Monday, January 20, 2014

Cobra 2012: Understanding Music and Art in Expanding Consciousness: New Renaissance Interview Jan 19, 2014

There is a lot of data covered in this interview much to contemplate, discern and distill. The data points in this interview go well with the post Light From Sound? Sonoluminescence creating the Heat of a Sun via Implosion - Understanding Over Unity Physics.

Art and Music are aspects of our experience which usually invoke a holistic experience of appreciation. Your Divine Feminine aspect, or intuitive nature of omniscience, is at work when being inspired by these forms of creative expression. Great healing and expansion of consciousness can occur. 

I think this is why being in nature is so healing, we are surrounded by the art and music of our mother Earth. 
- Justin

Source - Portal 2012

You might want to listen to this New Renaissance interview combining Cobra and Italian composer Marco Missinato by Alexandra Meadors:

♬ Cobra, Marco Missinato and Alexandra Meadors on The New Renaissance, Music and Ascension ♬

Or read the transcript here:

You can listen to Marco's music here:

The New Renaissance is being born!


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