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Travel Without Borders

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I will begin this by saying that this is a call for HELP, from MYself to OURself. This post pertains to ALL of US as infinitely empowered ancient beings.

Since the beginning of the agricultural age human civilization has centered itself around the most fertile of locations throughout the world. We find a location with hospitable conditions and thrive. Over time this has developed and we have become less and less dependent on localized resources to provide us with sustenance. Most of the goods that we consume are manufactured states, even continents away and with our limited travelling capabilities, when we are in a time of desperation finding another source of sustenance is difficult if not seemingly impossible. We are dependent of external sources for all of our needs, from housing to energy. Much of this dependency is based upon our locational stasis. By this I mean the modern paradigm of "settling down". When I hear the words "settling down" I think of literally, instead of evolving upwards, accepting defeat and settling for the less opportune or "downward" option. The "down" in the phrase could even refer to the passive downward facing energy of the divine feminine. I digress.

Previous to our agricultural revolution we are said to have been nomadic hunters, living on the "knifes edge", barely surviving the elements. Though we have no proof that this is the case, and are even foolish in believing this. When we look at the noble wolf or bear do we think, "what a poor and unfortunate life you must live"? No, they are in harmony with the world around them, both benefiting from the environment and benefiting the environment.We, as nomads were a part of that natural system, the "reasonable man" if you will indulge me. It has been observed that when we are introduced to a positive change in environment we produce large quantities of serotonin that in turn is chemically responsible for the sensation of happiness in bilateral organisms.(see:Happiness IS) The regular intervals of travel involved in a Nomadic culture have the potential to produce a state of happiness, especially if you have a preconcieved notion of your destinations abundance.
We see nomadic culture as impractical from our current standpoint. As if our ancestors did not have even the most basic understanding of what it is to be human. This is in essence erroneous. When we observe any bilateral creature we notice that they always have a "territory" in which they roam and when they travel long distances it is to a known destination of abundance. Nomadic humans were and are no exception to this system. They knew where they were going when they traveled and assumedly did not travel without some assurance of abundance of resources at the other end.

Agriculture is a profoundly useful tool if used correctly. It provides us with the ability to remain stationary, to focus upon ourselves as thinking beings as opposed to reflexually regulated beings. However, we have mistaken the comfort and stability of locational stasis for practicality. The Agricultural Revolution provided us with an environment of abundance, thus providing the conditions in which serotonin is produced. Both Nomadicism and Agriculturalism provide prime conditions for existential bliss, chemically and spiritually.

I propose an alternative to either option, both. Nomadic Agriculturalists, travelling from agricultural citadel to agricultural citadel with the seasons. Sure, we can do this in one location but travel is written in our DNA. I have NEVER met a person that is fundamentally content with stasis. We ALL want to travel, we all want to see the world and meet new aspects of our higher self. Think of it like buying a new home, you want to see every room in the house don't you? It's the same principle with the EARTH. This is how most of us truly feel, however we defeat ourselves in doing so because of one excuse or another, be it money or time. But why, on a foundational level do we not travel as we wish, truly TRAVEL WITHOUT BORDERS?

Where to begin? ENERGY. We are surrounded by it, composed of it, and it is constantly moving. What is anything that we experience but ENERGY IN MOTION? Currently we depend primarily on fossil fuels to generate the power necessary to fuel the world. This is unsustainable and is not in any way an immediately renewable resource. The energy necessary to fuel the world and the universe is already here and we are a fundamental facet of it. There are and have been many people, including myself, researching and developing more effective ways in which to harvest energy from the infinite supply we have surrounding us.

Personally I am focusing on piezoelectricity, a ubiquitous form of natural energy production that uses mechanical pressure to generate electrical charge, the strength of the charge depends on the amount of pressure applied. It occurs everywhere, from the human body to planetary bodies. If we as a global culture began to apply this technology in our homes we would NEVER NEED OIL AGAIN. WE DON'T NEED IT NOW. The technology is here and always has been, it's US. Piezoelectricity is not the "end game", it is just efficient and emission free, as opposed towhat we are currently using.

Let us for the purposes of this story suppose that now we have all of the energy that we need to sustain ourselves as individuals and indivisibles(we do). What now? A revolution in our energy source leads to a revolution in everything within a culture, from consciousness to food production. I would like to focus on two very important derivatives of this energetic revolution. AGRICULTURE and TRAVEL.

The majority of agricultural operations throughout the world use machines fueled by fossil fuels to assist them with the bulk of their work. These machines have a distinct shelf life and without consistent maintenance will "gum" up and break down within a short number of years. On the other hand, without the fuel they are inoperable. All agricultural operations in the world are truly limited in practicality by their dependency upon externalized sources for power. Every aspect of agriculturalism could be refined with a truly renewable energy source. If a farmer had, let's say a piezoelectric motor in their machines, they would have larger quantities of energy at their disposal, they would not have to perform more than occasional maintenance due to the lack of emissions and residue as well as the simplicity of design. Piezoelectricity takes very few active components to be generated.

Currently our personalized travel is limited to slow and ineffective machines that utilize the internal combustion engine to create energy. This system is so ineffective that often these machines overheat because they are wasting so much energy. It is very similar to the concept of a linear transistor, all energy not directly absorbed into the mechanism is expressed as heat. The heat produced by our engines indicates a massive loss in energetic potential. The vehicles that use electricity currently are limited to a finite source, a capacitor instead of a creator. What we need is an item that has the capabilities to charge and fuel itself. Piezoelectricity can be applied to this as well, just by using a simple piston system that pressurizes and releases the crystalline substance, thus generating charge and internally fueling the vehicle. Through the utilization of piezoelectricity we can feasibly reach speeds of motion never accomplished with archaic oil based machines. This revolution would both deplete the perceived space and time between ourselves and our goals, allowing us to literally TRAVEL WITHOUT BORDERS. For what is a border but a boundary between two spaces?

Now to tie everything back to Nomadic Agriculturalism. Now that we know that there are vastly more effective and simplistic methods of harvesting energy it's time to apply it. With the evolution of Agriculture and Travel alone we open up an opportunity to expand our experiential horizons and choose where we evolve and HOW we evolve. No city or nation is your home, the WORLD is your home, YOU are your home. With sustainable energy we can reasonably be nomadic again, living in harmony with our home as a "reasonable" being, at the same time as we can apply our expansive knowledge of agriculture to propagate and proliferate resources wherever it is most practical and harmonious with the seasonal flux. Nomadic Agriculturalism provides us with the best of both worlds, the comfort and stability of agriculturalism and the sustainability of nomadicism.

Through this endeavor we will grow more conscious of what we are and what we TRULY require to survive, energy. Our energy sources are truly only limited to our understanding of ourselves. Currently we externalize our energy sources, this is the path that we have chosen and instead of reinventing the wheel I suggest that we continue down it. What I am proposing is that once we reach the point of having a truly harmonious external source of energy we will have realized that the true source is US, everything, but for now we need to ween ourselves from the poison teat milk of the Corporatocracy.

My intention as an individual is to dedicate my life to uniting all of the world in ENERGY and EMPOWERMENT. We have a universe of free energy surrounding us and even more importantly WITHIN us. We are ALL infinitely empowered and INFINITELY RESPONSE-ABLE, now it is our duty to RESPOND. To, instead of choosing the lesser of two evils, CREATE the GREATER GOOD! We have an opportunity to optimize our experience as individuals and indivisibles. Do you want to?


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