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Status of QEG Build Morocco: Build Day 1 - The Parts Arrive

UPDATE 04/28/14: Status of QEG Build Morocco: Build Day 3 - Initial Resonance Achieved!UPDATE 05/04/14: Status of QEG Build Morocco: Build Day 9 - Additional Capacitors Arrive: Comments from an Engineer

With the arrival of the remaining QEG (Quantum Energy Generator) components we are now able to begin assembly. There were several delays and set backs to the original schedule and our perspective of allowance empowered us with the ability to adapt. The shaft we ordered did not arrive as ordered and a second needed to be flown in. The Core arrived in Casablanca earlier this week but was delayed due to Customs Regulations. Now that all the part have been brought together we can begin to build the QEG. Hope Girl, the main spokes person for the Fix the World Organization (FTW), often makes the comparison that the QEG is being ‘birthed’ into existence; she will present herself completely only when the conditions are right. Despite timetables, scheduling and carefully laid plans we must always be open to receiving what IS so that we may plot a course for success.

Clearing up Confusion with the QEG

Now that I have had a chance to review the QEG in more detail I feel I am ready to clear up some of the confusion which naturally is created within these emerging New Paradigm realities. There are many who have seen the issues in Taiwan and question the entire concept with a limited awareness of the Data available. Arm chair assessments without awareness of the limited data set they are produced from will usually lead to dismissing concepts out of hand; the wisest of kings know what they do not know.

Firstly, the QEG is not at a product distribution level of development. What actually occurred in March of this year was that a ‘proof of concept’ for Over Unity with the QEG design was achieved; there was a measurable and repeatable observation of greater energy output as a result of ‘turning the thing on.’ In addition, the designers developed a system for drawing power and self running the motor so that it produces the Over Unity. 

This is, in and of itself monumental in that we have a public release of developmental data of an on going project. As Hope and Valerie, Hope’s Mother and fellow Contributor of FTW Organization, pointed out during their Orientation, the normal process for developing a Product is to keep it need to know and top secret for the entire process until the product is ready for distribution.

Resultantly, when the QEG Plans were Open Sourced in March, there was some confusion that it was completely tested and ready for mass production. While much of the discovery and design work has been done, it is the fine tuning and maximization process which is now unfolding; creating a final product for mass distribution.

Imagine the inventor of the first Guitar discovering that when he dropped an empty log on the ground it made a resonant tone; the recognition of a new concept for music. They made their first prototype of what is possible out of another log and then tested the results. With each test more of the principles underlying the tones was being revealed. Eventually, enough of an understanding was grounded intrinsically in the inventor so that a final product, a complete Guitar, and the essence of why it works was able to be shared freely with other artisans.

The essential components for the QEG have been developed, what remains now is to understand how the device wants to play, developing a complete understanding of the principles at work. Much like tuning a Pipe Organ to the Church or Concert Hall in which it will be played, our task now is to find the maximum output potential for the QEG; allowing her to sing.

Once this has been achieved, our next task is to develop a method of drawing power out of the QEG without disrupting the resonance of the system. Much like a Guitar player must learn to pluck the string without accidentally hitting the other strings, if we draw power away from the Core we must do so without disrupting the delicate structure of the Resonance in the circuit.

This aspect of the project has been a major source of confusion for many and in the context of an Open Source Development perspective, things start to make sense.

Open Source Development

The release of the proof of concept plans was an invitation to the world: “we discovered something HUGE, let us now work together as One People to find a way to freely give it to everyone and realize Telsa’s dream of Free Energy.”

Within that context, it is clear that there is much in the way of perfecting, which is in the process of emerging. Jamie, the main developer behind the QEG, shared with us during the Orientation that the team in Taiwan had several issues because the QEG’s natural tendency is to produce high voltage at low amperage. As a result, they tried to increase the output to conform to the standard power levels used in modern society and blew out the first core. The insulation of the core was identified as the issue and they rewound the second core with more insulation to compensate. However this created a new problem, the diameter of the primary and secondary coils now was extended such that when the QEG powered up, arcs jumped to the core frame and prevented the QEG from becoming resonant.

Open Sourcing is the key aspect to why the QEG will ultimately work as a new model for technological development and it is this shift in consciousness which underlies the misconceptions. The QEG will be the product of many minds and hearts whom are passionate about bringing this new Technology to man freely and in harmony with the Earth, which is why it is so hard for the present Paradigm to accept.

Moving Forward

The QEG will produce the Resonance desired, as we have been able to demonstrate in the past, but now is the challenge of making it workable for mass distribution, and discovering what the final product will look like. Much like a Stone Carver that slowly removes the stone to reveal their vision, we are shaping the QEG and molding her into reality now. This is a Collective Process in an Open Source environment, which means that we all work on finalizing designs and making them better together via the internet and open dialogs. As more teams begin to work on the QEG, and work together openly, we can pool our collective insights and ideas to create Tesla’s dream and our dream for a Free Energy Society.

