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Dr. Dream and Laura Eisenhower: Interview Cobra Messages from the Resistance - 21st January 2014

This is a very thorough account of The Resistance Movement, Cobra's work, and his take on all the events and data related to the Event; our ultimate creation of a Golden Age. 

I like Cobra's data because he usually provides his opinion and then a data point to correlate it. Now that doesn't mean it is absolute truth, or that we should take his word for it; far from it!

Just like all external data, it is offered to us, received willingly by us and then it is up to us to research, distill and integrate the data within. Just like a bed time story can teach us much, without being total truth, so can all data, if we hold the right perspective. 
- Justin


Posted: 22 Jan 2014 05:28 AM PST
You can listen to this new Cobra interview. It starts at 34:45 minute mark:

Or watch the video here:

Published on Jan 22, 2014
1. What is the Resistance Movement (1:15)
2. Planet X, Nibiru Disinfo (3:40) (1:04:00)
3. Dark Aliens Agenda (7:00)
4. Return of the Godess Energy (9:20)
5. The Role of Gold (10:30) (31:00)
6. The Current Archon's Leader (12:15)
7. Fukushima & Chemtrails (14:20)
8. THE EVENT - Compression Breakthrough (14:55)
9. How did the Resistance Liberate other Planets (17:40)
10. The Importance of Internet (18:18)
11. The Leader of the Resistance Movement (18:40)
12. How can Humans Help the Process (19:45)
13. Mass Media Liberation & Truth (21:10)
14. Getting Over our Fears (22:00) (27:00)
15. Reincarnation, Archons & Wheel of Karma (23:50)
16. After THE EVENT & Humanity's Progress (25:00)
17. How can Humans Speed Up the Process (25:50) (52:30)
18. Anonymity of Cobra & Voice Modulaton (28:00)
19. Creation & The Big Error in It (29:00)
20. Preparations before Operations (31:35)
21. Creator, Lucifer, God, Satan, Yewuha etc. (32:00)
22. Agents of the Resistnace & USA Government (33:40)
23. Humanity, Introduction to ET Races & New Technologies (35:50)
24. 21st December 2012 & Danger Moments in History (37:00)
25. No Negative Forces Beyond the Surface of the Planet (37:40)
26. Etheric Archonic Grid & Human Consciiousness (38:00)
27. Street Poll, 88% of People Wanting First Contact (39:30)
28. Abductions and Military Operations (40:30)
29. Illuminati & Advanced Technologies, Age Reversal etc. (41:30)
30. Greatest Challenge for the Collective & Mass Awakeniing (42:20)
31. Physical Body Treatments & Health Habbits (43:00) (51:40)
32. How Can we Help Others Awaken & The Divine Plan (45:10)
33. Mass Arrests Durint THE EVENT (47:20)
34. Cabal's Members Reaction (48:00)
35. Super Soldiers Awakening & Healing (48:50)
36. Society's Structure After THE EVENT & Transparency (49:55)
37. New Technologies After THE EVENT & Planetary Healing (51:40)
38. Dealing with Chakras & Maintaining Balance (54:20)
39. Mainstream Media Coverage & Cracks in System (56:30)
40. Astrology & Archons Manipulation of the Energy (57:20)
41. Getting More Involved with Projects of the Resistance (58:10)
42. Planetary Consciousness & Ascension Process (59:00)
43. Get Actively Involved (1:01:10)
44. Mass Healing and the End of Duality (1:02:30)
45. Thanks for Watcing! ;p (1:05:00)

Awake in the DREAM Radio with Laura Magdalene Eisenhower and Dr. DREAM, this week's guest is Cobra.

"Messages from the Resistance"

Laura Eisenhower and Dr. DREAM are pleased to bring YOU; Awake in the DREAM Radio, our next guest is Cobra.

A link to the transcript will be posted here when it is available.

Victory of the Light!

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