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Right vs Privilege, Automobile MSO, RIGHT TO TRAVEL

Source - Freedom From Government 

Those that live ON the land of the unincorporated ‘states united’ have a right to travel.Those that live (reside) IN the corporate US, corporate STATE OF NEBRASKA, corporate DOUGLAS COUNTY, corporate CITY OF OMAHA, do not have right to travel. Remember being IN is a lot different than being ON. IN as to a corporate entity. Corporations have no rights, therefore those IN lack the same.Automobiles can be used as a right.

Motor Vehicles can not be used as a right.

Use of the devise determines its standing. Basically use (and owner) is what determines if it is IN or OUT.IN.Legal Entities can not do the following: Legal means ‘created by the government’.

Legal standing such as a corporation, for they exist only by law, not as right.
So asking a court if it is legal is much different than asking if one has a right to do the same.Not the STATE OF NEBRASKA), go to the nearest car dealer and purchase a ‘NEW‘ car. Â (New = never been registered with any DMV of any STATE.)(Some times the MSO is called ‘Certificate of Origin‘) (Can demand DMV to return MSO with surrender of Certificate of Title, on used vehicles)Strike a deal and demand with payment that you receive the MSO (Manufactures Statement of Origin).

[Some dealers will not give it to you, and almost none will give it to you without a fight.] Â [I think possibly the dealer gets paid a kickback for getting the MSO to the DMV, much the same as when a hospital gets $250.00 for sending in the 'Birth Certificate'.] So record the discussion secretly and demand the MSO at the very last moment, it is possibly discrimination if they refuse. Law $uite, cash$. You take the automobile and the MSO home. Take the MSO to a top-notch copier and make several ‘color’ copies. Keep the MSO with you at all times plus (copies) of all the purchasing papers the dealer gave you.non-commercial capacity with out the following:

a. No need for a ‘STATE DRIVERS Licence’.

b. No need for a ‘STATE required ‘Motor Vehicle’ Insurance coverage’. Or any insurance if you have a reasonable history of using the easements (roads) for travel.

c. No need to wear a seat-belt, or possibly a helmet. (Can’t wait to try that on a motorcycle. Some require eye protection under common law.)

d. Just obey the road laws of safety.

e. No need to register the devise, or get plates. (It is believed, ‘No’ sales tax if you play the cards right.)

f. Do have a STATE recognized form of picture Identification with you at all times.

g. Carry the ‘Right to Travel / UCC’ packet for instructions to the snoopy officer, and cards to hand out of this Internet Site. (UCC is the “Universal Commercial Code”, adopted by all 50 STATES)

h. Never transport a ‘person’ or ‘cargo’ for a ‘fee’. (No commerce, No making money on the easements.)

i. Trailers are still under research.

j. No devises that have duel rear axles. (Like a farmers grain truck.) (Any single axles is ok.)

k. When pulled over never say, ‘driving’, ‘driver’, or ‘transporting’, only say; “Sir I am involved in recreational travel ONLY, as a right”. Then ask do you have any evidence that I am using this devise in a commercial (profiting) capacity?

l. You can now go into all 50 states (Not STATES.)

J. Never cover the chasey numbers that are attached to the left front portion of your dashboard. (Per-verbally the V.I.N. Number when it is a registered ‘Motor Vehicle’.) Or it will get towed. One may even put your name, address, phone number, positioned clearly by the ‘chasey’ number on dash.One individual told me that his police officer friend said; “In SARPY COUNTY we have been instructed that if after we pull over a driver with no plates, and that individual quotes from the UCC, we are instructed to let them go.”

The Police can not pull an automobile over for merely not having a plate (they must have true probable cause.). I have a friend that has been driving for 4+ years with no plate and has never been pulled over. They follow him hoping he will make a minor mistake, like failure to signal, with no avail. I always pull and park, when easy in town (not on a highway) if a cop gets behind me just to let him pass. (I’m prone to make a mistake if I pay to much attention to the cop following.)

