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Mirror, Mirror on the wall who's reflection am I looking at??? Life is a house of mirrors!!!

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I've learned and taught a long while that life is a "House of Mirrors" and it's amazing that we as individuals are such great mirrors for each other. I now get tons of joy out of looking at my own reflection as I have reactions to the stimulus around me...It however, has not always been the case for me as I would go throughout life getting upset at what people said to me or at what people were trying to force me to do or whatever it is they were doing that was just PISSING ME OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

An even deeper level of understanding of our mirrors came into my heart and mind for me to ponder recently... As I have watched several friends and their "DRAMA" as I would like to call it... I kept hearing:

"Mirror, Mirror on the wall who's reflection am 
I looking at???" 

I am sharing this with you because no matter if you are a spiritual teacher, life coach, healer or new student to this concept we are all working on the reflection that is coming back to us. It does however, get easier and easier and as a matter a fact it becomes a true joy! I'm sitting here on 1/12/2014 and I realized about an hour ago that just a few days ago was the 2 year anniversary of my mothers passing. I can tell you that even though losing someone does come with grief that in spirit she has been with me every step of the way. She has become my spiritual teacher in spirit as she was my teacher on so many levels in life.

The day after her memorial she showed me something very amazing and very much LIFE CHANGING! As I was showering and getting ready for the day. Her spirit stepped into my body and whispered into my ear...

"This is what heaven feels like Jer..." 

I then lost the sensation of pain, stress, anxiety and all those things that make us human in this current consciousness that we live in...What I felt was bliss and happiness beyond anything I had ever comprehended.. I felt at peace on more levels then I ever thought was even possible. Even though this only lasted a few moments to me it felt like it lasted an eternity... what I felt in the moment, was like being the entire cosmic ocean as it flowed back and forth and back and forth... now even though I was very much aware of my physical body it's pain was gone.. and for that moment I experienced existence without pain and suffering!

After this revelation what happened? Well I realized that this essence of flowing and losing my ideals of what I should be or could be.. what I thought others should be or could be... I felt a release from my physical body and I felt submerged into the bliss of oneness. This feeling was totally infinite and it was the greatest feeling I have ever had!

Some want to refer to it as an out of body experience, shared death experience and many others things. I am going forward just going to know it happened and enjoy it... realize that this state of being is ready for all of us at any time.. We just have to let go of our reflections and understand them as a reflection of the experience we are having in the moment.

So what does this story have to do with the mirrors I am looking at? What does my mother coming to me in spirit have anything to do with the "reflections of life?"

Well what I'll tell you is that seeing that flow of life going away from me and flowing back into me made me realize that what it means about giving and see we think it's about money we exchange or services or acts of kindness and yes on a 3 dimensional level that is exactly correct! However, on an energetic level there is another level of giving and receiving and that is the flow of cosmic waters that is happening all around us at all times and that is the energy that brings us all together... We are that cosmic waters because we are the ONENESS that flows through all things and gives all life, LIFE! I am not talking about just your physical body and I am not talking about just the trees or the buildings, animals.. I am talking about everything!!

So as we judge another and point our finger at them we are just focusing our attention on them and we are not focusing our attention on ourselves. In other words we can state our truth or realize the truth about another here in the 3D but we are missing the flow of energy that is the gift for us to look at ourselves. You see what happens is we get wrapped up in the RIGHT and the WRONG! We get wrapped up in our reactions to the stimulus and never process the reflection. Remember, as we respond/react there is an equal response that is happening in return. In that moment we have a "CHOICE" in how we respond to the "STIMULUS" not always is it an outward response. Remember the flow of cosmic waters that I felt when my mother said this is what heaven feels like.. it's a peaceful flow not an agitated flow... So what this means is that when you get agitated, angry, upset or stressed then this is your opportunity to take a look deep within yourself. Because as you stay angry, upset or stressed then you are the conduit of beingness that attracts more of those types of experiences around you. However, when you become the "STILLNESS" within the storm then you become the "OBSERVER" of the stimulus around you. So therefore you are able to see the stimulus for what it truly is.. AN OPPORTUNITY to allow yourself to grow even more peaceful in each moment. No longer is someone doing things to you but you become the co-creator of your experience.

