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American Kabuki: Morocco Diary #4 - On Heather, Caleb and the life of the former Trustee's of the OPPT

Another great post by AK! There are a lot of data points about Morocco and I enjoyed reviewing them especially considering our coming Adventure. AK also shares some background about the former OPPT Trustee's and the nature of their present work and environment. 
- Justin

Source - American Kabuki

Andalusian Lamp - Ceuta, Spain Photo by Caleb Skinner 

February 3, 2013
by American Kabuki

Time for another Moroccan Diary update! We've come through the worst of the winter and seem to be heading into warmer and sunnier days. We still get brief periods of high winds and rain but nothing quite a severe as December. There has been some chemtrails here, which doesn't often happen in Morocco. Rumor has it the government has paid for weather modification chemtrails to get water to agriculture in the Rif mountains. Heather showed me how to erase them by using my hand like a chalk board eraser...and you know...it really works, even I look like an idiot to the local gardners! :) Its fun to watch them fade within seconds of leaving the jet that laid them down! 

Ceuta Fortess, looking east along the moat from
the Mediterranean Sea Photo by Caleb Skinner 

Ceuta Fortress, looking west along
 the moat Photo by Caleb Skinner 

10 days ago Caleb and I went to Ceuta, which is small spanish enclave on a peninsula within Morocco. American visitors have 90 day visas so we had to leave the country for a bit and return. We took a taxi to the Ceuta border and endeavored to walk across the border. They don't convert Moroccan Dirhams in Ceuta (not very neighborly of the Spanish) so we planed to walk to an ATM machine to get some Euros to use there. The passport stamping office on the Moroccan side of the border is very poorly designed, and there's a mob of "helpers" who basically mob you wanting you to give you them your passport which they will probably steal or make you pay to get it back. Caleb and I didn't let lose of our passport, but in the crushing throng of Moroccans trying to get into Ceuta for the cheap duty free goods we got compressed in at the passport window and someone unzipped my coat pocket and stole my wallet with 1500 Dirhams, my bank cards and driver's license. When I discovered I had been robbed, the guards were most helpful and asked me if I wanted to file a police report, I asked "would I get my wallet back?" the said "probably not..." so I decided that exercise was a pointless waste of my time, and they walked me through the rest of the customs border process and I caught up with Caleb. 

Fortress Rifle turret - Ceuta Photo by American Kabuki 

Caleb graciously covered my expenses in Ceuta for the two days and we stayed in a nice Hostal in downtown Ceuta. Ceuta is an old Spanish fortress dating back to 451 AD, its been occupied by various powers over the centuries and is truly an impressive structure. There is a moat that is navigable by small motor boats from one side of the Mediterranean Sea to the other. Ceuta sits directly opposite Gibraltar and makes up what is historically called the Straits of Hercules, the once strategic strangle hold of the Moorish Kingdom on the shipping in and out of the Mediterranean Sea when Morocco once occupied Spain and Gibraltar. Morocco now has neither side of the Straits of Hercules. Ceuta shouldn't really be in Spanish hands, any more than Gibraltar should be in British hands. But it is recognized as Spanish territory by the EU and will probably remain in Spanish control for the foreseeable future. 

Statue of Hercules and the Pillars symbolically
representing the straits of Hercules
(Gibraltar and Ceuta) Photo by Caleb Skinner

Caleb and I walked what seemed like 5 miles before we hit downtown Ceuta. We later found out we could have cut out half the walking journey by going through the gate at the fortress which leads right to downtown Ceuta. 

East - West gateway Fortress - Ceuta Photo by Caleb Skinner 

Ceuta has a special status within the EU, and none of the EU VAT and Excise taxes. Its like the duty free store you WISH was in the airport. Spain goes to great efforts to keep the costs down for Spaniards living in Ceuta in order to keep it occupied. A lot of money has been pumped into Ceuta and it shows, the streets are very clean and organized, nicely landscaped, the buildings are all modern and kept up. Its also a way of Spain keeping itself in the minds of Western Moroccans, as the northwest coast of Morocco tends to speak Spanish more than French, like the rest of the country. 

Ceuta at night 

There is a church in downtown Ceuta that has the strangest and most eerie statue in front of it. To American eyes it looks like a black Klu Klux Klan robed man holding the hand of a child. What little I have been able to find about the statue is its supposed to be a religious penitent, but I wonder if that is really the origin of the statue. It has that Spanish Inquisition feel to it... In any case its flat out creepy. 

