Monday, April 28, 2014

Status of QEG Build Morocco: Build Day 3 - Initial Resonance Achieved! (Video)

UPDATE 05/04/14: Status of QEG Build Morocco: Build Day 9 - Additional Capacitors Arrive: Comments from an Engineer
Early this morning the QEG Build team here in Morocco successfully got resonance! No hard
data to reveal yet but we maintained five 100 Watt Light Bulbs for several minutes. 

We will begin to tune the QEG so that we can start increasing the power output. Jamie was surprised that no major tweaking was needed after the first assembly. 

We took the day off on Sunday and relaxed after the team spent nearly the whole day on Saturday assembling the QEG. After dinner, Jamie decided to do the prep work for testing her out.

There was a large gathering of people huddled inside the small garage as the work unfolded. It felt like waiting outside a delivery room, when Jamie would announce we are ready for testing everyone would gather to watch. There were so many tablets and cell phones recording the scene that those in the back of the garage had multiple perspectives to watch and see up close. 

When we finally pushed her to resonance the first time the entire room began to chant the tone the QEG was making. After the QEG achieved Resonance several Orbs were captured by people taking photos and Hans was able to capture some amazing footage of Orbs on video, which will be uploaded as soon as possible.

Heres a short clip of the Aouchtam team achieving resonance for the first time, job well done!

In the next week we will begin to test the best configuration for the QEG with the goal of having a maximum output strategy worked out for others to use in their own QEG builds. 

- Justin
D from Removing The Shackles posted about this event too:

Day Two of the build, with an excellent update on the community in Aouchtam can be read HERE

Late last night- at approximately 12:22- the QEG was turned on in front of the entire community and I'm pretty sure the cheering was heard on Mars when the QEG achieved resonance!!!!   Brian has posted a brief video of the second resonance test on his facebook page which you can watch at this link:

I ran to the kitchen and grabbed the Champagne from the fridge and Jamie, Hope and Lisa popped the corks (with no one loosing an eye, although Hope did almost "pop" one of the amazing "cameramen" with her out of control cork, lol!) and the bottles were handed around and we all shared a swig to celebrate the excitement of the day.

Today will be a day of fine tuning and replacing a few parts (most notably a fan belt needs to be replaced with a better quality one), and many more testings will go on. 

During this entire build time every step, every process, every piece of the QEG has been filmed and documented and Jamie has spent a lot of time recording video footage of instructions and explanations.   Hope and Val have also led several discussions on the history of the QEG- from the very first inception to this point in time- the open sourcing of the plans, and their adventures in getting the QEG out to the public.  All of this has been filmed and there are several amazing people working on editing it all together into a full movie.

Along with waiting for Sherrie to arrive from the US to deliver the "Shaft"  that we couldn't get here, and the waiting to get the core out of customs (which was a grand adventure all on it's own!), we've had some incredible people show up here in Aouchtam to help with the build and testing process of the QEG.   We have engineers from at least 5 different countries, builders, specialists etc... plus two lovely gentlemen arrived from the UK a few days ago with a professional video camera AND very high tech equipment for measuring all aspects of the QEG output and "over unity"!!!    Basically, Every single thing that has been needed, every single person that had a part to play.... have all shown up here at exactly the right moment!!!  Manifestation at it's best.

When all the data has been gathered and tested and measured, and all the information is compiled, and all the instructional videos and recordings etc edited and put together, then everything will be released publicly all at once.  Until then, we will be posting updates on all that is happening here, and we will keep you all informed ..... as best we can with limited internet, lol!!!!

I will leave you with some pictures with a few notes:

A few final adjustments by Jamie

The Moment of Anticipation just before turning on the QEG for the first time!

More excellent and awesome photos can be found HERE and HERE

My final note for the day:  You cannot imagine the vibration of excitement that has been thrumming through the community- building and building higher and higher.  Home is where the Heart is they say, and this is my favorite home ever!

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