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Aluminum: Neurotoxin from Hell - Anti Light absorbing Element

Thank you D for posting this! I was just having a revelation about the word Aluminum and its Green Language meaning. 

Lumin is a word which means light. Illuminated is a term which refers to light filling a thing. To be Illuminated usually means to be filled with light as in having an awareness or knowledge of a thing. Therefore Aluminated, which is not a word, but suggests the meaning is referring to the opposite of Illumination; as the prefix 'A' usually is meant to indicate the antitheses. 

Now let us consider that Aluminium blocks Cosmic Rays and Solar Radiation, something our would-be masters have been spraying into the air. And our Being on earth uses these energies to up step the body, mind and soul. Now there is a direct correlation to the Aluminated affect of the metal known as Aluminum. 

It makes you wonder why the word Aluminum was assigned to the metal which it has been come to be known by. Aluminum was discovered in 1825, which means they have known about its limiting affects for at least 190 years. 

Isn't it nice to lay out all the facts on the table? 
- Justin

Source - Removing the Shackles

I have been studying the effects of Aluminum on humans for a long time now, and in my ever continuing endeavor to educate people on the dangers of vaccines, aluminum has always been the key culprit in the danger zone.

A few months ago I wrote an article linking Aluminum in vaccines AND chemtrails as a deliberate attempt by the Powers That Were to block effects of solar rays on our planets consciousness.  

One of the very blatant dots that has been reinforced over and over is that the world "Governments" are completely aware of ALL of this and doing everything in their power to Stop or at least slow down what is happening.  Their biggest weapons in their arsenal:  Chemtrails and Vaccines.  Followed by Fuoride and the usage of mind numbing medications to dumb down the population and make them more complacent, and of course the Main Stream Media and their mega team of paid shills. Oh and the skin cancer scare and sun screen..... you'll understand that last one in a minute.

Years ago I watched a video by David Wilcock talking about the effects of solar radiation/particles/waves on seeds that had been sent into space. (sorry I can't remember which one it was).  David outlined that the difference between the NASA experiment and the one done by the Chinese was that the US based NASA space vehicles are heavily insulated with Aluminum - and their seeds showed no effect from their trip into space.  The Chinese space vehicles on the other hand are NOT heavily insulated with Aluminum and their seeds produced incredible results when planted back on Earth after spending time in space.  The contrast of the outcome was night and day.

....there have also been many articles that talk about the "space euphoria" that astronauts experience while outside of the planet's atmosphere.... hence the reason they so heavily insulate the ships with Aluminum.

When I listened to this the very first thing that hit me was usage of Aluminum in Vaccines- what better way to "insulate" humans from solar particles/rays than to flood their systems with particulate Aluminum?  Many people who have discovered the toxicity of vaccines get side tracked by the "Mercury" debate, and over look the Aluminum factor.  I had a conversation with Dr. William Sears (a leading pediatrician in the US and outspoken about vaccines and their questionability) about Aluminum, and he outlined that many babies receive several HUNDRED times the recommended daily amount of Aluminum for ADULTS in a single batch of regularly scheduled vaccines!  Just think about that for a moment.

Next we have Chemtrails. One of the main ingredients in chemtrails is .... Aluminum!  Why?  Well, it's nice and shiny so it bounces back the sun's light before it reaches Earth, it also forms a physical barrier for light to get through, AND..... it's a natural insulation that they KNOW blocks the Solar rays.

Handy eh?

When I put these pieces of research together I literally was mind blown at the audacity of it all.  I mean, not only do the Cabal and their controllers attempt to block the expansion and evolution of consciousness by trying to insulate humans from solar rays, then also get  double bang for their buck by injecting the same humans with a neurotoxic metal that, on top of being directly linked to Alzheimer's Disease, it makes you stupid and fat!!!   Seriously!!! 

Mitochondria is a very interesting subject and Mitochondrial disorders and diseases are even more amazingly interesting when you're talking about Aluminum toxicity.  

Mitochondrial diseases

Damage and subsequent dysfunction in mitochondria is an important factor in a range of human diseases due to their influence in cell metabolism. Mitochondrial disorders often present themselves as neurological disorders, but can manifest asmyopathydiabetes, multiple endocrinopathy, or a variety of other systemic manifestations.[119] Diseases caused by mutation in the mtDNA include Kearns-Sayre syndromeMELAS syndrome and Leber's hereditary optic neuropathy.[120] In the vast majority of cases, these diseases are transmitted by a female to her children, as thezygote derives its mitochondria and hence its mtDNA from the ovum. Diseases such as Kearns-Sayre syndrome, Pearson's syndrome, and progressive external ophthalmoplegia are thought to be due to large-scale mtDNA rearrangements, whereas other diseases such as MELAS syndromeLeber's hereditary optic neuropathy, myoclonic epilepsy with ragged red fibers (MERRF), and others are due topoint mutations in mtDNA.[119]
In other diseases, defects in nuclear genes lead to dysfunction of mitochondrial proteins. This is the case in Friedreich's ataxiahereditary spastic paraplegia, andWilson's disease.[121] These diseases are inherited in a dominance relationship, as applies to most other genetic diseases. A variety of disorders can be caused by nuclear mutations of oxidative phosphorylation enzymes, such as coenzyme Q10 deficiency and Barth syndrome.[119] Environmental influences may interact with hereditary predispositions and cause mitochondrial disease. For example, there may be a link between pesticide exposure and the later onset of Parkinson's disease.[122][123] Other pathologies with etiology involving mitochondrial dysfunction include schizophrenia,bipolar disorderdementiaAlzheimer's disease,[124] Parkinson's disease, epilepsy,strokecardiovascular diseaseretinitis pigmentosa, and diabetes mellitus.[125][126]

