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Important Links and Data for these 'Accelerating' Times from Ralph Ring - Jamie's Letter to Ralph and Marsha Ring

Brian Kelly asked me to post this email from Ralph and Marsha Ring.

Ralph and Marsha revealed on the Expanding U Radio show (link found below) their knowledge of how Implosive, Over Unity, Zero Point or Free Energy devices all are consciousness affecting machines. Their ability to generate 'Free Energy' is a direct result of implosive dynamic systems and geometries, which is exactly how our Skin Suit or Human Technology works as well. 

All of this is important because the use of these devices will be hindered by disharmonious applications of its energy once produced. Dan Winter reveals in this video, that the etheric or astral levels of reality can be drained instead of healed if a harmonious consciousness is not at the heart of the intention for it's use. 

This can be revealed by contemplating the nature of our reality, which is sympathetic or vibrational. God, the Creator, Source is an Omnipresent Eternal Reality, a Holistic Time-Space Transcending Vibration which Entrains (harmonizes to itself) other vibrational systems contained within. This mechanic is governed by volition or free will; the choice to harmonize. In other words, if the Vibrations we generate are not in harmony with all that is, it will have negative effects at various levels of our reality because Implosive devices are inclusive and literally the entire Universe adds energy to the compressed implosion at the center of these devices. 

- Justin

Email from Ralph and Marsha Ring:

Ralph Ring's website Blue Star Enterprise

Adonai Mark, Thing's are now accelerating and it's time to move forward. Would you please post these link's on the Bluestar website? Let us know what we can do to help you...Love,Light & Laughter...Ralph & Marsha

ALCHEMY EVENT 2014 MASTERPIECE, APRIL 11-13, 2014 - BannerSnack


Quantum Energy Generator | LIGHTWORKERSXM

Quantum Energy Generator (QEG) Open Sourced

Ralph Ring's Website » The QEG Quantum Energy Generator works!

3D Printer World

The Modular Aquaponic Geodesic Bio Dome & Home Micro Kits by Future of the Free — Kickstarter


Inspiration: Thrive (Full Movie)

Mind over mechanics : College of Science & Engineering : University of Minnesota, Twin Cities

New Earth Project Introduction and Promo 1 Video - YouTube

I UV | D Breaking The Silence New Website: To BE Community

Brian Kelly's Blog: Free Energy Update -- Ralph Ring -- Africa -- An Invite for All Innovators to Step Forward -- NOW is the T

MISSION I'M POSSIBLE 6 : On Expanding U Radio : THE PLEDGE TO PERU LIVE ON AIR : Friday 21st March : 8 :00PM EST : Answering t

MISSION: I'MPOSSIBLE 02/28 by ExpandingU RADIO | Education Podcasts


Ancient Knowledge Pt.1 Consciousness, Sacred Geometry, Cymatics, Illusion of Reality (Rare Footage) - YouTube

QEG Engineer Jamie's Letter to Ralph and Marsha:

Dear Ralph and Marsha Ring,

I am honored to have this opportunity to write to you both. I believe you’ve heard of me through Brian Kelly, D and Nick in a conversation that you had with them last week. We share many of the same acquaintances, including Foster and Kimberly Gamble, Sacha Stone, and Fernando Vossa.
I am a blogger, whistleblower, New Paradigm Business Consultant and a die-hard humanitarian. Last year we started the Fix the World Organization and now have a collection of around 60 humanitarian projects we wish to launch around the world. We have partnered with over 40 likeminded organizations including Thrive Movement and Ubuntu Liberation Party.

Brian told me that he shared with you the knowledge of our Quantum Energy Generator (QEG). I wanted to fill you in on a few of the basic details. It is based on Telsa’s Dynamo Electric Machine. The “Engineering Artist” is my stepfather James Robitaille, who worked as a lead electronics mechanical engineer for a major motor manufacturing company for 27 years.

The best way to describe this, as I know that both of you would understand, is that Teslas’ spirit has been with my stepfather for at least the last 18 months if not more. James received “downloads” of how to build one of Tesla’s devices with a few modern improvements and has used his engineering skills to build it. The information from the etheric plane has been coming faster and more intensely and is becoming more and more obvious with each passing day. The spirit of Tesla and now also James Clerk Maxwell are here with my family every day guiding us as we work on doing our part for something incredible for the world.

We have heard you speak and have followed and love your work. Given our recent experiences with Tesla, we feel as if you are family even though we have never met.  In fact you are one of my major influences in my recent work for which I have made references to you.  I would be remiss if I didn’t tell you the extent of the influence and impact both of you have had on my life and the life of my parents.

My mother found your BEM presentation while working on the QEG. Your comments about the need for higher consciousness in this work resonates deeply with all of us. Saying “the device will work, because we want it to work” made us jump for joy! Because… we get it. We are including the two concepts of consciousness and desire in the QEG user manual.  And Marsha, my mother is very grateful to your contribution and especially holds onto your advice to “be patient”. We just love you both, and are here to serve you in anyway we can with your wonderful project. We are discussing having the first annual North East Free Energy convention here in Pennsylvania, and hope you will consider coming as key note speakers.