Hooded black figure holding hands with a Child. Probably the creepiest church statue ever... Photo by American Kabuki [this reminds me of one of the horrific characters in Silent Hill - Justin]

Even odder is the Casa de los Dragones (House of Dragons) directly across the street from this Catholic Church with the giant statues of Dragons leering at the church across the street... Having worked with reporting on the hidden banking world the thought crossed my mind that Ceuta was perhaps where the Jesuits met with Chinese Dragons covertly over the years, but I have found no evidence to that. Still it makes you wonder what originated the symbolism on this corner of downtown Ceuta! It feels like an energetic stalemate of some sort... 

Casa de los Dragones (House of Dragons) - Ceuta 

Ceuta apparently is a big tourist destination in the summer. We saw many night clubs few of which were open in January. We did find one Restaurant with a well stocked bar, and we enjoyed a few beers and some amazing Spanish bacon sandwiches, best bacon I have ever eaten! Neither of us have had a beer in over three months in Morocco. You can get beer here, but you have to go to Marjan to get it and that is a bit of taxi ride away. We also found a tappas bar that had wonderful food directly behind where McDonalds is located. The owner told us we were the first Americans to enter their restaurant, usually its Europeans or Moroccans. 

Restuarant Bar - Downtown Ceuta (get the bacon sandwich!) 
Ceuta is an interesting little Spanish colonial enclave inside of Morocco. Its well worth visiting but make sure you have your wallet well stashed before crossing the Moroccan border. 

November and December 

I spent a lot of time in November and December discussing various banking, government, law and spiritual subjects with Heather and Caleb, coming up to speed on some news, background information and history of the OPPT filings that I did not learn about during the last trip in May/June 2013. Dani had much more time with Heather than I had. I had a brief window in November and December to learn as much as possible, which probably won't come again, in detailed one on one discussions and mentoring with Heather. There is much work up ahead for all of us and that moment probably won't come again. 

Heather's name will be changing to just Heather Tucci as Heather and Youseff Jarraf have split up. That's all I am going to say on that, it was a difficult situation for her for years (which she has carried very quietly), and its now over and she's much happier. Their relationship was passionate but tumultuous. 

Caleb and I rented out the downstairs apartments in the villa to Heather and her step mother in the interim while we all press ahead with the projects before us. I did not know she would be living here when I decided to come here in October it was the last thing I expected, but its what friends do for friends in time of need, and a she's given so much to us in any case from her life. And we do have the space and rooms available for both of them. 

Heather and her extended family has encountered many difficulties financially for her work ending the current financial slavery systems. Some understood and supported her (like her mother and father and step-mother who had their company and personal bank accounts temporarily frozen or messed with) but not everyone in her life understood what she did and why she did it. Its often the closest of family that understands the least what we do and why we do it. Selling out and going the easy route was never an option for Heather. She did it all with complete integrity and sometimes that had a very personal cost although you will never hear that from Heather. Caleb and I did our best to provide a place of quiet and refuge for Heather while she regrouped and recovered from a very difficult situation. It didn't take her long to be back on her feet and working hard again. 

Many people are in similar circumstances as life propels us all in new directions to BE and DO what we truly are and what makes us happy. My own marriage is ending, in my case to a woman with very high integrity but little understanding of why and what has been motivating me to do so much blogging and writing and travel to Morocco the last 18 months. The OPPT work I did was not the start of our difficulties, that began long ago. The decision was difficult but necessary. We have we both share a great love for our daughter and have kept her out of the politics of separation and divorce. I wish my former partner every love and good thing in life. And I truly appreciate everything she has done for me, the good and the things I didn't like, for they were a mirror on myself and showed me what I was. I have nobody else in my life as a love interest, and perhaps that's the way it should be until I get some space and time between the last relationship. Sometimes the old life has to fall away before the new can take its place, and that process is sometimes painful. 

My move to Morocco has been good overall, I have lost about 40 lbs (18 kg) since November and I've grown one inch in height! (2.54 centimeters) I am now 5'11" (180cm) and I was 5'10" when I arrived. All that in 2 months time at age 57! 

My health has radically improved after about 4-5 years of problems. My diet has changed to a largely fresh vegetarian one, (mostly because meat is not convenient to buy or transport) the air is clean here as is the water. And I do a lot of walking here. Lisa Harrison once described me as "The physicality of Bill", and I am a big guy, as you have probably seen on a couple of photos are videos of me. Part of that problem was I was not happy in my relationship, and food was a source of comfort. Not proud of that. I am with friends now that love me for who I am... and that makes a great deal of difference. I was skinny most of my life so being overweight is a new thing for me and something I have not enjoyed. It has been educational, as medical establishment coined the phrase "morbidly obese" to anything over 200 lbs... morbid means you will die soon...yet I have not died, I have thrived and now my weight is reversing direction. When I was young the world had more polite terms for being fat, like stout, heavy set, portly, etc... in recent years, like smokers, being fat has been the cultural accepted group you are allowed to hate and despise...as if that will cure the problem? I see huge changes in my body, the skin that was damaged by MRSA in 2008, is healing very rapidly, new skin is growing into replace the damage tissues on my legs. Its changed radically since June. I believe I will continue growing into my original DNA template (this body has been a bit of disguise) and I expect I will top out at around 7 feet within a few years. Aging is not what it used to be under the new energetics that are forming around this planet. 

