Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Cobra: Planetary Situation Update - Monday, June 9, 2014

Source - Cobra 2012

Behind the scenes, the Light forces are focusing on the defeat of the Chimera group. Not much intel about their operations will be given for obvious reasons. The only thing I can say is that the Light forces have established many new bases in the inner solar system, especially in the asteroid belt, on Mars and the Moon and many new motherships of the Light forces are positioned on strategic positions inside the inner solar system. Smaller ships are positioned in vicinity of the Earth, with a current special emphasis on medium Earth orbit (MEO).

It might be interesting to know that MEO is the orbit of GPS, Glonass and Galileo satellites. It is also interesting that Russia is shutting down their GPS stations:


There is much »unusual« activity in the space near our planet and mid-level management of the Cabal is being prepared for the reality of existence of extraterrestrial races. These revelations are quite shocking and bizarre for many of them:



There are also some promising developments regarding the QEG overunity device:



On the surface of the planet, the Eastern alliance is working slowly but steadily to create an alternative financial structure to defeat and remove the petrodollar / Illuminazi / military-industrial complex conglomerate:




More intel will be released when certain operations of the Light forces are completed.




  1. The articles Cobra provided says nothing of the sort about "aliens" in the changing of "terrorist", laws adopted by the US in their secret foreign policy meeting, so I fail o see any connection he's trying to make there. Also scientists such as Seth Stotek who is known for hiding alien signals directed at their facility numerous times is like placing the fox in front of the henhouse. He's been part of the propaganda cover up for many years and talking about microbial life as a possibility is now so laughable I don't see how those people can even look themselves in the mirror anymore. As far as the BRIC nations creating a new financial system away from the US dollar, well, that old news that's been in the media for over a year now so nothing to really reveal there by Cobra. The QEG, well anyone paying attention to this site would already be up to date on that device and the next steps need to be taken on it is already out there.
    It would be nice to see some tangible evidence of stations being set up by the light forces in video or even photos but of course that would be asking Cobra to reveal he has nothing of the sort, so take that with a very small grain of salt. Knowing there are aliens out there is one thing but making the kinds of claims Cobra makes is stretched beyond credibility on his part. If the light forces are as strong and advanced as is claimed, who's going to stop them from setting up shop in our inner solar system? The illuminati? The US military? The Vatican? The Chimera? Please Cobra, stop treating us like children, there are no forces that can challenge them and the claim of strangelet bombs seems like quite a stretch as well when we know these groups will annihilate themselves as well if detonated and thus not be able to control anything as is their plans, remember that part? Death is a ruse and is not real, it is the excuse used to control people, period. Just as Cobra is using to scare people into believing there is some kind of real threat facing us with this Chimera group. How do you threaten beings who have eternal essence? Answer, you can't.

    1. Obviously you are not a COBRA fan! For us who have been following progress this is a very positive update.


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