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"What can I do to make a difference?" - Charles Shaw Consciousness and Revolution - a look at the History of Consciousness shifts

Thank you Virginia Drake for sharing this with me! It took me a few weeks to finish the presentation but it was well worth it. This data is now coming out to help us move forward.

"What can I do to make a difference?"

This is a question almost everyone asks themselves at some point in their lives. What causes this questioning? I think it is the recognition of something that can be improved, while also recognizing you have the capacity to be that changing force. We can think of this as 'Heart Space Energy' or the 'Divine Feminine' aspect to our BEingness. We find ourselves today, looking out into the world seeing things that can be improved upon and we now have the energy of caring to motivate us into action. But how do we do this effectively? 

It is one thing to recognize the possibility for improvement in your reality, it is another to actually draw that forth from yourself into the world. This is where key knowledge and understanding comes in; the Divine Masculine. And this is why a balanced consciousness, true sovereignty, is the key to our global shift.

Charles Shaw is a researcher, Activist, and Writer who discusses many concepts which are becoming more 'mainstream' within the awakening community. Sovereignty is a key aspect to his work; although his approach does not use the usual language or structure. Which I found quite refreshing. 

For me, the Data was a review of why our personal responsibility and liability are so crucial to lasting peace and true freedom on Earth. As Charles discusses, history is a cycle of consciousness revolutions and their ultimate collapse by the skillful hands of our would-be masters. The constant thread is this: break down the individual so that the freeing aspects of a consciousness shift do not take place; so that the inner work cannot occur.

This is the transition we are making now. Where we are brave enough to do the inner work and heal, even if it means letting go of something which has comforted us in the past.

Many people are making shifts in their lives; our relationships and perspectives are changing. So many of us are ready to start BEing the change we want to see in the world. With this in mind, its good to step back and gain some perspective on what has come before so we can move forward with knowledge and caring combined. Balance.

We tend to instinctively turn away from things that we view as 'negative' in our lives; the fight or flight response. Wile moving away from a toxic environment can be helpful, we also can acknowledge our role here as co-creators. Transmutation of something we once viewed as negative into a positive is part of the shift which in consciousness that we are all helping to realize; and it is an act of true bravery to expand your consciousness of a thing you view as negative. 

For example, 9/11 can easily be seen as negative, but if we expand our knowledge and perspective by doing the Inner work, we can see that this event was one of the key triggers in the global shift of consciousness happening right NOW.
- Justin

Consciousness & Revolution, Charles Shaw

Published on Jan 6, 2014
Charles Shaw at the Open Mind Conference 2013. Charles Shaw is the award-winning American journalist, editor and author of the critically-acclaimed memoir 'Exile Nation: Drugs, prisons, Politics and Spirituality' (2012) and the director of the documentary films 'The Exile project: An Oral History of the War on Drugs & the American Criminal Justice System' (2011), 'The Plastic People' (2013) and 'Visurreality' (2013).

Charles serves as editor for the openDemocracy Drug and Criminal Justice Policy Forum and the Dictionary of Ethical Politics, both collaborative projects of Resurgence, openDemocracy and the Tedworth Charitable Trust.

"All revolutions begin as revolutions of consciousness."

Charles Shaw's presentation focuses on the representative forces arrayed against all emergent consciousness movements throughout time, with a special emphasis on the Civil Rights & Black Power movements, the War on Drugs and the Police State and the methods by which spiritual communities can wage non-violent, constructive resistance.

Charles Shaw - "Consciousness & Revolution II: Exploring the Dark Side"

Published on Jun 6, 2013
Charles Shaw ~ Consciousness & Revolution II ~
Exploring Truth in the Shadows: the Repressive Forces Against the Consciousness Movement
Filmed at Eclipse 2012 in Far North Queensland, Australia. Nov 14, 2012.


Here is a photo of the coronal ring from geoengineering aerosol particulates that I reference in the beginning of the talk, just in case anyone is curious.


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  1. Yes you right,but is always easyer to ask others to change instead of changing ourselves.

    1. If you understand that fundamentally we have to start with our selves, is it truly easier to ask another to change themselves to meet our needs? That's like looking in the mirror and asking your reflection to smile without you smiling first.


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