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Climate Engineering: 13 Patents Explain the Chemtrail Experiment

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Weather Modification Incorporated "Proudly Seeding since 1961"

Journalist Andrew Lilico suggests that humanity must adapt to new changes in the Earth’s weather systems rather than “waste resources on futile mitigation efforts.”
Lilico believes that “adaptation is much less risky” and a world with “potentially more violent extremes of weather” should be so bad.
According to this journalist, everyone can change their roofs, clothing, etc . . . to make this world more eco-friendly by focusing on productive initiatives to reduce the current “wasting [of] our time and money.”
While the general public remains in the dark about extreme weather, there is little readily available information on how initiatives concerning the planet’s natural ecosystems have been tampered with and redirected through manipulation.
In 2010, David Keith, professor at the University of Calgary (UC) published a paper regarding the injection of exorbitant amounts of precisely engineered particles into the upper atmosphere for the sake of saving the planet.
Keither states that “engineering particles as disks a few micrometers wide and around 50 nanometers thick, that are designed to automatically congregate where they are most useful in the atmosphere” would combine nanotechnology and climate engineering.
By spraying engineered disks that are 50 nanometers thick and have a core of aluminum with a top layer of aluminum oxide and a bottom layer of barium titanate, the two particles can react to the atmosphere heating up and create a shiny side to reflect sunlight away from the Earth.
Keith recommends that 10 billion kg nano-discs would be needed to effectively alter the planet’s atmosphere and heat index.
One way to assist in this complete manipulation of natural weather patterns is provided by corporations like the North American Weather Consultants (NAWC) who have been involved in changing the weather since the 1950s.
The NAWC have been employed internationally in the industry “ weather modification [and] research and operations” and as consultants for the US, Europe, South America, Central America, Asia and the Middle East.
Their clients include “hydroelectric utilities, government agencies, water districts, universities and private entities.”
Hacking the weather of the planet is the focus of a white paper entitled, “Geoengineering Research and its Limitations” wherein the barriers of technology and social constructs are discussed.
Rob Wood, co-author of the study on geoengineering and associate professor of atmospheric sciences at the University of Washington (UoW) explains: “In the past five years or so, geoengineering has moved from the realm of quackery to being the subject of scientific research. We wanted to contribute to a serious intellectual discourse.”
This method of cloud seeding, called marine cloud brightening (MCB) is alleged to reflect light from the oceans back out into space.
Another proposal includes a system called the StratoShield that would “spew several million metric tons of sulfur dioxide into the stratosphere, reducing the sun’s radiation globally by 1.8 percent.”
Paul Crutzen, author of a paper expounding on the StratoSheild, said: “Policy makers are worried that the use of these sulfur particles would only contribute to more air pollution. Building trust between scientists and the general public would be needed to make such a large-scale climate modification acceptable, even if it would be judged to be advantageous.”
One geoengineering scheme involves shooting salt water into clouds to create “oceans” in our skies. These clouds, it is believed, could reflect sunlight back out, thereby cooling the planet.
Researchers at the University of Washington (UW) suggest the idea of marine cloud brightening. Using this brightening to manipulate the earth’s weather patterns, according to these scientists, is of no concern as far as its impact on our natural environment.
Specifically speaking to chemtrails and the government and private corporate partnership regarding this global experiment, there are several federally held patents that point to a push toward weather manipulation.
In May of 2012, researchers discovered that chemtrails were polluting thunderclouds which is causing damage to the environment and the planet’s natural weather patterns.
The pollution drenched thunderclouds are most pervasive at night which causes warmer temperatures. The study asserts that these clouds do not reflect sunlight, but trap heat within them and cause global warming effects.
Some of these patents were filed as long ago as the 1920s:
• 13383Q3 – Process and apparatus for the production of intense artificial clouds, fogs or mists application
• 1957075 – Airplane spray equipment
• 3338476 – Heating device for use with aerosol containers
• 3410489 – Automatically adjustable airfoil spray system with pump
• 3608810 – Methods of treating atmospheric conditions
• 3630950 – Combustible compositions for generating aerosols particularly suitable for cloud modification and weather control and aerosolization process
• 3813875 – Rocket having barium release system to create ion clouds in the upper atmosphere
• 3994437 – Broadcast dissemination of trace quantities of biologically active chemicals
• 4347284 – White cover sheet material capable of reflecting ultraviolet rays
• 4412654 – Laminar microjet atomizer and method of aerial spraying of liquids
• 5104069 – Apparatus and method for ejecting matter from an aircraft
• 5286979 – Process for absorbing ultraviolet radiation using dispersed melanin
• 6569393 – Method and device for cleaning the atmosphere


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