Friday, January 31, 2014

Lisa M Harrison: What is the Plan???? - Understanding the difference between the 'Divine' Plan and Absolute Plan

This update helps differentiate between the Divine plan and the Absolute plan, in the present parlance. If you have been following American Kabuki or the work of Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf and the former OPPT you probably have heard of these terms.

What follows is my interpretation of the concepts as they relate to the usage of these terms. And then a Video of Lisa doing the same.

The "Divine plan" is the term used by some to refer to BEings who have ascended (by either service to self or service to others) and are now "calling the shots" at the top of the world power structure; or more accurately are in a position of implied power, due to the mind controlled status of their underlings. Does the CEO of a company have any real power and authority; can he snap his fingers and exact untold pain on those around him through will alone? No, the CEO has fake authority and power because the people under him believe it, and act accordingly. The "Divine" plan can be thought of in this way, it is powerful, because there are beings who energize it with their beliefs and actions. But there are plans within plans!

The Absolute plan is similar in the sense it is an intention expressed, however it is an Absolute intention. The Creator is an Absolute, Eternal and totally unified BEing, whereas the Divines are finite beings, as we are, all be it with powerful knowledge and gained wisdom. This does not make them worthy of our worship. Absolute intention meaning, that the Infinite Creator of all Things seen and unseen is expressing itself, herself, himself via all aspects of consciousness in all moments of NOW, everywhere and has NEVER failed. The past, present and future are all available and perfectly harmonized in totality. Even though from our perspective, life seems chaotic and uncertain, everything is accounted for in the Absolute Plan of creation. 

The key difference is that "Divine plan" is the attempted workings of our manifold would-be masters which is an aspect of the Absolute plan. The "Divines" (Cabal, custodian gods) may think they can abrogate the Absolute plan, and Natural Law, but with every breath they take, they are marching forward into ONEness. 

I couldn't help but think of Paper 53, The Lucifer Rebellion, from The Urantia Book. In the epic book, Lucifer is an angelic being or an order of creation close to ours. Michael, is the Creator son, of our Local Universe, and is in a way, the grandfather of Lucifer. The general idea of the story, as it is expressed in the Urantia Book, is that Lucifer decided he didn't want to follow the Absolute plan of all creation; he denied the existence of an intelligent creator. Instead he would create an island of "free will" where he could follow his own plan of creation; a 'Divine' plan. 

Lastly, the term Divine, as it is defined in the Urantia Book, and elsewhere, is normally used to refer to total unity of co-ordinated action or path of least resistance for natural systems in our universe. Therefore, despite the fact the term "divine" has become a negative connotation to some, it is still perfect with respect to the Absolute. The divine plan, is perfectly harmonized in the Absolute plan, as are all other plans of the Cabal.

In my view, the gem of wisdom that the Divine "lesson" or "remembering" is offering us is the contrast to step into true personal Sovereignty; expressed in the tri-aspect of Mind, Body, and Spirit. Nothing short of total and complete awakening is the goal and all of the earthly 3D reality seems to be set up to ensure this hurdle must be passed by the initiate, the seeker of higher consciousness. Are you ready!?

- Justin

Source - Lisa M

An update from Morocco, January 31st 2014



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