Monday, June 16, 2014

What is a “Law”??? Natural Law vs Man's law

True "Law" is immutable and unbreakable. When you try to break it, you feel the results of your actions. Gravity, is a 'Law' and if you attempt to break it; you fall. Man's "laws" are agreements, they only work because of CONSENT; and are hardly immutable. When you try and break it, you can! But this time the results of your actions are reflected in the world of social relationships - contracts - and the beings affected by your actions now have the choice to act in their own way, which may affect you as well. 

This is the world of Morality and Honor, the arena of agreements, where: Your Word is Your Bond. Where breaking your word can affect the agreements you have made and will make.

Acting with honor, to dispel any fraudulent agreements - which is where most of us find ourselves in relation to our "governments" - is the key to liberating yourself from the slavery you have unwittingly consented to. There is a way to dissolve an agreement honorably especially if there was undisclosed intentions held by one party to the agreement; deceptive acts and practices.
- Justin

Source - Freedom From Government

Gravity is natural law. No man can change it. In order to understand law, you must understand both natural law and unnatural law. All law made by man are unnatural, and therefore “optional” depending on if they are relevant to you “morally” (morals in this sense just mean knowing the difference between right and wrong… we all have this ability, and we also have the choice whether we use it or not as well). One who is aware of “natural law” and one’s self, and willing to take complete responsibility for themselves does not have any need to be governed externally, for they are already governing themselves.

As far as being alive, even the government has stated that all men have the right to LIFE, LIBERTY, and PROPERTY. Which to me means that government can never tell take my life or tell me how to live my life, as long as I am doing no harm to others. They are wrong to limit my ability to travel anywhere on the planet I like (who is really an “alien” anyway… weren’t we all from planet earth?). And they would be wrong to deprive me of the inherent right to own property, or at least use some while I am alive.

To summarize, the government does not have rights, therefore it cannot give me rights or tell me what my rights are. I do not feel that I should have to ask permission to live or pay to exist (money is a man-made creation). The real law is unwritten, and will apply regardless of where you are (in court or not), and everything else is made by man and subject to being corrupted.

I choose my own policy based on my morality, and to me force and violence should never be used as a means to get what you want… even if you are government… ESPECIALLY if you are government. The funny thing about all governments is they are non-living and have no morals or soul.

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