The Image Below was created by: Julian Robles of the blogtalk radio show and blog: Stillness in the Storm

His photography page is here: Click Here

I am going to post some pictures below and I want as you look at them to pay very close attention to your thoughts, feelings and internal reactions. What is it that is happening to you as you look at these images? Go inside! Remember, it's not about if you agree with or disagree with the images it's about your internal reactions...

A Comic about the Sanctity of Marriage

Duck Dynasty

A Joke about people correcting grammar...

Paying Taxes to Government

Burning of the American Flag

Occupy Wallstreet Movement

Again it's not about what you think is right or wrong.. this exercise is about understanding your own internal reaction. It's about understanding that anger, sadness and stressful instant reactions are not healthy for your body, mind and soul unless they are used as a leverage to understand yourself on a deeper level. Using your mirrors allows for you to create a flow with the universe. It allows you to get deeper into yourself and understand on a cosmic level that we are all one. Even these images above are mirroring back something inside of you.

Now some would see the flag burning and would get upset that it's disrespectful and inside of you would be an anger or a rage within you that wanted to lash out at the person burning the flag. Teaching them a lesson of respect. The question I would have is this... who is getting angry inside? Is it you? is it him? or is it both? Does anger from you convince him to stop being angry? or does it step him from burning the flag? Inside if he is truly angry at America.. you getting upset will feed that anger. However, you approaching him or situations like this with peace and truth can change the world drastically. Also, there is a massive truth in the fact that at times.. there is great power in the idea that "NO REACTION" is powerful.

I'm sure most of you at one point had someone say to you: "Ignore the bully" and then they lose their power over you. Remember, as you react you give them power over you.. but as you become the "STILLNESS" within the storm around you then you become truly empowered. This is why using each one of your reactions as an opportunity to help you understand your own reactions is so vital!

Now, here is a truth... as a male human being I live as a gay male. I can tell you this. I love being gay and i love everything about being a gay male. With this being said some could have a reaction.. Like why is he saying this or some might think it's wrong for me to be gay. As is stated above by the man from Duck Dynasty... it is for me okay for him to not agree with me being gay. It is also okay if he does not like me being gay. His opinion does not change who I am and does not change my pride in myself. Nothing that he or anybody will ever do will take away the inner love I have myself and acceptance I have for myself. This is because I spent years looking at the mirrors. As someone called me a "FAG" I would look at my reaction.. I would look at it as it made me feel small or wrong, dirty for being gay. Then it hit me....

I dont have to ask anybodies permission to be who I am... Period! When I did that.. My relationship with myself and to God shifted!

Now do I agree with the man from Duck Dynasties statement? No I do not... I think it's incorrect. However, I am not going to get angry with him. If I saw him in person.. I might tell him I believe he is incorrect.. and then I would leave it at that.

It is time for us to take charge of our emotional selves. It is time for us to take responsibilities for our lives and yes speak truth, but understand our own truths before we go out and try to correct anyone else.

This is clearly stated in: Matthew 7:5

"You hypocrite, first take the plank out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother's eye."

Just remember as you read the above scripture that as you look at someone else and think they are being a hypocrite you in turn have to look in the mirror at yourself and realize in some fashion, or in some area of your life you are being a hypocrite. You see Jesus understand this because he was anointed with the Christ Energy.. and all Christ energy is... is the energy of the wholeness of all of us. Christ is not a term that originated with Christianity.. it was about the all knowing and all being wholeness of all of us.

It's time to look deep within us and make this life an adventure. Don't waste your breath on others that dont see you.. as a result of understanding your mirrors.. you do not have to take abuse and you do not have to take being put down or be-littled. Just because you looked at your mirror in a situation does not mean you have to allow people that no longer serve you to stay in your lives. :)

Namaste, and Love to all of you! :)

The Image below was found on this facebook page: My Renewed Mind and I would like to thank: Lisa Villa Prosen


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