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Lisa M Harrison - What happened to Xmas day????

Source - Lisa M

December 25, 2013 is a day I will never forget, or rather a day I may never really remember. I know that doesn’t make much sense so bear with me.
As some of you know I have been traveling across the United States since October as part of the OPAL Tour and was due to head home to Australia on December 19, just in time for Christmas with the family. In the weeks leading up to that, from the time we were in Florida, I had both external feedback as well as an inner knowing that christmas day was going to be BIG, even mentioned it a few times on air during the radio shows. I had no idea how or what it would look like and I certainly didn’t think it would be a personal experience, but that is what it turned out to be.
All my attempts to get home for christmas lead nowhere, I had a standby ticket and all flights were either full, over booked, cancelled or airports closed due to bad weather. A few days before christmas I got the message that I should be in PA with Bob on that day and finally surrendered to it. Red (who was with the opal tour from it’s launch in Tehachapi) and I drove to PA together.
I woke christmas morning feeling a mix of emotions, sad that I was not with the kids and seeing their faces as they opened their presents and in awe of my first white christmas. Over the next few hours I experienced 3 intense rushes of energy that came in waves. Around 1:30 pm I went into the RV that was now parked in Bob’s back yard to lie down, hopefully have a nap and sleep through whatever was coming in.

I remember at some point waking up in in a sweat and feeling delirious, but I must have gone back to sleep. When Red came in around 2:30pm to check on me he woke me up although I have to take his word for it, as I have no recall of this at all. In fact from this time to 9:30pm I have very little recall at all, just flashes of images.
According to those around me that day I spent about 7 hours pacing and talking about timelines collapsing/converging. Red said it was like I was on a loop, doing and saying the same things until I seemed to ‘come back’, ask how long it had been and then ‘go again’ and repeat the cycle. I did this about 12 or 13 times.
Bob said I would walk into the lounge room where he was, look at him intensely like I was going to say something profound, wring my hands then shake my head and walk off. He lost count of how many times I did this
I have a memory of standing in the RV, one of being in the kitchen, one of standing in front of Bob, one of lying on the couch with Darius (Bob’s nephew) trying to ground me by placing his hands on my feet and that’s about it. I do remember talking about timelines as well as having images in the back of my head of timelines converging, like waking up from a dream and not being able to really grab the images, just getting flashes of alternative places and people I was in/with, in THAT moment.
My first real memory is of sitting at the computer and seeing the time, 9:30pm and having a very hard time reconciling that. Where did the day go? Nothing made sense and I just had to accept it, relax and be OK with it.
Since then some of the images have come back with more information included and these energy rushes have continued, almost daily, but not as intensely. I manage to ’stay here’, conscious throughout and receive some of the info coming in. For the most part it is of a personal nature, occasionally confirmation on what it is I am to ‘do’ next. Which has all lead to me now being back in Morocco…..
In those moments where I saw timelines converge and images of alternate NOW moments, one was at home with my kids. I have since been able to trace that timeline back to the point where it split so-to-speak. It went as far back 2009 when I made a commitment to get on with ‘the job’ I came here to do, even though at the time I didn’t know what it was. It split again when I reaffirmed that commitment in 2012 by stating I would do whatever it took to ensure EVERYONE’S ascension.
Most of the other timelines I have no real interest in as they involved people and places that mean nothing to me consciously in this time/place.
I am learning techniques to stay grounded during these experiences and to remember more of the information that comes with them. I can’t help the feeling that I have changed yet again, continuing to grow and expand and I feel this is just yet another beginning.
I joined Bob, Julien and Carmelle on The Transitioning Show to share my experience (with more details than I have written here) and get some feedback. If you are interested in hearing it and Julien’s interpretation, the replay is below.
I would also love to hear if you had any such experiences either on the day or since.
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