pillar of the Divine Feminine, suggesting she is in distress, waiting patiently for the return of the Divine Masculine. Death with the hourglass behind him represents the overzealous Masculine presence which will eventually destroy the feminine if left unchecked; hence the hourglass depicting time slowly slipping away.

Once we understand what these allegories are telling us about ourselves, and the state of affairs on Earth, we can be empowered to heal both. For my personal account using these techniques to heal myself see this post.

 - Justin

All human beings are divided into four general classes…4 types of humans
(By Manly P. Hall) -
1. The lowest of these divisions is the physical nature, and those who dwell therein are of the earth, earthy; they live only for the gratification of their physical natures. Their idea of heaven is a place where there is food, feasting, and little or no work…Their minds are only partly active. Their bodies resemble prisons more than dwelling places…they live to labor, plodding along to a mediocre destiny…Give them opulence and they cannot retain it. Give them luxuries, and they do not appreciate them. They are the dark earthy ones who must ever bow before intelligence. They do not love God, for they cannot know Him.
2. The second division is made up of the artisans and those who labor both with mind and hand…They buy, sell, and exchange…Having a mind, they control the mindless…Not having the mental organism with which to reason, they fill the places of worship where thinking is done for them. They are the ones who allow their clergy to decide all spiritual problems for them, feeling themselves incapable of assuming the onus of heavy thinking…their credulity is utilized as a commercial asset by certain types of minds who consider it legitimate to capitalize on the ignorance of others.
3. The third class is made up of the scientists…they attack the boundary lines of the known…Those who wage this war in the cause of science are mostly concrete thinkers who follow as far as their instruments will lead them and then must wait for instruments still more powerful. Most of these minds are atheistic or at least agnostic…The miracles of theology are incapable of chemical analysis and are consequently taken cum grano salis by the scientific world.
4. The fourth and highest group embraces philosophers, musicians, and artists, all living in an abstract mental world surrounded by dreams and visions wholly unrecognizable by the other types. They have reached beyond the world of academic education to the world of creative idealism, which is at present the highest function of the human mind. This world is the dwelling place of genius, of invention, and of the things which lower mentalities can only accept but never analyze. Religiously, these minds are deistic. Most of them are monotheists – believers in one God. Many of them are mystics or occultists…
SOURCE: Manly P Hall / What the Ancient Wisdom Expects of Its Disciples


We really have enjoyed the writings of Manly P. Hall. We will be listening to it here:

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