Tuesday, January 21, 2014

You Are A Star: This is just a friendly reminder of how INCREDIBLE YOU ARE

Nice inspiring Story of ourselves by Guthrie. 
- Justin

Source - Humanity InCorpOrate

Our Cosmic Story
Guthrie Stephens

This is the story of YOUR evolution, so listen closely.

The Average Human Body is composed of 100 trillion cells

Each Cell is composed of 100 trillion atoms

Each atom was created in the center of a star through the processes of FUSION and FISSION.

The atoms in your fingers may be composed of atoms from different stars than your toes.

Here is the Recipe for YOU!

Oxygen 65.0%: Critical for the conversion of food into energy

Carbon 18.5%: The "Backbone" of the body's building blocks and a key part of many important compounds such as testosterone and estrogen

Hydrogen 9.5%: Helps transport nutrients, remove wastes and regulate body temp. It is als very important in energy production.

Nitrogen 3.3%: Found in amino acids, the bulding blocks of protien, the "brain" of cells.

This is just a friendly reminder of how INCREDIBLE YOU ARE.



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