Saturday, June 14, 2014

Legalese and English are two different Languages: Black’s Law Dictionary 4th Edition

This post goes along well with the post What is a Strawman? - Legally, we are considered to be a FICTION.

Legalese is the hidden language of the 'Temple Bar.' The use of this hidden language is ubiquitous on our world, used to deceive the masses with exoteric meanings within a hidden esoteric structure. Due to the nature of contracts, as they are created on earth, it is up to both parties to gain knowledge of what they are agreeing to. Which means if you agree to a contract unwittingly, it is not 'their fault' you do not understand what the terms in the contract are; although they are deceptive acts and practices, and breach of trust, voiding the contract once the presumption is dispelled. 

Once you gain awareness of what a contract is really doing, you can rebut the contract and question the terms directly, usually revealing the fraud which then empowers you to dispute the contract on the basis it was dishonorable. It is Presumed that you DO understand the contract fully until you dispel that presumption by stating otherwise which voids the original contract due to the fact there was never a true 'meeting of the minds.'

Why is this so important? Because all of our interactions with Government, Courts and the Justice System are an elaborate system of contracts hidden behind obligations of the 'citizen.' Your Rights however, are not contracted, they are inherent, meaning they cannot be striped away unless you agree, which is by nature a contractual mechanism. And simply by accepting a traffic ticket, answering a court summons, or signing a IRS tax form, a contract is created between you and that entity, which presumes you are fully aware of the subtle agreements contained therein.

This is why having key knowledge and understanding of the language of Legalese is a huge tool for personal empowerment, which when fully grounded, allows you to navigate the hidden world of contracts (commerce) here on earth.

The following documentary tells the story of our enslavement by consent; we are willing slaves in our modern world of commerce.

- Justin

Consent of the Governed: The Freeman Movement Defined (FULL FILM)

Source - I UV

When you want to look up words in “law” and Know what the true meaning is, not the meaning that has been told in the illusion look in Black’s Fourth edition. Most recent editions have been changed… to protect the guilty… in perpetuating the ruse…
Click on the link to open in a new window or to directly download
Definitions of the Terms and Phrases ofAmerican and English Jurisprudence, Ancient and Modern
Author of Treatises on Judgments, Tax Titles, Intoxicating Liquors, Bankruptcy, Mortgages, Constitutional Law, Interpretationof Laws, Rescission and Cancellation of Contracts, Etc.

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