Monday, April 28, 2014

QEG Worldwide Weekly Update - Monday 4/28/2014

A huge thank you to Brandon Garland for putting this out, be sure to look into his IndieGoGo campaign to get a CICU going in the United States.

Here is a consolidated update of lots of stuff QEG, primarily its global march to setting humanity free. I intend to do a weekly update of sorts like this to try to consolidate as much data I come across, as I can, for whoever reads. Let me know what you think should be added here and touched in on such any future update. Also if anyone has anything to share with me to be added to this, please contact me. 

Specific Parts - Issues, Concerns, Etc.

Processed Core - Torelco

Big update from Angela who is so awesomely dubbed "FTW Administrative Angel" on ordering the processed cores from Torelco. Update can be found here. Torelco is working on fixing all the issues so far experienced and is now going to be going the route of "vacuum impregnation" where the core can be insulated in a much more superior manner than was first proposed from the original plans. Winding the coils around the stator with a toroidal winder has had its challenges even for Torelco who is in the industry of providing this service. One of the challenges was having a bobbin big enough on the winder to handle the length of wire needed in wiring the coils, their solution, 3D printing! FTW is working closely with Torelco to reflect the changes as they come up to better the QEG in each step!

Also since it seems right now everyone wants a little "proof" of this, that proof should be surfacing from a HUGE range of others working on this project and this update from Angela reflects that. Over 200 orders have been placed with Torelco for the processed core, thats over 200 QEG's in the works by people all over the world.


There exists an audio file (though i have yet to find or listen to) where some awareness is brought to the bearings. It seems that with James' QEG one of the bearings wore out after about 150 hours in resonace. It is most likely a direct result of the mechanical vibration that happens during the QEG operation and it is advised that "more robust bearing will need to be selected for continuouis duty cycle." While far from any big concern here, anyone working on the project please be advised of such so this can be factored in to your work so as to avoid this nuisance.

Global Updates

Morocco - Aouchtam Village - Resonance Achieved 4-28

Post by One People Community: Aouchtam.

Post by One People Community: Aouchtam.

All eyes it seems are collectively focused on the progress on the QEG being created in Aouchtam. I saw a comment online somewhere to the tune of "it will be nice seeing a QEG powering more than lights" and I totally agree with that statement and really adds to the excitement regarding Morocco. The idea now is for the QEG to power a water pump in the village and that will be amazing to see it running by free, clean energy! Construction started on Friday 4/25 when they finally got the core from its interesting journey from New Jersey to Morocco. Progress in its construction can definitely be found in the photos that were posted on their Facebook and I am putting in a gallery here :)

“ Message to the World: “If we can get a QEG up and running in Morocco, we can do it anywhere!” 
— Tomas Qubeck - New Earth Heartbeat

On Sunday night there were a bunch of new photos posted of the 3rd day of building the QEG and the during the day they achieved resonance! From following the journey online through all the details of just how everything was done to get to this point, my hats off the them! They were able to pull together this in an area where finding your parts is far from an easy task. Just shows what we are capable of on a collective basis when intentions are aligned and there is collaboration instead of competition.

A great update on really what is going on in Morocco with some details as well as a good look at what the group is DOing together to bring this into creation can be found here and another here!

Another great update by Justin at Stillness in the Storm can be found here. This update is great as it starts to look at the QEG a lot deeper than its surface free energy implications. The consciousness factor, the process of co-creation are all touched on in his post and I would highly suggest checking it out.

Combined both of those articles really make the reader aware of just what happened in getting to this point in Morocco. Love the way and the speed they are making things happen together :)


Unfortunately there has not been any information coming out of the Taiwan group working on the QEG that I have seen in the past week or so. As last I have heard, they were still working on getting the core rewound and dealing with how to solve the insulation issue. A lot was learned from this mishap especially with making the assembled cores better from the outset at Torelco. (see more info above on Torelco & the core)

South Africa - Cape Town Team

Awesome progress out of South Africa! Building 2 QEG's and the group now consists of 2 groups collaborating in this effort. Going forward with building one together so the second QEG can be built with any improvements the group decides to make. From the details of their update on 4/26 they are very much taking advantage of the Open Sourcing and making their collective tweaks to the QEGs they are building. It will be great for everyone to hear of their results when finished. It seems as if most of the parts have been sourced and in their hands though currently deciding which way is best is getting the core. Best wishes to all working on the project over there!

4/26 Update from South Africa

QEG South Africa Facebook

Canada - Montreal, Quebec & Calgary, Alberta

Building a QEG in both areas Montreal & Alberta. Currently funding on GoFundMe (click here for link) Website linked here and website states build to commence summer of 2014.

