Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Morocco Update: Fundraising status, letting go, the gift of giving and more!

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We had a great conversation on today's show

We did an update on:

- Our Current Progress Towards Morocco (plane tickets, passports, #days til move, cats, & donations).
- Lessons in Letting Go (expectations, material items, peoples perceptions).
- Lesson in Gratitude (the loving donations, offers for help, with cats and tickets).

Great callers today: Attilo, Chase Garret and Brian Kelly sharing their love and support for our trip and also our global shift into conscious co-creation. Brian called in and gave a small update on what is going on in Morocco as well; at around the 30 minute mark.

Where we are with our goals of getting to Morocco:

- At $530 of the $2000 we are looking for support towards plane tickets. (INCREDIBLE, THANK YOU SO MUCH EVERYONE!)
- Currently selling items to help with funding, as well as to let material items go.
- Locating a home for our other 2 cats. (they are sisters)
- Contacting and connecting with so many others of like mind, thank you all for your loving support, these words do our emotional gratitude no justice. Much love to you all! 

For more on our journey and why we are going, read:

 The Moroccan Adventure of Stillness in the Storm - An offer to Co-Create


  1. Lets see if I understand this correctly. The very same people from and supporting the OPPT who have been telling us; "we don't need money"? Are asking us for money? They told us that our "real value", was within all of us and that we didn't need money to get through life. I wonder how many people took that to, "heart", and destroyed their livelihood? Why can't these people simply use their own "real value" to get by on? Perhaps they can manifest some gold or cash out of thin air, if they just concentrate hard enough, I'm sure they'll manage without our debt ridden outdated cash/money.


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