The Consciousness component to the QEG we are aware of and harmonizing into the process. The QEG works off the principles of an Open Energy System, which is inclusive and holistic; perfectly embodying the Divine Feminine Principle. If we try and rush adhoc solutions with out having key knowledge and understanding, we will create obstacles for manifesting her into reality. But if we use the Divine Feminine Principle of a Holistic Inclusive perspective we can receive new data openly and without bias and harmonize it into the design to enhance it over all. This Feminine Birthing aspect and the intention of giving her to the world for the good of all is the foundation of our work here in Morocco.
- Justin


  1. Here's a suggestion. Wind the resonant coil for a lower voltage and connect the capacitors in parallel rather than series. I'm not sure what your setup is, but if you have, for example, 4 capacitors in series, you can wind the coil with 1/4 the windings, using heavier wire to handle the greater current. This will produce 1/4 the voltage and 1/16 of the inductance. Then put your 4 capacitors in parallel, giving 16 times the capacitance of series setup. This will give you the same resonant frequency, and much lower voltage, so less chance of arcing.

  2. Absolutely 0 information. This is but generic typing that can be applied to anything. Title said status. Where is the status? Initially 240V 42A 120hz. Then narrative change to 2kV 5A 400hz. Now the narrative is a guitar?

    1. Thanks for sharing. This is not a post to reveal readings as the device is being assembled now, which was clearly stated in the first section. When that data becomes available we will probably post it. Try being more objective in the future so as to not confuse yourself.

  3. Thanks Justin, most of know that this is a process and patience is essential. Anxiously awaiting further news and details.

  4. Out of curiosity, why has Morocco been chosen as a place to assemble the QEG?

    Morocco probably has the lease developed technical infrastructure of any country.

    Was it chosen for that reason?


    1. Morocco was chosen well before we even knew that the QEG was coming here. The nature of the government here is such that the King only operates in the incorporated cities and lets the open county stay in the hands of the local Berber Tribes. This is my understanding of the situation. And there are even more reasons.

  5. Hello Justin

    On the issue of resonance:
    I have seen the schematics to this machine and I noticed the toroidal structure has two coils, one for the resonant tank circuit and one for drawing power.
    If loading down the system changes the resonant frequency, can the electrical equivalent of a Watts valve be applied?
    As the frequency of the power coil changes with load, it could be fed back into a comparator circuit whose output could be used to adjust the frequency of the tank circuit.
    This way, the resonance would be self-regulating.

    Thank you and Good Luck
    Walt Silva

    1. That sounds like an interesting suggestion, I'll pass that along to Jamie.

  6. Looking at your schematic, I assume the coils at the 3 & 9 o'clock positions are the resonating coils. They are connected to the caps and nothing else. This makes sense to me as this comprises a classical Tank Circuit. The coils at 6 & 12 o'clock are the power output coils, connected to the load, etc. Why is the "exciter" spark gap shown wired to the output coils? Shouldn't this be "exciting" the tank circuit w/resonant pulses?

    1. As soon as we get a good idea of the key resonant set up we'll post it. Patience is going to be a blessing with this build as everything takes time here in Morocco.

  7. I see the action like this: the rotor sweeps past the ResCoils inducing a voltage in them, which rises rapidly until the spark gap arcs over, rapidly collapsing the magnetic field. This bounces around in between caps & coils until it decays a little more slowly that it would otherwise due to the resonant circuit arrangement. How the heck can this occur when you've got the spark gap connect to the power coils? Please explain.

  8. Thank you, i have known about free energy for a while and was upset to the currejt nature of electricity, question in today structure when electricity for example into another source create' bad' electronic frequency bc ur breaking the signals. with the quantum free energy maker will we have this problem as well ? I hope this makes sense what im asking." )

    1. Somebody say SOMETHING, PLEASE about WHY the Wrong TESLA invention is shown. In the open source thing and RIGHT UP THERE CLOSE TO THE TOP OF THIS VERY PAGE is a drawing of a STEAM POWERED , reciprocating generator outputting A.C. electrical energy (from Tesla, no less).

      Yeah, STEAM POWERED. I'm not trashing the resonance thing...I love that stuff!!

      However, this ain't a drawing of a "resonant" ANYTHING ! Steam-Powered means that there is an EXTERNAL ENERGY SOURCE, like a boiler of some kind.

      Just like a steam engine it employes energy to heat the water somehow and if they use a flame to do so it's known as "external-combustion" , because the combustion occurs OUTSIDE of the cylinder/piston expansion cavity, unlike gasoline powered Internal Combustion.




      YOU GOT THE WRONG ONE!!! (that's what I noticed)

      I am a fan.I want the best for All. When I first saw the wrong patent I thought OK, whatever. But people, please look at the calender and note this question:


      How many more weeks? Months? You're eternally forgiven, as always, but PLEASE, for the love of " The Consciousnesses Component" et al, SAY SOMETHING!!!

      PS: Sure the open source thingy talks of swapping the reciprocal nature of the target Tesla invention with that of a rotary nature but I assure you this is irrelevant to the fact that the wrong patent and drawing are attached to your open source document.

      Lotsa Luv


    2. The image presented on the first page of the open source pkg is, from my understanding, only the inspiration of the QEG design, which is based off witts engine.

      Patience is going to be key here. If you have a good understanding of natural open energy systems you'll realize that these devices require extreme precision; hence Quantum Energy Generator. Tuning the Device to produce the Over Unity effect is what is happening now.

      If you have any suggestions to put forth I would be happy to pass them along.

  9. Justin you rule man - so well explained. John


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