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UPDATED: Ron Van Dyke: I Finally Met with Mr. Sino of SWISSINDO w/a Comment from Mel Ve

In my view, what ever that is meant to happen will happen. If SWISSINDO is the real deal, and here to play a part in our ultimate awakening, that DOing will be transparent. Regardless this is very encouraging! Until that time, I will continue to be doing everything in my spheres of influence to progress. 

When big changes come, we will know, because we will see the actions unfolding. We all would do well to ensure we are not limiting ourselves in our own lives, because we are waiting for something outside of us. It is incredibly uplifting to know that many are working to help humanity and as Brian mentions, All is in service of the Absolute Plan!
- Justin

Source - Brian Kelly's Blog

I found this update from Ron to be VERY interesting. As you all may have noticed I haven't mentioned or published anything about SWISSINDO since their big unveiling earlier last year. There was just too much hype and speculation being tossed around, with a range of contradictory stories, I didn't want to touch it until there was something more "concrete." 

My initial exposure to SWISSINDO came from Captain Deryl Zeleny, someone I consider a good friend who I have a great deal of respect for. It was my relationship and his peaked interest that drove MY interest and curiosity in the story, as it was coming out. Also, considering how hyped up the OPPT and UCC filings were at the time, it made sense to me that they were able to use them as the catalyst to make the next major moves with their objectives for GodSkyEarth. Any effort to assist humanity in transcending tyranny and oppression I will happily support. If the motives are not transparent and are in actuality to support some kind of false agenda I think no matter what is done, the truth will be brought into the light to be exposed, so I never have any worry or fear that any ill advised plan for humanity will transpire. I have complete trust in the Absolute Plan and from that space it's an utter impossibility that any form of darkness can prevail. 

When I saw that I was named "Media Contact" on their original release I was a combination of honored and extremely skeptical. How could this group/organization name me, of all people, their media contact when they don't even know who I am, or without my consent? A somewhat sketchy maneuver considering all it would have taken was one post by me as media contact, portraying SWISSINDO in a negative light, which could have done some pretty severe damage on their initial image in the public realm. Even though that was never a consideration, I still needed some convincing of the legitimacy of Mr. Sino and SWISSINDO. 

As in all developing stories, as a journalist, I try to keep an open mind no matter my degree of skepticism. The most major issue for me at the time was Mr. Sino's inability to make himself visible, whether in person or by any type of phone conference. All this dialogue and information coming out with his name all over everything, but no actual embodiment coming forward, only a wide range of folks claiming to be his right hand man or "representative." At one point there was talk that he was actually a channeled entity. This didn't go over too well for many people following this story. Aside from that, the claim to give every human being on the planet six million $, was another aspect of what caused a great deal of people to be skeptical, including myself. 

Considering all the data I decided to not pay a whole lot of focus into SWISSINDO, the delegation or Mr. Sino. The only variable that kept me even a slight bit interested was the buy in by Mel Ve, Ron Van Dyke, Daryl Zeleny and a few others who I have a great deal of respect for. These are people who I would classify as having a powerful innate ability of following their own hearts and inner compass, so it was hard for me to believe that they were all being duped.

This all brought me to yesterday when I watched this update by Ron. An actual dialogue, via Skype video with Mr. Sino himself. Hmmm, I though, "maybe this guy actually does exist." After listening to what Ron had to say and feeling his energy, it appears he is a real man and it sounds like his intentions are pure. I will admit, I have many more questions than I do answers. Whatever SWISSINDO is, Mr. Sino, the delegation, and everyone involved for that matter, it represents a piece of the puzzle. There are MANY pieces. How substantial of a piece is a story that has yet to be told. At this point, I can chalk it up as VERY interesting and will leave it to you all to use your highest discernment to see how it always. ~BK

UPDATE 1/25/2014 @ 4:15:

After posting this I received this message from Mel Ve via Skype:

okay, so you are aware of the meeting that we had with Mr Sino.  We saw him and chatted.  He is real.  He also appointed me as the official head of God Sky Earth Media, and gave me a very special message.  He told me to look after his family.  He said to me that I am the scribe, and official story teller of what has happened.  I am the one who has been chosen to tell the story of how we changed the world.  It was a beautiful moment.  We looked into each other's eyes via video conferencing, I was in tears, as was he.  He thanked me for all my work, and went on to tell me that I am central to his vision and work that we need to do, and that everyone in the delegation had to back and protect me.  It was tooooo beautiful.  Let me know if you want to catch up some more in person, just for your own data.  P.S.  I have not approached any other journalist to talk about this.  I really appreciate your attitude in your latest posts so I thought I would respect you with the personal update.  Publish, don't publish… do what you will.  Much Lovexxxx

My response:

To me purity is a byproduct of intention. From all of my experience with Mel and a few deep one on one dialogues, I know her intentions to be pure, genuine and entirely authentic. For that reason and many others I support her and all of her DO'ing. Excellent work Mel. Your approach to your work and all you do is both inspiring and contagious. A bona fide way shower. I AM behind you and at your service should you need my energy or support. Unity continues to be the key to our salvation. When enough of us see no separation between ourselves and each other, the consciousness of the world shifts "in the twinkling of an eye." I thank you Universe that this IS so and so it IS, so BE it <3


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