Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Wing Makers: James Releases Interview #5 - "the I AM, WE ARE path..."

This is being read by many here in Morocco, but it is my first time reviewing it. Reading Part 5, which was released in recently in April 2014, I can see correlations with Dan Winter's Galactic History of DNA.

The constant theme of this work, from my point of view, is that our I AM - WE ARE status can only be achieved by fully integrating our human experience with our Source presence; conscious awareness of who we are in Totality. "Human 3.0."

In other words, having a holistic perspective which is totally inclusive is the key. This perspective will allow you to transform yourself and to be freed from the program of separation talked of by the Wing Makers. 

This is in contrast to the "Ignorance is Bliss" mode, that you can reject anything in your life that doesn't feel good to you. But rejection of your experience is Separation, and this hinder's your ability to be in the "I AM" state. Transmutation of a thing that does not serve you (our mental definitions), is an inclusive approach; which is an inner work.

Synchronisticly, we covered the mechanics of this process in the post Emotional Guidance Scale (Explained in detail) How to be guided by your emotions, instead of controlled by them. By Justin.

- Justin

Source - Project Camelot

James has released The Fifth Neruda Interview :


This is a fascinating investigation into our history and what is called The Sovereign Integral process. He is revealing a history here of the human race involving the Anunnaki and our Atlantean roots.


“The other thing that was happening was that as the earth continued to become more of a three-dimensional solid, so did the human 1.0s and their functionality implants. This growing densification also made it easier to control and suppress the Atlantean power source inside the human uniforms. It was like a compression was taking place in and on this earth plane, and it was deepening the gravity of focus on earth plane survival.”

Another Excerpt:

'Serpents as a race of beings. They simply were another race of beings based on reptilian DNA, but distinct from the Anunnaki. You could say they were related. They were known as life carriers. They seeded planets. They built food chains. You could say they were the grocers of the planet.”

Highly Recommended.



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