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Robert Marques Update: a letter from Robert Marques 3.18.2014

I recieved this update about Robert Marques a few days ago. See these posts for a background of his work: Acting as a Sovereign: The Chair of Saint Peter - Creditor to Bankruptcy of THE CITY OF DETROIT and In-Joy, The Show 2/3 Oct 2013 8pm EST - Special Guest Robert Marques Chair of Saint Peter

Here is what Robert had to say:

Hello everyone.

Last time I wrote an email I was waiting on a hearing to determine if my writ of habeas corpus would be granted or denied. Most of you know from an email update that the writ was denied on February 20, 2104. There are many people who have sent emails suggesting that I should have done “this” or “that” to prevent from denying my writ from moving forward. Thank you all very much for your suggestions, but I feel it was necessary for me to point out the most important thing that needed to be done at this time, and that is… nothing.

Oftentimes we feel we should have done this or we could have done that to change the outcome of a given experience. The truth of the matter is, we do exactly what we are supposed to do at the time, regardless of what the outcome may be. It is important to remember that we chose all of our experiences and outcomes before we arrived on earth and that we are merely walking a predetermined path to learn and to grow.

Right now, there is no reason for me to continue fighting extradition. I have been to five hearings in four months, I never gave the STATE jurisdiction over me in any way, shape or form, and I have backed them into a corner every time, causing them to break their own laws and breach the trust openly on the public record which will become extremely valuable during the next part of my journey. It has become clear that my role was much bigger than just being arrested and let go. If we have proven anything at all, it is that there is no real justice; the corporate system functions lawlessly.

I have completed all of the tasks the universe has asked me to complete both physically and spiritually. I have learned tremendously through these experiences, not just in one instance but many, and I am thankful and honored to have been part of the creation of these opportunities for growth.

More often than not, we are too busy or distracted to care, doubt or worry to read the signs to point us in the direction of our predetermined path. We feel like we must change the outcome out of fear and lack rather than look toward the signs of opportunity to create a blissful reality. This is called resistance. It is far more important to swim with the currents than against them. When things seem to be an uphill battle, nothing goes right or our goals seem to be going further away rather than closer that is the sign of resistance. It is our ‘higher self’ telling us it is time to let go of the ‘tree branch’ and allow the ‘current’ to carry us to our destination. That is truly what it means to have faith.

When I have received the info that the writ of habeas corpus was denied, I thought I would have been sad or afraid but I was not. I was relieved and I have become excited to move on to my next destination on this journey because I know from that particular sign that my ‘stream is flowing’ in that particular direction.

I am now anxious for the arrival of my journey to South Carolina! LOL! Once there, I will be eligible for bond so I can join James McBride and we can start on the next phase of creating a world of peace, love and abundance through the energy and authority of the sacred seal. I have received information through my meditations and I see where we need to go. Now is the time for all ‘light workers’ to participate in a concerted effort. I will explain more as time goes on and we do the research to put all the proper pieces in place.

It is time we declare our ‘spiritual independence’ for all of earth as we are our own ‘savior’.

Thank you all for your continued love, light and support. We will be triumphant!

Peace, Love and Light, 

Robert Michael Marques 

Please visualize the court setting a small bond for Rob’s expedient release. 

Thank you.

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