Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Santos Bonacci Arrested and in Custody in Australia - Jan 21 2013

Source - Gnostic Warrior

Breaking news from the Gnostic Warrior. Santos Bonacci was arrested in Australia today.

The spokesperson for Santos claims he was kidnapped by Queensland Sheriff’s deputies without a true warrant and is being held in custody unlawfully. The arrest took place at the home of Sonia and Hiromi Bonacci who is his brother.
For several years, Santos Bonacci has been an outspoken critic of governments around the world and he has also spoken out against the Vatican and Pope for various alleged crimes. Lately he has been involved in various freeman and freedom movements where the legal authority of government is challenged in court via the law and reclaiming of DNA.

Some of his most recent posts may relate to his arrest by law enforcement there in Australia.

On January 8th, 2014 Santos had posted this message:
Private prosecution coming up friends, I had a call by a private corporation today, called Sheriffs office Victoria. Here is the Prima Fascia evidence of their intent to commit fraud by attempting aid and abet one to create joinder to a legal name! I’ll keep you posted. Just wait to see the fun our little private prosecution team here in Melbourne are going to have when we prosecute the ‘Sheriff’s Office of Victoria’, private corporation probably owned by some rich pedophiles in Toorak! We are also going to make a documentary and share it with the world for a lesson in freedom! Stay tuned!
Could this arrest be related to his political activities and outspoken condemnation of various governments and the Roman Curia?

Only time will tell and as soon as I find out more, I will post this information on Gnostic Warrior.



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