I recall you mentioning that the Pods where ready, they were just waiting for the human consciousness to be ready. I wanted to share with you one of the phenomena that we have experienced with our QEG. The prototype we have built would not be here now if it were not for the hundreds of people who believed in it enough to donate to our crowdfunding campaign to build it. So this tells me that perhaps enough of us are closer to that level of consciousness than ever before.

We are giving this away to the world, and we have a plan on how we are going to distribute it. I wanted to take this opportunity to introduce myself and our work to both of you as I am sure we will no doubt be meeting in person in the near future. Below are some important links I’d like to share to help us get acquainted.

Many blessings to both of you from our family to yours.


Here is a link to our blog post that discloses our entire QEG distribution plan:

Here is a link to a short 3 minute video that my mom made to spread awareness of the QEG:

Here is a link to 40 minute video that shares my story and that of our Fix the World Organization.

Here are two excerpts from the QEG Distribution Guidelines I thought you might appreciate:


THE PEOPLE are the value on this planet. It is important to realize this as it will be through the people that innovations such as the QEG will breakthrough to the rest of humanity. It will not come from a major corporation or government.

THE PEOPLE built these devices in their garages, when government funded research labs would not.
THE PEOPLE promoted the QEG on the internet, when the main stream media would not.
THE PEOPLE shared the technical knowledge in forums, when the education system would not.
THE PEOPLE crowdfunded the building of the QEG prototype, when the venture capitalists would not.
THE PEOPLE supported the creation of the QEG from its inception to this day and NOW IT IS HERE.

Therefore, the QEG belongs to THE PEOPLE of planet earth, as they have birthed it into the world.
THE PEOPLE will build QEG’s with their own hands for their communities.
THE PEOPLE will market the QEG through their social media networks.
THE PEOPLE will improve their own economies through QEG production.

We live in a world where:

In 10 years, over 40% of the Fortune 500 companies will no longer be here.
Millions of people have lost their jobs. They can create a job working on QEG’s.
Thousands of brilliant inventors have been ostracized. They can be vindicated through the QEG.

Social media is THE PEOPLES global voice, and it is where the QEG will spread to the whole of humanity through socialnomics, which is word of mouth on steroids.

Here are some examples that show the power of social media:
If Facebook where a country it would be the 3rd largest in the world.
Every minute, 72 hours of Video are uploaded to YouTube
Governments in Egypt toppled because of a tweet.
New Yorkers received a tweet about an earthquake, 30 seconds before they felt it.

The value is in THE PEOPLE and the power is in THE PEOPLE to bring the QEG to the world.


The Quantum Electric Generator system (QEG) is an adaptation of one of Nikola Tesla’s many patented electrical generator / dynamo / alternator designs. The particular patent referenced is No. 390,414, titled Dynamo-Electric Machine, and dated October 2, 1888.

The QEG prototype is scaled to produce electrical power in the range of 10-15 kW (kilowatts) continuously, and can be wired to provide either 120 Volt or 230-240 Volt single phase output. We are also planning future designs to provide 3-phase power.

Service life of the device is limited only by certain replaceable components, such as bearings, v-belts, and capacitors. The basic machine should operate trouble-free (with minimal maintenance) for as long as any good quality electro-mechanical appliance, such as a quality washing machine or refrigerator. Heavy-duty mechanical components are used throughout for reliability.

The QEG is not a complicated device, as it is designed (like Tesla’s other ‘discoveries’), to work in harmony with natural laws, rather than with the power-wasting symmetric motor and generator designs used in today’s mainstream industry. 

An effective way to understand the operating principle of the QEG is to think of it as a high-powered, self-resonant oscillator (what used to be called a ‘multivibrator’), adapted to transform high-voltage pulses (15 to 25kV) into line voltage AC output, at current levels up to 120A.  In today’s alternative energy terminology, it would be a type of resonance machine.

The circuitry that develops high power in this device is really based on an existing but under-utilized power oscillator configuration, however, the ‘quantum’ part of the design has to do with how the generator is started. Conventional alternators (AC generators) usually have a device called an ‘exciter coil’. This coil is usually a smaller, separate rotor winding that provides an AC voltage that is rectified and used to power the generator’s field coil(s).

In the QEG, there is no internal common exciter coil. In addition, to look at the circuit diagram, it is not apparent where the input power comes from to start resonance, and this is key; the QEG exciter coil is external to the generator, and the excitation signal is conducted through the quantum field (zero point) into the generator core, to start oscillation. Once the machine builds up to the resonant frequency, it powers itself (is self-running).

James M. Robitaille

Engineering Artist for the QEG
Fix the World Council
February 10, 2014


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