Caleb and I have seen the new data center and the facilities are top notch and the network feeds are good. We should be operational by March within Morocco itself. Plans are to hire locals as much as possible, putting value back into Morocco for giving us a place to operate from. Morocco has been neglected by America and Western Europe. The people here are genuine, kind and good, and very skilled and creative. Not every skill needed will be found here, but most will be. 

In January the people from the OPAL tour (created by Bob, Lisa, Brian, Nanako), and other support staff and observers arrived in Morocco. Their initial purpose for coming here was a project they were planning with Sasha Stone. I am not quite sure where that stands at this moment. I believe Lisa will continue to tour around the world, but I get the feeling Brian will be staying in Morocco for the duration. I don't know about Bob's plans yet or the others. We had a nice get together over at their apartment Saturday night, they arranged for a tent in the back of one of the apartments that made it feel like a tent in the desert. The food, drink and company was excellent. There were people from all over the world there, including Moroccan neighbors and some people from Norway. 

There's been a period of adjustment here as we synch up our knowledge bases of events and situations with those we met in Tangier last summer. Energetically there's been a lot of purging of things each of us didn't even know was within us. Most of us have been programmed to think that we get all our information and guidance externally. Heather purposely did not communicate with most of us during the summer as she wanted to see what we would all do with what we learned when we were here, outside and separate from her influence and energy. Plus she had her own hands full with stresses at home. As a result all of us had divergent paths and interests as we sorted out our lives, our interests, and our paths in life. Some interpreted this a division within us, and there have been differences of opinions and approaches and there is nothing wrong with that. All of us that have aggregated as a result of the OPPT filings are an enormously diverse group of beings. From bankers, engineers, cooks, hippies, architects, construction workers, healers, nurses, planners, movers and shakers. The filings spoke to people, and sometimes they didn't know why it spoke to them but it did. It changed them and it is changing the world in its own way and continues to do so...but we are not stopping there. We are pushing forward with new projects which Heather has openly talked about. 

The Heather Effect 

Heather is an interesting person, she's not any different than any other human except for possibly coming into this world a little more aware and less amnesia than the rest of us. 

After being around Heather's energy for 4 weeks in May and June, many of us felt an energetic let down not being around her. It was a bit like bicycling behind a tractor trailer and wondering why the pedaling got hard when the truck made a left turn and left us on our own. I thought at the time I must have pissed her off when I confronted her about Youseff last May. I know others thought the must have done something else to cause her to withdraw. My reaction, after a few weeks of confusion as to what just happened, was to just continue on - Heather or no Heather and work on myself. Which I got into full bore during the month of August with a self audit. I also did some personal work on myself with Jodie Newell, in releasing long buried (and possible past life) emotional issues, using a technique which she learned from Delores Cannon. 

Dani had stayed with Heather during the summer but later had a bit of an emotional let down, a similar "energetic jonesing" reaction after moving to Malta in November and not being in close proximity to Heather. Plus she just flat missed the conversations over cigs and coffee. We miss Dani! 

Heather's energy field is very strong and it changes everyone she encounters. Perhaps that's her role. When I first came to Morocco in May I could feel her energy from 5 feet away. I notice it less now as I have been living in close proximity for months now. Women seem to find her energy much like motherly love or sister love. 

Men have been known to sometimes get confused by it or confuse it with romantic intentions within themselves - and they would be mistaken. It is visceral and real. Most men have only really been allowed to know love within the confines of romance. In that regard women are more emotionally developed than men are. Like any woman would disagree with that right? That has been an issue of culture and programming of men by the cultures we live in. 

Cobra made the comment to me in the unpublished interview I did with him last October that "Men have been allowed to be sexual beings but not experience love, and women have been allowed to experience love but not be sexual beings". There's a dual standard of what is acceptable. That's part of the separation that has been created on this planet, in this case a divide between men and women in regards to love. As a result men sometimes do not know what to do with pure love energy when they encounter it. 

Biologically speaking, love can cause hormone oxytocin to be released in the body, and that affects men and women very differently. A word to the wise to the guys, enjoy the love energy but don't get confused by it. She does love you absolutely, but don't make assumptions as to the intent. If it were romantic intent she'd be the first to tell you. You certainly wouldn't be the first guy to get a little confused with what he's feeling. But then this planet is about to be filled with that kind of love from the rest of the universe, and it will be common place for everyone. So get used to it. Its an energy this planet has been sadly missing. 

