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MH17 conspiracy theories emerge: Fake passports, AIDS researchers, false flags and more

Source - Natural News

(NaturalNews) The shooting down of Malaysia Airlines MH17 over Ukraine is a catastrophic event resulting in the loss of 295 lives (280 passengers and 15 crew). Details are still emerging about what really happened, but Netizens are already fronting various theories of what may have been the root causes behind the downing of the passenger jet.

So far, the most likely explanation is that pro-Russian forces on the ground in Ukraine mistook a Boeing 777 for a military transport aircraft, and they shot it down using a surface-to-air missile system. This theory holds water because those same forces have already shot down 10 other aircraft, including an IL-76 transport plane which could easily be mistaken for a Boeing 777 at a great distance. However, there may be far more elaborate strategic games being played behind the scene in an effort to stage this humanitarian tragedy for political or strategic gain.

Conspiracy analysts weigh in

"Conspiracy analysis" are people who research current events with great suspicion for "official explanations" and attempt to determine if something far more nefarious and hidden might have taken place. Conspiracy analysts run the gamut from legitimate journalists like Paul Joseph Watson to the clinically insane who invent theories for the sole purpose of muddying the internet with "info graffiti."

So-called "conspiracy theory" analysis also tends to attract disinfo groups who deliberately attempt to post false stories in an effort to distract the public from the truth. Or, at times, disinfo groups promote theories intended to discredit legitimate conspiracy analysts. A great example of this is the spook-run groups who claim that the jetliners which struck the Twin Towers on 9/11 were "elaborate holograms" and didn't exist. The lunacy of the claim is then used to paint all legitimate researchers of 9/11 truth as kooks.

Any time you consider a conspiracy theory or analysis, ask yourself where it came from and whether the source might have a hidden agenda in fronting the information.

The most likely conspiracy theories you'll see for MH17

Here are several of the most likely conspiracy analysis explanations that are likely to emerge from the downing of MH17 as investigations continue. As you read these, keep in mind that I am not in any way stating these are already supported by the facts. Rather, these are the conspiracy explanations which are most likely to be investigated surrounding this event. It is quite possible that none of these is true, but only a more in-depth investigation will tell for sure.

Theory #1) The plane was destroyed because AIDS researchers were close to a breakthrough

It is factually true that 100 AIDS researchers -- including many top scientists on the subject -- were on board the plane as it headed for an AIDS conference in Sydney. (1) It is also widely known that every "disease industry" absolutely does not want a cure to ever be revealed to the public. The cancer industry, for example, depends entirely on the continued existence of cancer for its profits and power. (That's why legitimate cancer cures are systematically suppressed while government funds for cancer cure research are strictly limited to only those things which will never result in a cure.)

This theory says that a team of scientists on board MH17 were about to present key research of an AIDS breakthrough which would result in a real cure. Thus, they had to be taken out in order to protect the highly-profitable cancer industry, which generates billions of dollars for pharmaceutical companies that practically run the government.

And if you don't believe that Big Pharma interests dominate government activities, then ask yourself why FedEx is being charged with multiple felony crimes by the U.S. government for innocently delivering packages from online pharmacies. Click here for the full story.

Theory #2) It was a false flag scripted by Ukraine to paint Russia as evil in order to garner political support for the war effort

This theory supposes that Ukraine forces, desperate for international support for the war, staged the missile launch as a false flag event which could be conveniently blamed on the Russians.

Once the Russians were implicated, international condemnation would soon follow, giving Ukraine a political edge in the war.

Theory #3) A high-level diplomat, war general or weapons scientist was on board and was targeted for termination

There is zero evidence for this theory (so far), but it will be considered nonetheless. As the passenger manifest is meticulously researched, it may be discovered that an important Russian war officer or political officer was on board, and that Ukrainian forces were willing to sacrifice innocent civilians in order to kill this one strategically important person.

Again, I must emphasize there is no evidence of such a scenario, but this is the kind of theory which will be investigated.

