Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Breaking Codependency: Self-Managed Communities Thrive in Spain Without the State

In dealing with addiction, which I have personally addressed in my life, it is only when the addiction is no longer sustainable, that you begin to do the inner work, changing the dependency. Codependency has one primary cause, from a soul growth point of view:
A Soul, whom has by free will choice chosen NOT to grow (worship of the static ego), will develop a codependency with the world around them, maintaining an environment which does not necessitate growth within themselves. Others must address what they refuse to.
If you think you have 'reached the mountain top' and are a Spiritual Master, yet never allow that assertion to be questioned, then you are deluding yourself by policing your reality. This form of Spiritual Addiction (also known as the new age deception), has the same mechanism as chemical addiction; ignorance of the whole of your experience. "Ignorance is Bliss"

Are we addicted to modern society and it's wares? If, when these things are removed, we are challenged to grow, then in a way yes, but the choice is always ours. And we need not wait for a 'dark night of the soul' moment to step into self empowerment. 

Many of us are teetering on this edge of growth and the Universe is always encouraging us to expand within ourselves. But this cannot happen, if we are unwilling, and that choice to flee from self discovery and soul growth always leads to codependency; placing our responsibility on another. We will surround ourselves with beings who do not challenge our chosen position of stagnancy. 

Some in Spain, in their 'dark night of the soul.' moment, have chosen to realize their creative powers and begin the process of discovering their Interdependence with the world around them. This choice is an empowering one which will always cause soul growth, as the individual has chosen to realize they must change within, before their without can be affected. And this choice usually means challenging your long held beliefs about what living in a modern world is, allowing you to realize dependencies which are usually hidden from your conscious view. 
- Justin

Source - Activist Post

We Are Change

In this video Luke Rudkowski talks to a 20-year local of Barcelona about the hopeful changing social economic conditions. The recent economic disaster in Spain has caused austerity measures and the people to rely less on the government and more on themselves. Can Ballo.



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