(Stay Tuned.)

>>>As the Supreme Court notes in Saenz v Roe, 98-97 (1999), the Constitution does not contain the word “travel” in any context, let alone an explicit right to travel (except for members of Congress, who are guaranteed the right to travel to and from Congress). The presumed right to travel, however, is firmly established in U.S. law and precedent. In U.S. v Guest, 383 U.S. 745 (1966), the Court noted, “It is a right that has been firmly established and repeatedly recognized.” In fact, in Shapiro v Thompson, 394 U.S. 618 (1969), Justice Stewart noted in a concurring opinion that “it is a right broadly assertable against private interference as well as governmental action. Like the right of association, … it is a virtually unconditional personal right, guaranteed by the Constitution to us all.” It is interesting to note that the Articles of Confederation had an explicit right to travel; it is now thought that the right is so fundamental that the Framers may have thought it unnecessary to include it in the Constitution or the Bill of Rights.

Now remember all rights are inherent, (preexisting) not created, inviolate (Adjective; free from harm or injury) , God given.

Government can not even discuss rights. (Rights are unregulatable / ungovernable.)

Government sound much like govern for a reason.Registration is regulating.

Tax is regulating.
Demanding insurance is regulating.
Demanding that one wears a seat belt is regulating.
Demanding that one have a license is regulating.
Demanding plates is regulating.
Implementing speed limits are regulating. (In ‘right’ the ‘police powers’ of the state do not take effect until a fact “public safety” violation occurs. A jury would decide that issue.) Â Way Cool!Rights (Self govenment/responsability) can only expand to the point to which they interfere with another’s rights.

Example-One has a right to safety, traveling at such a speed that a jury would unanimously determine as unsafe is sufficient to prove that you are violating another’s rights, therefore governing begins

I (Hansen) was in Court (Douglas County Court, Nebraska 2007) as my Brother was fighting a ticket of driving with no plates, and no insurance.

The court room had 4 city prosecutors that came to watch the case.

Police Officer was called as a witness.

He was asked if there is any evidence of commerce. Answered NO.

Then asked if there is a contract involved. Answered NO.

The Judge cut in and said the ticket is not clearly written out, this case is dismissed.
Prosecutors jaw drooped on the table as he turned and looked for a question from the other prosecutors.
Below Man drives for 37 years with no Drivers License, with government knowledge.
#1 – Charles Sprinkle, Federal Case ‘ California, Red Lights is an Emergency, ONLY. Imposture in Office. Fraud. Served Officials and their wives. (As accessories.)
Asked for protection from the violation of my right. Federal Court. Ronald Regan’s (Governor) Limo shows up. Passed Cop Car at 90 Mile an hour, in hopes to get an opportunity to challenge right to travel. Default., Notary, Answer. Sued in personal capacity.
#2 – Charles Sprinkle, Federal Case ‘
2003 Case. Six month case. Case Dismissed.
Court clerks lied to trip up court appearances.
Sheriff refused to appear even under subpoena.
Some have claimed that one can treat a vehicle as one that has been salvaged and then reissue a type of a bill of sale (salvage title) from a salvage yard and treat it as a MSO, but I have no evidence of such working. If anyone comes across such a plan or activity please contact me and I’ll try to verify the success so that we may duplicate it or even improve on it.
The State Owns and Controls Your Car>>
SEE MSO, Demand for return with “Surrender of Certificate of Title”. I’ll keep you updated.
Looking at Nebraska statutes (basically the same in all corporate STATES) one will find that it refers to a devise called a ‘Motor Vehicle’ (‘Motor Vehicle’ Code, or DMV, Department of ‘Motor Vehicles’).

All Supreme Courts have always recognized ‘right’ to travel. It would be crazy to think otherwise, why would a ‘People’ create a servant (corporate entity) that would turn and take God given ‘rights’ away.