United States

My efforts here of course! IndieGoGo campaign is live. Relaunching of sorts in the next day to really spark an "awareness" campaign to really gather huge support for this and free energy in general. New Perks & expanded purpose, will announce when changes are live in the next 24 hours :) Once enough money is there, the parts bought and the fun begun!

There are a couple other groups also interested in building their own QEG and starting up a CICU but I am not posting every link that is out there at this time on this post. What is posted here is what is in my awareness about the groups working on the Project and is 100% based on the data available online. With 200+ orders for the core already, there are many others working on this just not "connected" via the net. It is awesome to see all these groups start up and at least have an initial web presence to help in spreading the awareness and support for this truly groundbreaking and revolutionary project.

Dependent on how this is received and if you want a consolidated weekly update, I will keep at this. I also would be interested in maybe doing a short weekly radio show around the QEG or being a guest on anyone's current show for an update, news, type of show. Just the initial idea with this initial post, I seek your feedback to help make this post/site the best I can for you and for all and kinda "spitballing" the idea there!



  1. great job. Making history. Question can a bigger one be made to power up a entire house?
    this will change the world, share the information to the entire world ASAP so avoid governments and oil companies attempt to boycott the release to everyone.

    1. The plans call for an eventual 26 Kilo-Watts and the average american house hold uses about 10 I reckon. As soon as we have a perfected Over Unity set up we will release it to the world.

    2. Perhaps you didn't notice that the rotor is being turned by an electric motor plugged into mains power! This is just a very inefficient conversion of one form of power into another. Quantum generator my foot. One has to wonder why many nations have and are spending billions trying to get nuclear fusion to work effectively as a future world power source when they could have applied these principles! Just mark this down as another candidate to join the swollen ranks of over-unity scams.

    3. Lol love you brother. Your commentary perfectly represents a mind who's limited knowledge and understanding would seek to limit all others whom dare to question your world view. Over Unity Systems are everywhere in nature and to dismiss the QEG with your obviously limited data set only reveals the choice to subscribe to fear when faced with the reality of your limited awareness. Co-dependency with others is rife on earth, and the challenge is to admit what the wisest kings have known for years; what they do not know.

    4. Nothing at all wrong with questioning the status quo - that is the way by which science and society progress. But there are many blind alleys. I'm old enough to have toyed with various world views and seen many wonders and don't begrudge you your moment in the sun. Just be sure you recognise when it's time to move on, recalling the words of Alexander Pope:
      "A little learning is a dangerous thing. Drink deep, or taste not the Pierian Spring; there shallow draughts intoxicate the brain and drinking largely sobers us again."

    5. The governments and oil companies would not boycot it, but they would steal and try to have this technology only for themselves, but let not just stop here. We must go deaper and think about things which we say and do.
      It would be nice if they steal it, because probably not only one company would succeed in the creation of this device, so they would want the energy market for themselves -> They would set the price of electricity lower (for start) then other makers (solar / nuclear / coal) to let others bankrupt over their low prices. Surely (as spies are everywhere in hightec companies) other companies succeeds in creation not only one. So they will set the price of electricity even lower - try to bunkrupt other QEGs.
      Finally you do not need to build any QEQ for youreself as the price of energy from big QEG company would be lower over a period of your life then the investment of time and money for you to build your own..
      Now - everyone surely must admit that people (some or all - not important) are bastards spoiling for blood of others. So we must agree on this:
      It does not work, because everything that works and can be used in army and killing. Just imagine tanks and electroguns with no need to stop to refill energy and ammo..

      As an engeneer in cybernetics and christian.. I would love to have infinite energy source, but it would not definitly be for a good of humanity.. sorry.. I would not celebrate the day of its invention.. it would not stop the hunger nor the poverty. it would start a war, because with free energy -> infinite energy - there will be infinite energy for killing. One person is intelligent kind, but humankind is evil.


  2. what about ?

    1. That "Law" is for just closed Systems, the QEG is not a closed System

    2. E+Fm=E1>E
      E - input energy
      Fm - power of magnets
      E1 - output energy

    Spanish inventor

  4. We are also replicating Gtel Spain Group and we are telling the world.

  5. Very nice... But the parts are to much expensive to us at the so called Third World. So we are focusing at a simpler OU device:

  6. Somebody concern QEG at VietNam, plz visit here:

    Tks for your great working!

  7. Searching for contacts to build QEG in france, please contact demikaze[at]

  8. The QEG is a joke and will never work. Try reading the QEG thread on overunity dot com.

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