Theory #4) MH17 is the missing MH370 Malaysia Airlines jet which was previously hijacked and now had to be destroyed

This is one of the more outlandish theories being floated. It supposes that the Malaysia Airlines MH370 jet which has been missing in the Indian Ocean for many months had to be destroyed in order to eliminate the evidence of the aircraft, and so it was "repackaged" as MH17 and deliberately shot down.

I'm not sure why this would involve loading it up with passengers and flying it over Ukraine, and I very much doubt Malaysia Airlines would fail to notice it was flying the same aircraft used in MH370. For the record, airline companies keep meticulous aircraft maintenance records due to the stringent demands placed upon them by governments. Jet engines, for example, must be completely overhauled after so many hours of operation. Flight controls, electronics, hydraulics and other systems are also carefully inspected in a strict "hours of operation" basis, which obviously requires airlines to know which aircraft they are inspecting or flying.

The theory that MH17 is actually MH370 seems rather outlandish, even to conspiracy analysts who are open-minded about unusual possibilities.

Theory #5) Recovered passports were faked, and therefore... 


An article on (2) lays out a number of conspiracy analysis ideas, some of which don't seem to hold much water. But one of the ideas that does raise legitimate question is the photo of the claimed "recovered passports" of MH17 passengers. Miraculously, all these passports appear to be in mint condition, even though the aircraft itself is a smoldering nightmare of wreckage. (See photo, right.)

Here's a legitimate question we should all be asking: What level of damage to passports should be expected after a civilian aircraft is destroyed by a high explosive military missile?

I'm not an expert in military missiles, so I can't answer this as an expert. However, from the point of view of a layperson, it seems like something is fishy here: shouldn't these passports be a lot more tattered, burned or singed in some way?

The answer to this seems to depend on where the missile struck the aircraft. If it struck one of the engines, located under the wings, then it's not really necessary for the main fuselage to have been "burned up" in an explosion. The loss of an entire wing is enough to cause the loss of structural integrity of the aircraft, resulting in a mid-air breakup of the fuselage and possibly "dumping" live passengers into the open atmosphere at 33,000 feet, with their fully intact passports in their pockets or purses.

On the other hand -- and this is really important to understand -- the aircraft EXPLODED on the ground, leaving behind the charred remains shown in another photo on the right.

If you know anything about airplanes -- and I do because I'm a pilot -- you know that the fuel is stored in the wings. For an aircraft to explode on the ground, it would require at least one wing to have dropped to the ground fully intact, and this is only likely to happen if a significant portion of the fuselage remains intact as well. In other words, because of this fireball explosion on the ground, it seems likely that much of the plane remained intact, with passengers inside the fuselage as it plummeted to the ground.

(See fireball explosion photo on the right. This is taken from the actual video of the aircraft hitting the ground and exploding.)

It is difficult to imagine anything coming out of that fireball in pristine condition as seems to be shown with recovered passports. It's not clear, however, if these passports were recovered from passengers killed in the fireball explosion on the ground, or if they were recovered from falling bodies that were somehow thrown clear of the airplane at high altitude and then plummeted to the ground.

What I'm saying here is that if these passports were recovered from falling bodies, then it's reasonable to expect them to be in relatively good shape. But if the official story is that these passports were recovered from bodies blown up in the ground explosion, then that's obviously a cover story that holds no water.

What really happened? Keep asking questions

Ultimately, we may never know what really happened with MH17, as there may be considerable vested interests in keeping it covered up. Or, perhaps, it really was nothing more than a misidentification of a civilian airliner and the firing of a Russian missile that destroyed it.

What we do know for sure is that our world is full of evil people who will stop at nothing to gain power, even if it means killing hundreds, thousands or millions of people. Human history has proven that over and over again.

If we ever hope to achieve real peace and prosperity in our world, we must all continue to ask skeptical questions about "official stories" handed to us by governments, corporations and media outlets. The minute we stop asking questions, we become nothing more than gullible pawns to systems of domination and disinfo.

Our prayers go out to the families of all who lost loved ones on MH17 as well as MH370. Let us all pray that there will be no more air disasters resulting affecting such a large number of people.

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