Do any of those diseases ring a bell or two when we are talking about the average North American person?

One of the prime responsibilities of our Mitochondria, is to produce ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate), which we discussed a few months ago as being the energy "currency" of the Cell, the powerhouse that keeps the cell running.   

....What happens when the batteries are incapable of recharging?

When you combine the neurotoxic damage of Aluminum, with the massive amounts of pharmaceutical drugs that are pumped into the general public, you end up with a population that has definitely been tampered with. 

Further reading: "19 Statistics About The Drugging Of America"

Aluminum induces neurotoxicity by altering mitochondria of brain cells

Aluminum's role in causing neurotoxicity and contributing to a number of degenerative diseases, including Alzheimer's disease, has been widely discussed and is supported by a number of studies, though the exact mechanism remains inconclusive.

Now, scientists have reached a better understanding of its role in killing brain cells by studying the effects of aluminum on mitochondria inside neurons, which are responsible for several critical maintenance roles, including the production of ATP by metabolizing oxygen, as well as regulating the inner cell membrane during neurotransmission.

The life and death of the neuron is largely in the hands of mitochondria, and mitochondrial dysfunction is now thought to be hugely responsible for dead brain cells and neurotoxicity - through both necrosis and apoptosis. Dysfunction in neuronal mitochondria compromises cell integrity - in part through the creation of free radicals - and contributes directly to aging and the rise of degenerative diseases and metabolic issues.

Chinese researchers affiliated with the Institute of Occupational Medicine at Tongji Medical College investigated how aluminum induces alterations in the mitochondrial structure, disrupting its important functions and leading to neurotoxicity.

Their study examined the neural cells of rats that were exposed to aluminum, probing the ultrastructure of the mitochondria under an electron microscope. Their results suggested that aluminum may impair the mitochondria's membranes and cristae (folds in the inner membrane) - both vital to aerobic cellular respiration, where mitochondria use oxygen to generate the vast quantities of ATP needed for neuronal function and neurotransmission. It also suppresses enzyme activity in mitochondria.

A 2008 study was conducted by the Postgraduate Institute of Medical Education and Research in India to research the effects of chronic lower-dose exposure to aluminum administered intragastrically - in the rats' stomachs - over the course of 12 weeks. DNA damage via oxidation was observed, as well as disruptions to the cell cycle of neurons, inviting cell death due to improper mitochondria action.


All this has huge repercussions for exposure to aluminum in humans, as both its deliberate use and presence as a contaminant is pervasive and widespread in modern society.
Most deodorants and antiperspirants contain aluminum zirconium or other forms of the metal and have been found to induce DNA damage when tested on canine kidney cells. Top brands were all found to be culprits for neurological impairment.

Average Westerners consume approximately 10-100 mg of aluminum per day through food, where it shows up as a major contaminant in trace amounts. This route of exposure is thought to account for the greatest volume of aluminum on body burden, where it can accumulate in the brain and other tissues.

Aluminum is not only found in foods and hygiene products like deodorant, but also present in the majority of vaccines, along with many other questionable ingredients.

Scientific studies have warned about the safety of aluminum as an adjuvant, though this is not widely established in the accepted literature. Nevertheless, research has found that aluminum in vaccines is causally linked to long-term brain inflammation, autoimmune disorders, dementia, convulsions and comas. Moreover, aluminum's pattern of damage is consistent with the mechanisms seen in autism, suggesting strong links between the two.

Aluminum as a vaccine adjuvant is often accompanied by other excitotoxic adjuvants, such as MSG, which can overstimulate neuron receptors and trigger cell death. The introduction of excitatory chemicals like MSG in conjunction with significant levels of aluminum - in turn attacking mitochondrial function - may well be killing off brain cells and accelerating degenerative diseases like Alzheimer's even more quickly.

Aluminum in intravenous feeding solutions has also been shown in studies to be neurotoxic and has produced demonstrable adverse effects on mental development in premature infants.

 Ultimately, aluminum is one of the most common elemental metals on the planet, and total avoidance is impossible. However, limited exposure to numerous dietary sources, hygienic products and vaccines is obviously recommended where possible.


http://removingtheshackles.blogspot.com/2 014/02/aluminum-neurotoxin-from-hell.html

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