Maxim of law; “If one does not proclaim ones rights, one waives such rights. Rights not acknowledged are presumed non existing.”
In Texas courts one must submit a document of ‘standing of right’ to get the court to remove the presumption of a corporate standing. If ya got rights ya need to tell us.

When one of the ‘People’ purchases a devise that has never been owned (registered) by a corporate entity, that devise is owned in “absolute ownership’.

A statutory ‘person’ (Such as an immigrant, or corporation.[legal entities]) can not own anything in absolute ownership. Such ‘person’ is always as “one” of the ‘People’ of Nebraska. I offer to pay cash for the automobile. Can not get the MSO if you take out a loan at purchase time.

Note- Never offer to pay cash up front, dealers get $150.00 plus for aiding in setting up loans for new cars, so if they sell 10 cars each day and do not make any money on the car they still git $1500.00, from the bank, for each loan that last at least 6 months and one day. Ops, I was suppose to keep that a secret.

I, Paul Hansen, do have several friend that are now doing the above in Nebraska, with no problems.
You see the STATE OF NEBRASKA (DMV) can only regulate that which they ‘own’ (registered Motor Vehicles) and devises used in ‘commerce’ on the easements of the land in the state.
The rest is ‘right’ of travel, and no ‘right’ can be taxed, regulated, abridged, or even discussed by a legislative body.

The STATE does receive the ‘chasey’ number, from the selling dealer, so if it is stolen it is traceable back to the owner.

CAUTION – Why do you not ship the MSO along with any travel device?
Anyone who has access to a travel device (automobile) and a/its (copy?) original of the MSO can legally title and register that vehicle under their name.


Hansen’s MSO/UCC Packet will give conclusive authoritative case law that is applicable to every state.
Hansen works with individuals all over the country that have success in freedom of “travel”.

by-Richard McDonald:

It has been brought to my attention that the license plate sticker that you voluntarily put on your property has imbedded in the background “For Official Use Only.” You have to look very hard to see it but it is there. Now every one knows that all municipal vehicles (City, County, State and federal) all have the sign on the vehicle “For Official Use Only.” This implies that the corporate state has an interest in your personal property.

I myself do not have plates on my personal property, but I do travel in it. I have a bill of sale that this piece of machinery has been sold to me free and clear with no other outside interests. The corporate state now has to prove that they have obtained an interest in my personal property.

The corporate state when a car is first sold, requests that Original Certificate of Origin, either be destroyed or forwarded to them. The purchaser is not to receive it. The corporate state then, has the purchaser sign a power of attorney over the vehicle to them. The state then, assigns a license number to that item. Then, the corporate state can control and tell everyone how to drive the state vehicle that they have leased for a yearly rental fee (an excise tax, commonly called registration fees). If you read the California Statutes, you will see that an individual who carries his own property, or travels for his own reasons and pleasure is exempt from such fees. The DMV Code is just an administrative interpretation of the Statute that created the code. The DMV Code is legally correct, they just do not tell the whole truth of the matter. The code is specifically written for commercial users. So, if you are leasing a vehicle from the corporate state or from any one else you are operating a vehicle, (remember that they have combined the terms “operator” and “driver” to mean the same thing).

A Citizen of one of the Several States, does have the absolute right to travel, this is unquestioned. But, an alien be it a Citizen of Japan, Germany, or the District of Columbia, does not have this right, for them it is a privilege to travel, as they are outside the scope of intent of the Original State and Federal Constitutions. This the Supreme Court has ruled upon numerous times.

Now that you have this information, what are you going to do??? You have to decide who and what you are, the government assumes that you are an alien (citizen of the District of Columbia) as you have admitted such by obtaining a social security number, driver’s license, and registering your personal property. There are numerous other legal attachments that also entrap you, so as the highest court has stated, “Those that sleep on their rights, do not have any.”

From Paul J. Hanson -


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