Heather has never been about a movement or a cult following, she has wanted us to turn inward and find our own connection with our Source Creator. So that all of us are standalone and self sustaining energetically with no need for external energy input or help. If anything she was a like a tuning fork for us, causing us to awaken and in turn awaken others. The energetic effects she had on us, we now are starting to hear that we are causing in others, so perhaps its a bit like a chain reaction expanding out into the general population. That's just speculation on my part, but I think this energy is just a natural by-product of understanding that we are all ONE and from THE ONE...and are all equally loved by THE ONE. 

When you can love unconditionally and without judgement for all embodiments of Eternal Essence (that doesn't mean you have to condone or consent to everything you encounter or force others to your views or practices or habits). See it all as equal manifestations of the Creator of All within each embodiment without separation or excuse for withholding respect, love and consideration for others and operate personally in complete transparency and some amazing changes occur on the limitations in your being. That's what the expression "being absent limit" means... limits come into existence on an embodiment when they are not operating in full unconditional love for all. Its just the way the universe works, think of it as a safety factor limiting damage to the universe. 


Caleb, one of the other trustees from the former OPPT, is also quite an amazing personality. Caleb is a highly focused personality with an enormous work ethic and sense of purpose. Caleb loves computer programming, it is his greatest joy in life. Caleb is also a person with very defined boundaries. If you wish to be around Caleb you will abide by the rules of his house, which mostly are, being responsible for what you BE and DO, and being absolutely TRANSPARENT about it. He is however a very easy person to be around, and goes above and beyond to be a good neighbor. 

I understand why Heather and Caleb worked so well together, and I don't mean to leave out Randall Hillner, either, as he played an enormous role within the OPPT too. I just don't know Randall - he's perhaps the most private of the three. 

Caleb was the personality responsible for making sure the OPPT was closed once it had completed its task it was designed to fulfill. Which turned out to be a very wise move given the smear machine was already gearing up to attack it like Occupy Wall Street. What the contrast did know how to handle was millions of people who simple were will to BE and DO what was in their heart. Nothing is more powerful than an individual willing to stand in their own personal power. 

Caleb tends to be grounding force for Heather, and also tends to hold her feet to 3D deadlines. Heather is a banker and a lawyer by training, but she is also a very spiritually aware person and tends not live by clocks and calendars but by events as they happen. Caleb will pin her down when she would prefer to be imprecise and rely on your presumptions of the facts, that's just what good lawyers tend to do, and Caleb knows that. So he insists on specificity. Caleb's nature compliments Heather's nature in the mutual adventure they have embarked upon taking down the slavery systems on this planet. 

Caleb is an autodidact, (a self taught person), as such he doesn't tend to be impressed by sheets of paper from institutions saying you know something when you really don't. He is hugely intelligent with a very high IQ. I've met few people as smart as he is. Caleb's father was also a computer programmer. Caleb was raised on small farm in Oregon where he raised pure bred sheep with his family and brother. He was home schooled, and never got either a high school degree, GED or a college degree (he did go to college for a couple of years). That's not to belittle him, he's far more intelligent and educated than most college graduates I have encountered. He learned on his own which shows enormous initiative and work ethic. He's very knowledgeable on the UCC law code and contract law. He has operated his own software development house for many years and has a number of people around the world doing work for him. 

Well, I think I'll call it quits on this blog post for now, this got quite a bit longer than I expected and there is much more to tell. 

PS: If you can help donate this month, that also would be appreciated to meet expenses for February but only if you are able, don't cut yourself short. There's a PayPal button on the right side of the blog. My blog ad income is going to be about half what it was for February this is a delayed effect from me not blogging as much as I usually do in December (not to mention I was robbed of what I cash I had in January). Donations would be helpful... I am going to be about $600 short. 

I do want to thank those that helped me purchase the air fare here and software purchase, it is truly appreciated and I know I probably haven't responded to the Paypal donations individually like I usually do as so much was transpiring here in November. 

I do plan to continue writing articles as the mood stirs in me, but I am resonating less and less with the drama of the cabal and the cabal watchers. How many times do you have to see posts about what's going to happen or not happen and see them fizzle as one "divine plan" after another falls in the face of the "absolute plan" the Prime Creator Source has for all beings? Nobody gets left behind as the drama of duality draws to a close. Fulford and Zap posts generate a lot of blog income but it doesn't really resonate for me all that much anymore and their accuracy rate is getting worse. The blog has been my public outlet for thinking about this journey I am on that I share with a few million of my friends. I have carried news articles, channelings, and other things as I found them informative to my own journey. The universe speaks to us through many avenues.



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