Sunday, January 26, 2014

China Dumps US bonds? Part 2

Source - Removing the Shackles

Further to the article I wrote earlier today:  "Did China Dump US Bonds? ...and does it really matter?",I am posting a couple of follow up comments and links. 

So, the spin doctors are of course stating that CNN got hacked- their Twitter and Facebook accounts- which begs the question: how did the hackers of Twitter and Facebook manage to post an article on CNN?   Really?  REALLY?!  And of course since the whole was just a joke/hack and nothing really happened.... then of course, nothing happened in response to the alleged Hack, Right?

Short-term Treasury yields jump on debt ceiling

NEW YORK (MarketWatch) -- Short-term Treasury bill yields jumped Friday, signaling early jitters about a looming congressional debate over raising the debt ceiling. Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew has urged lawmakers to raise the borrowing limit as soon as possible. He said in a Jan. 22 letter to congressional leaders that so-called extraordinary measures to keep the government from hitting the debt ceiling would be exhausted by the end of February. An inability to borrow could delay payments on short-term debt, an issue that caused T-bill yields to spike, and prices to fall, during the last debt-ceiling debate in October, which was eventually resolved. One-month T-bills 1_MONTH +206.67% maturing just after the U.S. hits the debt limit, on Mar. 6, rose to nearly 9 basis points. T-bills maturing in mid-February and early April traded at a yield closer to 4 basis points.

Meanwhile, The US Public Is Distracted By This...

With emerging market currencies collapsing, US equity hopes fading, bond yields tumbling, and 1.4 million people having fallen off the government transfer receipts bandwagon this week; what better way to distract the US public from that awkward reality that it's all fake...

Well... and of course this.

h/t @RudyHavenstein

Nothing happened at all!   Nothing to see here!  Nothing!!!


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